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  1. Thanks to hege's efforts, you may know them better as "stinkrony". (Pig-Pen ... get it?)
  2. I know it's a bummer to mount them on a performance car, but I live and die by all-season radials. They'll see you fine through a few inches (maybe not severe blizzard conditions ... but, of course, under those circumstances I'd prefer to pull off and grab a room until the snow and/or the clueless winter drivers abated).
  3. Technically we are in agreement, @MarvBear. However, after I added a paid Affirm account, I started seeing a related negative credit factor in my scoring report. (I forget, in this moment, what the descriptor was.) However, any impact on my actual FICO credit score was minimal. And, after having aged for awhile, it was no longer flagged.
  4. So lovely for the investors to have it confirmed that they were investing with an intellectual child. And, as far as the suggestion that B-F didn't realize that he was putting investor capital at risk ... an open admission of fraudulent negligence.
  5. Bev was the culprit who invited Alexa in for a stay. She's better than a pet, to the extent that you don't have to feed it and it doesn't shed hair, but largely it has an innocuous presence. Still, when Bev took the initiative to buy Hue devices to control the lamps in the bedroom, living room, rec room, etc., I was thrilled to no longer have to fumble for switches. And it's great to retire to bed and turn lighting off (or on) across the whole house. Alexa understands me perfectly when I speak in a calm clear voice. However, she stumbles with Bev. Bev in turn treats her like someone who doesn't quite understand English and thinks that by shouting, instead, comprehension will improve. ------------ I'm reminded of an incident in 1985, pre-Bev's move in, when I was in Hong Kong and toured the mainland, acquiring the company of a young Taiwanese woman en route to Canada for business, during the day's activities. We were both staying in the Hyatt Regency in Kowloon. After dinner, we returned to Kowloon by ferry and, not quite grasping where we arrived vs the Hyatt's location, got in a taxi and requested a ride. I give the driver our destination and he put on a face that he didn't understand. I repeated, with the same reception. At this point my companion emphasized our destination, calling loudly, "HI-RYAT RHEE-JEN-SHY!" "HI-RYAT RHEE-JEN-SHY!" We gave up in frustration and, only then, consulted our map to see if it was walk-able (mind you, we had consumed a good quantity of wine). Turned out the hotel was just around the corner, two blocks away! (Hence the driver's unwillingness to "understand") (btw, no amusement at the pronunciation intended; just recreating the moment as best I can ) -------------- Alexa fails in offering compelling reasons to use the device. I do love putting on some meditative music or nature sounds in our bedroom when I want a non-chemical sleep aid, and the fact that it pairs with a quality Bose speaker is a delight. And it's nifty that we're audibly alerted to the Amazon shipments that typically arrive 2 or 3 times a week so that we can promptly retrieve them. Alexa is also handy at setting up an impromptu voice reminder on the fly for something that needs attention later (or a reminder to get on the road for an appointment or flight). If they priced this device at anything other than their cost, I don't suspect we'd be inclined to buy. I've yet to hear of someone who wasn't interested at first, but later felt the device was indispensable. Where I think Amazon was blind is that any device that would enhance the purchase experience on Amazon could have been a huge hit. I would love to flexibly search and investigate items by voice, and have relevant images and data displayed to my large screen TV, another device, projected on a clear surface, or ... someday ... projected as a 3-d laser image. FWIW, I do get the sense that Google has done a much better job at partnering with others to bring applications to market than Amazon. Alexa is sufficiently iconic that I'm on the fence as to whether it'll be dumped, or just be considered "before its time" and they'll keep it around, to later resurrect a dramatically "new and improved" version.
  6. I don't want to rain on your parade, and keep in mind that I took only a 30 second gander at the card terms ... however, I believe that the card requires you to "register" a vehicle. I don't know what that entails, and how much you might "fudge" ownership of a vehicle, but I believe that you must register a gas fueled vehicle with the card site to qualify for the gasoline spend credit, and an EV to qualify for the electric utility credit.
  7. Terms I saw when checking this out suggest one option is a $100 credit after $1500 in fuel (gas) purchases within 12 mo of approval.
  8. "n/m" as in "ignore the post ... got you after the fact!" "foul mood" ??? I would have guessed one of your foul moods would leave wreckage behind You gave up no clue!
  9. The fact that there are/were some CU's that would issue high starting limits was touted very strongly here and "the other white meat" credit board for ages. I never bit. As hege points out, credit unions tend to have poor benefits on their credit cards; they don't make good "daily drivers". (Alliant may be a key exception; I've no experience with them to speak.) My experience is that any credit card issuer, that gives me reason to put through a good charge volume (even if for only 3-6 months), is very likely to be generous with CLI's. And, over the years, I've built up $800k+ in credit limits without ever going after a card with an issuer having a rep for issuing cards with high limits.
  10. <been there, done that> ... take a deep breath: You're trying to rationalize why they should find lending to you a fair risk and reasonably profitable. After all, that's how you and I would scout for lending candidates. Doesn't work that way ... Each lender develops a candidate profile to whom they're most comfortable lending, and then they tend to stick to it Anyone outside that profile doesn't get a fair shake and is stuck with a higher rate (unless they have the sit to shop around). My first lesson in this came when I was 23. I was looking for a 2-year term used car loan (to buy the car I had "bought" with my ex-fiancee, who carried the loan with Ford Credit). I first went to the CU with whom I had been with for 6 mo; declined for insufficient credit experience. Next put in an app with the local bank with whom I had a VISA account for over a year; declined again. In desperation, I put in a loan with another local bank with whom I had no relationship. They called within 24 hours with an approval at a competitive rate. (A moment of joy, able to get my "ex", who was starting to freak, off my back!) I could rationalize all I might wish as to why the two lenders with whom I had prior account experience should have found me a desirable candidate. None of that makes a difference. The point is that, through persistence, I secured a loan with a lender who found my application attractive. Nothing more to see.
  11. No, they're not arbitrary in the following sense: The FICO score depressions at thresholds less than the 50%/30% (single account/all accounts) levels I cited are considerably more modest than say those associated with 30%/20%. 50%/30% are where the depression steepens noticeably. It should go without saying that whether or not those steeper hits cause your FICOs to dip to a lower "grade" very much depends where you start from. What I am suggesting is that it's when you exceed 50%/30% that you're likely to see something like a 20 pt+ score impact, which in my book is "significant". (One man's medicine is anothers bilge water.)
  12. Significant FICO hits when an individual card utilization exceeds 50% or when overall utilization exceeds 30%.
  13. The issue with the tradeline is that it doesn't reflect an account default, but instead is being reported as merely having "late payments". As such, no DOFD is established per the reporting. Yes, it would appear that the creditor is using this strategy to keep the adverse tradeline on your report. This is a clear violation of the FCRA. I trust others will advise on how to pursue legal action and statutory damages. For the best advice, it would be most helpful to see the tradeline detail, with any identifying information blacked out.
  14. Placing the account on your credit report would suggest that Amex is treating the liability as having a personal guarantee associated with it. Making that call in error seems unlikely. There are a number of Amex "business" cards, one of which is issued to "small business" and appears to include a personal guarantee. You should understand that in opening such an account, agreeing to a personal guarantee merely involves accepting the card member terms by using the card. There wouldn't be a separate document involved. To better advise, it would be necessary to know the specific Amex card product that was held.
  15. This is a brilliant stat. Another one that I've seen is that only about 10% of crypto transfers are for transactions. The rest are speculative. This has the makings of the biggest "pump and dump" scheme in history. I fear that it's just waiting for the little boy to cry, "The Emperor has no clothes!"
  16. Any advice that you receive here in response to this clarification is going to be worth every penny that you paid for it. This is a messy situation. Do you really expect that someone here is in a better position to make a call on the facts than the lawyer you engaged? If you don't like the opinion he offered, consult another attorney and pay up for a second opinion.
  17. That's an outstanding idea ... will consider it in the future (replacement is already on its way by FedEx).
  18. Really not looking to draw this out, but I did get the "time stamp" for the authorization ... the authorization came through at 2:52p. We had been waiting in the boarding area of our flight for about 10 or 15 minutes at that point (2:55p boarding). We left the dining area at approx 2:35p, having purchased our meal about 20 minutes before that. Generally, I've been skeptical about the reported risk of card fraud via someone with a RFID scanner. Informed discussion suggests that the culprit would practically need to be right on top of you, inches from your card. And Bev secured the card in a wallet pocket with a few other cards immediately after the transaction. So, in this case, I'm still dubious. Still, odder things have (and will) happen ...
  19. I will look for someone to chime in to confirm/dispute what I write here, but my understanding is that it's difficult to remove an address that's linked to a reporting tradeline on your report. Because you say Experian directed you to "contact the creditor reporting it", I assume that there is such a tradeline. If this represents the situation, you'll have to pursue the correction with the creditor. If there is no such creditor, you might try the dispute via their phone center. (There are suggestions that this can be expedient for a prior address dispute.)
  20. Much appreciated! Trust me when I say that a "welcome aboard!" cocktail and a bottle of Pinot Grigio over a lovely lunch has smoothed things over winningly! 😋
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