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  1. So, look at where those devaluations typically come from An airline lets your redeem 25,000 miles for a coach domestic ticket. Say, the value of the average redemption is $350. Over time, fares increase due to inflationary factors. Ultimately, the same redemption might run $420 on average. If it's not the intention of the airline to permit redemption values to rise with inflation, they might respond by increasing the reward to 30,000 miles, or by creating two classes of rewards (say one for lower-demand tickets and one for higher-demand) that effectively accomplish the same thing. Now, contrast this against a card that rewards 1 point with $.01 in redemption value. 20 years later, no matter what inflation is experienced, the absolute redemption is constant at 1 pt = $.01. (what you can later buy for $.01 is another matter). Bottom line, there's simply not the same impetus to devalue redemption for this type of rewards card as there is for one that is redeemed in a product category for which stated cost rises with inflation. (Obviously, inflationary factors aren't the only thing in play with devaluations, but the basis principals remain the same.)
  2. No question in my mind ... I stopped reading when I came across this "PIOOMA" gem: Contrary to what's discussed here, this is clear proof that available credit translates as debt. To quote my 3 favorite philosophers, "What a maroon!!"
  3. hdporter

    Pre-Approved for Second Discover

    I'm under 5/24 because I don't "whore for sub-$300 SUBs" Generally I look for a good SUB AND a card that I'd be inclined to actively charge on (beyond any threshold to earn the SUB). I'm currently at 4/24. (A card with a 0% bt option at 1% or less fee is potentially good for an app as well)
  4. hdporter

    Pre-Approved for Second Discover

    My 12-mo Discover Miles cash bonus is due to post May 3. I had intended to "rinse and repeat", but the new announcement re Chase Freedom Unlimited (1.5% matched, plus Ultimate Rewards redemption option) has me psyched. No question I'll be pleased to give Disco a rest.
  5. Combine this with the option to redeem with a 50% kicker for travel redemption through the Ultimate Rewards network (in conjunction with a Chase Reserve card), and this is pure gold!! I just redeemed UR points for air ATL-SEA for DW and I to take a 1-week Alaska cruise July 4 weekend and I'm smiling like the proverbial cat that ate the canary ...
  6. So my Barclays Aviator statement due date is today and I logged in to make my payment. I was stunned to see that they've applied a "Late Fee" earlier today to my account. Nonetheless, I submit the payment and my payment is confirmed for credit today, with a footnote: WTF kind of f***ery is this?! (Need I say more?)
  7. hdporter

    Form Letter/Planet Feedback question

    Is this the same Twitter "machine" that Devin Nunes referred to today in comments? <and if someone reads something political into this post, that's their problem ...> 🙃
  8. hdporter

    Citi Soft CLI link Master Thread

    In absence of anecdotal info here, I guess I'll go ahead, call again, and authorize a credit pull. Whatever the outcome, maybe this will clear up the online block on requesting future CLI's on my Citi accounts. (Of course, if not, I'll follow up through a CSR.) As far info in my online profile, that was updated with the information I provided during the call yesterday.
  9. hdporter

    Citi Soft CLI link Master Thread

    So, curious if anyone else is in the same boat with Citi as I am re CLI requests: Whether I click the CLI link from my online account, or try the "soft" CLI request link posted in this thread, I get a message that says: This is a persistent "state" for over 2 years. The number provided (ending in 4934) is their online support number. When I call it, an automated system requests what I need; the words "credit limit increase" trigger an request for updated income and housing payment. I'm then told that an updated credit report will be pulled (it's not specific as to whether a "hard" or "soft" pull is involved, nor is there an alert that it would affect my credit). For now, I've opted out of the pull/request. I have 3 general purpose MC's with Citi, the youngest just shy of 20 years old, plus a Sears MC (just converted) and a HD store card. My total credit exposure, $83k, is 45% of my income. The CL I'm seeking to increase is at $17k. Before I call a CS to review why I can't request online, or simply accede to the report pull for the request, does anyone have any insight into what's going on here?
  10. hdporter

    Discovery charge off rate jumped to almost 4%

    Can't speak for others, but at age 60, our after tax mortgage cost is 2.1%. Hell if I'm going to liquidate investments to pay that off. If I could get more money at that cost, I'd double up on it. (FWIW, the mortgage is PIF at our approx retirement in 7 years).
  11. Off the top, sounds like you're in informed hands. He's being straight with you ... if there's evidence that you sold your house and dispersed the proceeds to avoid seizure by the IRS, then I imagine that the IRS might seek out legal remedies by which to attach those proceeds. But, honestly, this topic is outside of my turf -- look to the EA for the scoop. You've suggested some tactics through which you might deal with this situation. I suggest you look to the EA to understand the possible consequence of each scenario on the table (including scenarios he suggests be considered); acknowledging that he likely can't advise you to pursue some (or maybe any) of those avenues ... but hopefully he might at least identify the ramifications so you're better positioned to make a call. In other words, it may be helpful to tell him you understand that there are some actions that he can't actual advise on, but that you'll benefit if he simply can identify possible consequences.
  12. I'm jealous ... your spam folder is clearly so much more interesting than mine ...
  13. I urge you to seek out an "Enrolled Agent" (EA). They're CPA who are specifically credentialed by the IRS and are experienced in negotiating with the IRS for the best possible outcomes in situations such as yours. For now, you can set concerns about an IRS lien against your house (or ultimate seizure aside), as well as an accusation of "tax evasion". If you respond to the IRS request for delinquent returns in timely fashion, and either set up a payment agreement or file for bankruptcy (if appropriate), the IRS shouldn't move forward in an attempt to enforce collection of your tax liability. On the other hand, if you don't respond to their notices, or follow through in a manner that you promise you will, then the IRS most certainly will escalate to enforcement actions ultimately. I don't suggest you troll the internet further looking for casual advice. In short order, seek out a referral to the qualified EA in your area that has a proven track record of being of help. Lay your situation on the table, collect the information he requires, and follow his guidance and advice.
  14. A critical aspect of this is to have the issuer remove your AU status from the account prior to making the removal request to the CRA's.
  15. hdporter

    This is how I lost $ 1,181 to an Airbnb hacker

    On the nose. Never try to resolve a problem through an intermediary when you have the opportunity to work things out with the source. In a similar vein, I think it best to first try and resolve credit reporting inaccuracies directly with the reporting creditor rather than file a CRA dispute. I understand the appeal (and some of the advantages) of filing a CRA dispute. However, you're your own best advocate when it comes to working with the creditor to resolve erroneous information reported by them to the CRA's..
  16. hdporter

    2019 Credit Recession (self induced)

    Whether a CL of $1k or $100k, any DCU credit card is a waste of resources. It's pure chaff, and deserves treatment as such. I'm glad it proved an asset in your rebuilding. But it should have been kicked to the curb ages ago
  17. hdporter

    2019 Credit Recession (self induced)

    Is there something to this card beyond 4% cb on dining and perhaps the restaurant delivery perks? I would think that Chase Reserve would handily supplant most, if not all, of the benefit of holding this card (assuming that you can absorb credits via airfare purchase, giving a 50% cb kicker. Have I missed something?
  18. hdporter

    MyFako Condones this Crap

    I gotta ask ... How do you guys dumpster dive into the myFICO forum "trove" without being overwhelmed by the raw sea of humanity who post there? On those occasion when I search myFICO for a bit of added anecdotal experience with a particular credit card, I imagine the experience to be akin to walking the streets of Cairo ...
  19. hdporter

    March 1st is 30 days late for Feb?

    As heg suggests, a goodwill adjustment to remove the delinquency notation is what you want to seek here. I wouldn't dance around the fact that the payment wasn't a full 30 days late; the material fact that you didn't make a payment prior to next month's payment being due is going to dampen that defense. You may be technically correct, but you're not likely to get much traction on that count. You're better served by a personable, agreeable letter that matter-of-factly establishes that there was a hardship, acknowledges the lapse, and that you've brought the account fully current; you be very gratified if they could extend an adjustment given the circumstances to remove the late mark.
  20. Good chance the impact on your FICO 4 mortgage score was more significant. I love FICO 8 because given a clean history, it barely hiccups over 100% tradeline util, so long as overall util remains under 5% (yeah ... I actually tested this in Jan, with a $20k bal on a $20k card).
  21. hdporter

    Odd Goodwill Response

    +1 They knew exactly what you wanted, weren't interested, and didn't even want to acknowledge the subject (otherwise potentially giving you something to argue back with). "We've reported accurately so take that and stuff it in your pipe ..." They're not the only creditor to take this tack. A google search suggests others have had success with Synchrony goodwill (generally, goodwill on a closed account means deletion of the tradeline). If you have other delinquencies to work on, I suggest letting this lie for the time being. Otherwise, do some digging, figure out what worked (and what didn't) and steel yourself up for another salvo. Best wishes ...
  22. hdporter

    Does affirm add positive points on your credit?

    I had to check this one out because it was news to me (and, likely, because I'm still shedding a tiny tear over BlisPay -- take a leak on it if you must, but 0% for 6 mo AND 2% cashback ... I found it a lovely pygmy in the credit forest). Affirm seems largely innocuous to me. PayPal Bill Me Later is a far more consumer friendly product, and has far greater "credit builder" potential. What's not clear to me is whether it reports as revolving or installment. The structure of the credit contract strongly smacks of installment. If so, do you end up with a new tradeline with every purchase? Responding to OP's original question, any positive tradeline (certain finance tradelines excluded) potentially helps your credit. Unfortunately, with a "rinse and repeat" use of this account, my guess is you rack up new tradelines that would diminish your average age of accounts. In other words, it's not a terrible finance option, but a standard revolver with a tolerable interest rate would be a preferred vehicle. (Goes without saying that for modest to moderate purchases, saving cash and PIF is the prime option.)
  23. Junami. < Oops, thought this was a "word association" game. And my response is certainly a "neck bone is connected to the ankle bone" association > Damn! I've been around too long ... guess 13 years has me edging on veteran "old timer" turf. (Note, I said "edging" ... I can only nip at the heels of the "legends" here ...) Anyone spot george in his duo-Durangos lately
  24. hdporter

    Superior Tradelines LLC

    LLC = Living Lonely and Cold (in an efficiency apartment) = Libelous Lying iso Company
  25. hdporter

    Amex CLD "Minimal Usage" is the excuse

    I missed which alternate universe we're talking about here. < But, seriously, give me a slap for that and then let's try to get this thread back on the rails. 😲 >

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