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  1. Hey...this tool is actually pretty cool...most of my accounts can be added including my retirement accounts...anyone else checked it out?
  2. 1st off, not sure how calling India has any relevance. 2nd, don't hold your breath; the C/S rep has no info on what is going to happen with your account. 3rd, I don't remember reading in the card legislation that all accounts must be reviewed ever 6 months. I'm sure if that is the case an a/r pull will be done and in most cases nothing will happen. Thanks for the response Joe. I mentioned India, because when I call an American company, particularly when they're doing something to hurt me, and get routed to India, I find it insulting and obnoxious. I do believe it was something the rep made up, but I wanted to check to see if anyone knew any better. If someone was paying you 21% interest would you want that to end?...
  3. 1. Business debit card...for "cough" business expenses 2. Penfed...daily business...fuel 3. Navy...sparingly 4. Chase Freedom...entertainment 5. CITI...use for bills to get rebates
  4. I respect your wanting to do the "right" thing...but paying bankers before you take care of yourself...Ha Ha Ha Ha... Have you missed the news lately...the new norm is...doing it the Goldman Sachs way... Take care of self and family...to the max...then worry about the bankers...they already got their bailout...
  5. Don't take it personally. It's just business. It's not that they are "stealing" from "you/us," but it's you/us made it too big and root in too deep that most of us depend on major banks. If you must blame or accuse someone of "stealing" then accuse most medium and large businesses owners in the US as they are the ones that lead to, and are sucking up the bailout money behind the major banks. Huh? VrOoM...that went right over my head...It's NOT just business...they were BAILED out with our future tax receipts...which make them government owned...how can raising rates on ourselves make sense to you?...If this is what we as Americans are willing to swallow then..................god help us... OwnerShip Of Citibank http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citibank * 36.0 % - United States Government * 11.1 % - Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) * 6.0 % - Kuwait Investment Authority * 4.9 % - Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) * 4.3 % - Kingdom Holding Company /Saudi Arabia
  6. HA...why would CITI help any of you/us...***you all bailed them out with your future kids' tax dollars with no strings attached and now you/we own them partly***...and they continue to steal from you/us...can you say sCrEwEd...most mafia type organizations don't cut any slack when they have you by the cahoonas...why should they... UnBeLiEvAbLe... btw...I went from 9% to 19% $15000 limit...but I say f@#^'em...no balance or use or PrOfiT for them...er..I mean uS...
  7. you actually only have 2 options... 1. Pay it and bow to your new masters... 2. Close it and tell them to pound sand... A closed account has no negative bearing on future credit as long as the closed account was in good standing...
  8. The rich (the smart ones) are fleeing the dollar...mostly by buying/accumulating tangible assets...i.e. gold...silver...real estate...metal's and mining ETF's...not by sitting on fast depreciating and soon to be worthless dollars...
  9. That's exactly what's supposed to happen...especially if it is done by an unauthorized person...don't forget that most of the time it doesn't apply to CA's or creditors you already do business with...
  10. The two main reasons to have the BK's removed are, 1. To prove it can be done and 2. To increase score or to be more accurate to increase my middle score over 700 points. My goal is to be able to qualify for a decent mortgage with an as high as possible score, at that point I WILL disclose the BK's on record and of course the BK on EX will auto-disclose that any way. I am not worried about creditors closing revolving credit accounts, I have a decent set of account opened after BK that were all opened with the BK's on the reports. My credit utilizations is well below 5% (0% in most months) so even if one of them would eventually CLD it would not hurt me. As I tend to not carry any balances or extremely low balances (we are talking far less than $1000 worst case) any rate hikes would not hurt me either. CU's (mostly) use Equifax exclusively... ...so if you add good CU's as a starting point I think your credit future will be bright...regardless of the other reports...as far as obtaining a mortgage...ALL banks WILL perform a records check to search for liens...bks...etc anyway...just be past 2 years post bk and you won't have a problem if everything else looks good...IMO you should rejoice that you have accomplished this...now go out and celebrate!..
  11. CoNgRaTs! Now I would FREEZE the other two...until I could improve upon them...
  12. oh voy...what a braggart...I wish I could get the 5 seconds I just lost back... your siggy...

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