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  1. Whychat, This is what I have been told applies to Texas for the Timely Billing Law. Was it not explained to me correctly that they can't bill me after the 1st day of the 11th month? Does this just apply to them billing the insurance within 11 months? § 146.002. Timely Billing Required(a) Except as provided by Subsection (b) or (c), a health care service provider shall bill a patient or other responsible person for services provided to the patient not later than the first day of the 11th month after the date the services are provided.(b) If the health care service provider is required or authorized to directly bill the issuer of a health benefit plan for services provided to a patient, the health care service provider shall bill the issuer of the plan not later than:(1) the date required under any contract between the health careservice provider and the issuer of the health benefit plan; or(2) if there is no contract between the health care service providerand the issuer of the health benefit plan, the first day of the 11thmonth after the date the services are provided.(c) If the health care service provider is required or authorized to directly bill a third party payor operating under federal or state law, including Medicare and the state Medicaid program, the health care service provider shall bill the third party payor not later than:(1) the date required under any contract between the health careservice provider and the third party payor or the date required byfederal regulation or state rule, as applicable; or(2) if there is no contract between the health care service providerand the third party payor and there is no applicable federal regulationor state rule, the first day of the 11th month after the date theservices are provided.(d) For purposes of this section, the date of billing is the date on which the health care service provider's bill is:(1) mailed to the patient or responsible person, postage prepaid, atthe address of the patient or responsible person as shown on the healthcare service provider's records; or(2) mailed or otherwise submitted to the issuer of the health benefitplan or third party payor as required by the health benefit plan orthird party payor.
  2. They are not on my credit report. I just got the letter today. I guess where I'm a little confused is (1), the collection agency letter has a different company's name on it than what is on my bills (does this matter??) and (2) I just sent the letter to the original creditor a couple days before I got the letter from the collection agency demanding for those bills to be taken off due to the Timely Billing Law. I know I owe a portion of it, which I will pay, but how should I proceed since the whole thing is in collections? I didn't have time to get a response from the original creditor but they shouldn't be able to bill me for 1/2 of the balance that's with the collection agency because it took them so long to send the bill. I do have the EOB so I could technically pay what the insurance says I owe even though I asked for an explanation of the charges in the letter that went to the creditor. Do I now have to dispute the whole thing with the collection agency and reference the Timely Billing Law as to my reason I'm disputing 1/2 of the charges?
  3. I received a collections bill for $973.58 which is for two procedures I had- 6/1/18 and 1/25/19. (I also had a third procedure on 10/18/18 that was not included in this bill.) The first of the two procedures that is in collections was performed 6/1/18. Cigna paid them 7/23/18 but they didn't add the contractual billing adjustment until 12/12/18. The first bill I received for this was on 10/31/19, which is almost 1 1/2 years later. The second of the two procedures was billed within 9 months. The third procedure (10/18/18) I had that isn't included in collections was also billed out approximately 1 1/2 years after the procedure date. I mailed a letter earlier in the week to the anesthesia group (prior to getting the collections letter) and told them to delete the two bills due to the timely billing law and to send me a new, itemized bill for the remainder of the balance that I do actually owe (part of the bill that's in collections). Aside from the timely billing law, the collections letter has Best Choice Anesthesia but all of my bills are from Northwest Anesthesiology and Pain Services, PA. According to a Google search, they used to be called Best Choice Anesthesia. My question is, how should I dispute this? Should I demand validation, claim no knowledge of creditor, timely billing law??
  4. I have an outstanding debt of approximately $680 with Synerprise Consulting from 2016. I made payments on this account that were set up on auto-pay until March of 2018, when the payments just stopped coming off. I recently started getting numerous hang up calls from a Plano, Tx number, so I finally called them back. When they guy answered, he said he was with Synerprise and asked if I was calling from (my phone number) and if my name was Melanie ***, but never told me he was trying to collect a debt until I confronted him about it and then he swore up and down, he had read the miranda, and proceeded to do so. Anyways, I was attempting to settle the debt and he said they needed to email the company to see if they approved settlements or not. I told him I would contact the company directly since I didn't want to wait on an email that could take, per his wording, until next week to get an answer. As I was looking for the phone number and having no luck, I get a call back offering 25% off max per Community Pathology Assoc and I refused- told him 50%, he countered with 30% per his supervisor, and I told him no, once again, and that I would call the original creditor myself. I ended up having to call the hospital for the pathology billing number because I couldn't find it anywhere and whenever I called it, I was told that Community Pathology Associates (original creditor) had gone bankrupt and were no longer in business. With that being said (sorry for the long explanation!), is this debt still valid?
  5. Mine went from $5000 to $1524. I hadn't used it since 2/15. I just logged in and purchased something online and relogged into my credit account and the limit already shows $5000 again.
  6. Quick question regarding a hard inquiry from Point Security. I recently called around getting quotes from security companies for monitoring for my new house. The representative from Point stated that they had to do a soft pull but of course, I got notification from MyFico stating that I had a new inquiry. Is there anything that can be done since you can't dispute with Equifax. I called Point Security back today and they insisted that all they do are soft inquiries. I tried reading the FCRA but after reading this: E) intends to use the information, as a potential investor or servicer, or current insurer, in connection with a valuation of, or an assessment of the credit or prepayment risks associated with, an existing credit obligation; It doesn't seem like I would get anywhere trying to have it removed.
  7. Does anyone have any experience with Flagstar Bank? We recently bought a new house and our mortgage is through Flagstar. Then yesterday I received an app in the mail for their credit card with a 0% for 18 mths promo. I applied and only received a $2000 limit. My discover has $10000 limit and Citi has $12000. I called for recon this am and he asked me how much I wanted. I told him I would at least like him to match my Discover since the balance I need to transfer is $5500. He said it takes 2 to 3 days for them to make a decision. Has anyone had luck with recon? I'm going to close it if they don't up the limit.
  8. I recently applied for the Citi Diamond Preferred for the 18 mth 0% BT offer. I ended up having to call in for approval after being denied for too many inquiries. We purchased a home in April and there were 5-6 inquiries from that. That's pretty much the only explaining I had to do and they approved me for $6,600 with a 725 EQ FICO. I was also approved a couple days before that for the Discover It card, which I applied for after my initial Citi denial, and they gave me $10,000. I applied for Discover for the BT transfer also since I thought that I wasn't going to get the Citi. Well, my question is should I try to get approved for the Citi Simplicity? I just saw they have 0% for 21 mths on BT's which would be amazing. What's the likelihood of getting approved for a 2nd Citi card a week later? Is Citi pretty strict on multiple apps?
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  10. It was actually without prejudice but the lawyer believes that they won't try to take us back to court since they are already out quite a bit of money due to the court costs and then the $500. If I mail the dismissal document in, since it says Dell Financial vs. my husband (NCO was apparently only collecting for Dell and hadn't actually bought the account), do you think they would be able to delete the Dell account off of his report? I could see how if it was a JDB that we fought in court that Dell would probably stay on there but with actually saying Dell, I'm hoping we have a good shot at getting it deleted.
  11. We recently hired a lawyer to fight against NCO who was collecting for Dell Financial. My husband (actually his lawyer) went to court last week and luckily, NCO's bright lawyers that set the court date, weren't ready and the case was dismissed. With that being said, can I send a copy of the official court document to the CA's that says Dell Financial vs. My Husband, "case dismissed", and have the entire Dell account erased? I know if it was coming up under the collections section then this would work but it doesn't show up under collections. It is just listed in his accounts as a charge off. We also were awarded $500 because NCO's lawyers lied to the court and said our lawyer approved a contingency when she didn't!! **sorry about the double post. The website keeps giving me errors and it looked like it didn't accept the first one.
  12. My husband (actually his lawyer) recently went to court for a case that Dell Financial brought against him. We are currently in a debt management program and this was the only company that wouldn't accept the proposal. Anyways, the $2800 bill got sent to NCO and we hired a lawyer. The lawyers for NCO set a date for court, but luckily weren't ready, and the case got dismissed. With that being said, we received the official "case dismissed" document from the court. If we dispute the Dell account on his credit report and mail in a copy of this document, will they erase the whole Dell account? I've only checked his Experian report so far and it reports as a charge off but it doesn't come up in the collections section (NCO never showed up in the collections section the whole time but the court document states Dell Financial vs. my husband). We're hoping that we can get the whole thing off of his reports. Thanks in advance!!
  13. They had told me I qualified for the 0% through GMAC but there was never even a pull from GMAC. I did speak with the finance manager earlier and he informed me that they were trying to find someone to approve it for the 5.49%. They ended up going with Capital One, which was the one they pulled yesterday. I wish they would have just left it at that instead of adding 3 more hard pulls.

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