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  1. Hi Guys, I've been around these boards since 2006, but haven't posted in a few years. Now, I'm needing some Car advice, please. Situation: My husband and I both had car leases when we filed for BK7 in Jan. 2017. We did NOT reaffirm either of the two leases in the BK7. I was working from home at the time, so I stopped making payments on my car and it was subsequently reprocessed (voluntarily) by Hyundai some 90 days later. My husband, on the other hand, has a 1.5 hour commute to work and decided to continue to make his lease payments, even after the BK was fully discharged. Now, two years after our BK7 was discharged, my husband's lease is now up and he will need a new car. The thing is, he has never missed a payment to Nissan Motor Finance, nor have we ever been late. The car has NO damage, but has a great deal of wear and tear, and is way over the agreed lease miles, currently at 52,000 of the 30k signed at lease. So, we can walk away and owe nothing because it was included in the BK7, OR we have considered reaffirming the lease in order to retain the positive payment history with Nissan. Then it occurred to us, that if we reaffirm the lease, then we will mostly likely have to replace the tires, brakes, and pay huge fees for being over the miles. My husband has been very loyal to Nissan; this being his 4th lease, and he would like another Nissan, just not this one. What should we do? Thanks in advance! Please move if this is not the best forum for this post. TY
  2. No updates since January of this year. I'm guessing FICO is not doing promo codes anymore??
  3. Sorry if stupid question, but what about all my IIB (23) accounts listed?? Should those be disputed prior as well?
  4. Bump +1 Curious what the approval rate on this has been for those who were getting the 7-10 day message past few weeks. Thanks!
  5. any combination of loan, ploc, or credit card not to exceed 50k unsecured. At least that is what their loan office told me a few months ago.
  6. Not sure I'm following why everyone is running to Cancel ?? I was hit big by the TU *R - I had 38 INQ's R when this mess all started last week. I've been pulling USAA, SC, & TUP everyday since and today when I pulled I'm now down to 31 INQ's - So, for me they seem to be dropping back off pretty Fast.... but as always... YMMV !
  7. APPROVED!! Using the Preferred Member link. Only approved for 3k - so will need to call for recon for Balance Transfer. I have no Barclay account - 0 Inquiries on TU. Current TU Fico is 711 - Only 1 new account in the last 6mo.
  8. Thanks Brian B !! Sounds good... That is along the same lines as what I'm hearing from the one lender I approached, but wanted to check here to confirm. In order to access the Equity and do the renovations, would I be able to also apply for a HELOC at the same time or shortly after closing? Or is this not recommended by most lenders? Thanks again!!
  9. Hello, Need some Expert Advice here... Situation: I'm currently living in my mother's house, as she has purchased a new smaller home in a retirement community. I want to purchase the house from my mother and use as my primary residence. However, the house does need some major renovations. This would make me a first time home buyer with first mortgage. As a gift, my mother wants to sell the home for $50,000 Less than what the house just recently appraised for. This would greatly help with the much needed renovations, but I have NO IDEA what kind of loan or lender I need to pursue in order get immediate access to this instant Equity. Where do I start ?? Only problem is: I need to close on this sale by the end of this year, or this will be considered an investment property for my mother during tax season. The Numbers: FICO's are All 740 or above. DTI is around 18% Income can be verified and same job 5+ years Contract of Sale: $250,000 Home recently appraised for $310,000 Down payment available: $20,000 cash savings Would like to do a Conforming 7/1 ARM with no PMI What is the best option for me? Thanks so much!!! Rod

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