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  1. To wish everyone a happy new year, since I haven't been here since August last year. Breeze, I hope you're well. Best wishes to the old crew from Creditnet: PsychDoc, GEORGE, Hutch, etc!
  2. Algo - have you been able to get a hold of someone to talk to?
  3. Hey Algo I just wanted to add that sometimes there ARE people who love us and care about us more than a family member does. Something inside us feels that a blood relation SHOULD love us more, but sometimes that's not the reality. The fact is, there ARE plenty of other people who care about you, even if you've never met them in person. Just to give you an example, there is a lady I know through an online Christian diabetic group, and I think of her as another Mom. My own mother & mother in law are alive and well, and we get along fine. But she has brought so much to my life that I
  4. Today, "Vetiver Oriental" by Serge Lutens. To die for, though is Bagutta Life's Patchouly: absolutely intoxicating and worth every penny!
  5. newbie, Hmm...you've given me little to go on, but I'll try. Are you doing or can you volunteer to do something with risk management? Maybe you could be a business analyst for companies that develop solutions for banking clients? If you'd like to look outside your immediate field, you could find opportunities in insurance companies, brokerage firms, software companies.
  6. Not surprised at all: Controller 81.8% Traditionalist 18.2% Trend Setter 0% Adventurer 0%
  7. Hi, Kaysei Sounds like your son has the ability to be an overachiever, but he's not motivated because at this stage in his life, he doesn't see how accomplishing much more than the next person matters much. It's the big fish in a little pond syndrome, but in college & in the real world, the people who underperform in high school won't be his competition. It seems like he's not exposed to people of great ability in his natural surroundings. From your description of him, I think his imagination would be sparked by being able to meet with people who are automotive engineers/designers,
  8. midwest, Are you also a tech writer? Tell me about your job & your company, and let's see if we can come up with a customized project for ya! I'm good at these things
  9. Hi, BIP I'm not an IA, but I work in IT as well. Check out this website for leads, education recommendations: http://iainstitute.org
  10. BIP, I think you could parlay your skills toward the Information Architechture & Usability field. Usually you'll have to look at marketing companies for that position, especially those that develop consumer-related websites. Hope that helps, Rina
  11. Hi, Algos As others have suggested, DO add an objective. If you don't take the time to list it, why should a hiring manager take the time to read your resume? I would avoid too-fancy paper. More often than not it comes off as irritating, especially if there's background colors/graphics that would reduce readability. You MUST remove lines 6 & 8 about being able to use email, internet, phones, copiers, etc. Anybody can do that; it's not a skill. That combined with the fact that you lack an objective would stop me immediately from considering you further. Consolidate lines 1
  12. Joe, mine was a total of $1300 also, but just in 2 stores. miamijc, I've been at this bank for about 7-8 years & my husband since he was a teenager. It's a small bank (6 branches), and I was able to speak right away with a branch manager. Someone on Creditnet said something to the effect that she was liable for some of the money because the ATM card was in her possession at all times. Kind of silly to be punished when she didn't even lose the card! Update: Bank said they should be able to credit us the money by the end of the day. They won’t pursue it any further because Lowes
  13. How soon will I be getting my money back, and from whom? Should the bank pay me and wait for Lowes & Home Depot to pay them back?
  14. I can't believe this just happened to me, of all people, meticulous as I am about shredding and burning receipts, frequently checking my credit reports, bank statements, and credit cards even though I've carried a $0 balance for almost 2 years. About 2 years ago, I tried using my debit card & was declined. I called the bank, and was told that a gas station that I went to was robbed, so to be on the safe side, the police called the banks to close the accounts just in case. OK, no problem, mine wasn't compromised, and I got another card number, associated with the same checking account.
  15. Congratulations! It's nice to see your hard work paid off.
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