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  1. They are also requiring a copy of the donor's bank statement to verify funds. They have really tightened down. DH & I are currently in underwriting for an FHA loan.
  2. These links still work.....got approved for: Victoria's Secret -Instant- $300 Orchard Card- Instant - $300 Cap 1 - 7-10 day message, got an approval letter in the mail today (4 days later) - $300 Scores in the mid to upper 500's
  3. How can they file in a court 300 miles away? They are supposed to file in your county. They are scumbags. I'm sure you can rack up all kinds of violations. Keep everything well documented.
  4. Chicago people don't know how to have fun. I wanna go back to NoVA.
  5. jujubee

    Just ONE!

    Congrats!! Can't wait until I am there
  6. jujubee

    TU Inquiries

    Or you could B*** them
  7. yeah i figured that but I don't have $2,400.00 lump sum to give to the cause right now lol... I'm sure they will negotiate with you if they want the money bad enough. Get EVERYTHING in writing before you send ANY money!
  8. I have never had anyone come knocking on my door, except when a creditor was suing me & the paperwork was being served. I have had collectors call my neighbors and family members but I put a serious kabosh on that. lol.
  9. I disputed "not mine" on an AU account that I was on & it came right off with no problem.
  10. Very true...most collectors aren't as nice and understanding and law abiding as the bunch over there...so I don't think it's fair to lump the IA gang in with the BAD collectors face it...IA is an accurate representation of the typical CAs that people deal with on a daily basis... Im not going to start judging all collectors on the actions of the most ruthless collectors, rather, I will judge each one individually when I deal with them. We all get pissy because debt collectors group "all" debtors into the "deadbeat" category? What makes it right for us to make the same assumption about collectors? If a collector is respectfull to me, I will be sure to treat them with the same level of respect. I wont assume they are a POS because some collectors on IARM act like jerks. well, I base it upon the fact that 100% of the collectors that I've dealt with in my personal life (As well as those I've dealt with for other people) have been inflamed boils on the buttocks of humanity...EVERY one of them broke the law...and I hope that every single one of them loses all of their teeth but one, and has a toothache in that one
  11. Thanks Breeze! Quick question, should I address this letter to LVNV (as I did the original letter that I sent) or should I address it to RCS (who the letter was forwarded to & who sent the reply)? Thanks!
  12. Both LVNV accounts are already reporting. I have sent everything CMRRR & I am keeping everything together & being very organized.
  13. Not a bad idea for dealing with CAs.... I'm getting the same result as RangerGreen from google. Can you give more specifics? Try searching for the above text along with something like "collection forum". Thanks! Found it by doing a Google search using "collection forum inside" it was the first one to pop up.

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