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  1. I appreciate the link to this insightful article. As a bipolar individual (condition reasonably well managed), I have a particular interest. The discussion is intelligent and thou H t provoking. I don't think the above caption is entirely accurate; the article doesn't describe an attempt to "pin down", so much as it discusses refinement of existing hypothesis. It highlights a key distinction in how people perceive stressful events I would go further to suggest there's an implication when it comes to how people learn to manage stressful events AND the resultant stress itself. If one presumes that a genetic bias to depression would cause more sensitivity to potential stress, then this population subset might expend more energy managing possible stress than managing the event itself. This would result in very disparate strategies between those more-depression prone and those less so. Quite a bit of contemplation prompted by a brief summary ...
  2. I'll suggest a single inquiry has never disqualified a credit app of any type, nor will a single new account impact AAoA in such a respect. (I won't suggest the same for half a dozen in the last 6 mo.)
  3. Hard pass where it comes to looking for security/comfort in an issuer that I trust enough to select them for my general use CC. But, yeah, where it comes to what are essentially Store cards (cards that I select as a convenience when dealing with a single vendor), I'll work with whatever issuer they've opted for as their "trusted" partner, provided it's advantageous to us.
  4. Commenity (Bread) and Synchrony come out relatively favorably here. Hard pass.
  5. I guess I should have first asked, what benefit do you see in a Savor conversion?? Generally speaking, WFA appears to be a stronger card than Savor.
  6. Impressive and reasonable measure. However, I wonder how practical the provision is that requires posting of precise card surcharge, if it must match the fee charged by the processor. We've discussed how "elite" cards have higher fees.
  7. I'll suggest Wells Fargo Autograph is a decent candidate for a broad 3% targeted category cashback card, with no FTF. I'd actually suggest it sits in a sweet spot. It's one of the more comprehensive 3% cb cards with eligible categories as follows: Travel: airline, hotel/motel, timeshare, or vehicle/auto rental, cruise lines, travel agencies, discount travel sites, campgrounds. Transit: passenger railway, taxis, limousines, ferries, toll bridges and highways, parking lots and garages. Gas: gas stations, automated fuel dispensers, and electric vehicle charging stations. Dining: eating places and restaurants, drinking places, fast food restaurants, and/or caterers. Phone plans: landline and cell phone providers considered telecommunication services. Popular streaming services: cable and other pay television, digital goods, books, movie, music, and continuity/subscription services, as listed at: wellsfargo.com/autographstreaming. It has a $200 point sub upon $1000 in purchases in the first 3 mo. There is no annual fee. While I'm leery of face-to-face transactions with WF, based upon the reported accounts, we've had a relatively flawless experience with our WF Active cash for over 20 years. Bottom line, I think this is an admirable card for an entry into 3% cb cards, especially if no FTF is desired.
  8. I'll suggest that one's cornerstone cash back cards should be a 2% general purpose card, and one or more 3%/5% specific category cards (dining, travel, online purchases, utilities, et al). So, yeah, I'd consider this PC to be a move in the right direction. But you might consider whether it's time to move to an issuer such as Chase for a similar card and a sub to boot.
  9. If you're going "retro" on us, then you need to go whole hog: The 1990 solution was a device called a "data bank" (pre-cursor to a PDA): https://retrounit.com.au/products/casio-data-bank-dc-2000-130-phone-book-conversion-calculator-vintage-electronics
  10. Just curious what that brings your total Citi exposure to ...
  11. Attn: @MarvBear CB functionality appears to be in the pits (I've been trying to post this query since Monday ...) Is there a back story? Can we help?
  12. @greendeh: Color me very impressed by the deals scored in these last two posts! 😃
  13. I'd ream you a new one for posting this ... if it weren.'t for the fact that I'm furious that I took the bait and clicked on the link
  14. There's a bit of information online re Capital One and deferral of loan payments. It's suggested thst you can request a deferral via online account manager. It's described as being relatively straightforward. Deferred payments and accrued interest are added to the back end of your payment stream. It sound like approvals might be granted one month at a time, and that it's necessary to return each month for an extension, as necessary. I encourage you to search on the terms "Capital One auto payment deferral" to assess this info first hand.
  15. From what I can see, the pre-approval form for BA returns a list of cards for which you likely will be approved upon application. Did you proceed from this to request approval for one of the suggested cards? (Nothing in the pre-approval itself should have generated a hard inquiry.)
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