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  1. KristofsMom, Please send me the information on this BIZ TL. Thank you, Great information!
  2. BRBiz, I was hoping you would respond, I found a virtual office that is a brick and mortar location so no POB for $40/month and also offers registered agent service option for an additional $5/month more, so I should be fine. Im following your start up thread to get biz credit for 3 separate companies that I inc”d in 2004, 2011, and 2013 w/EIN’s but no trade-lines for any of them. In reading your start up thread the time for the corp and no negative reporting should give me an advantage, I just need to get the visibility right with dedicated business line when biz start to inquire for app
  3. Hello Guys, I have reviewed BRBiz “What to do” link for building business credit. The one item I need direction on is the best way to achieve adding a dedicated business phone line that can be listed in 411 directory that can be associated w/a virtual brick and mortar office location in GA. The virtual office doesn’t offer phone lines, so how do I pair a dedicated phone line with my virtual office and still have it listed in 411 directory as a dedicated line to such address? Thank you
  4. BRbiz, I found you step by step and you are right, it does make understanding the process so much easier. Thank you for your diplomacy, Im on my way!
  5. Thank you for the response, i will read, and BTW...it was not my intention to THREAD JACK!
  6. Brbiz, Where should I start? what are the best/easiest ones to start with? 5 good trades are a good number to have before attempting a store cad at Sams?
  7. BRbiz, Since Im just starting with biz credit, I have to get the guidance. What are the best biz trades to start to obtain the 80 payday. I have no trades on neither of my LLCs since incorporating w/ SOS in 2013, where do I start?
  8. Esthetician Love, I have 2 businesses registered sine 2013 with the SOS, EIN and biz address w/ UPS store, do I need anything else to open the biz accts you mentioned w/ no PG. I have absolutely no trades on either and I am ready to start building my biz credit.
  9. Great Info on Sams Store Card, Please advise for clarity on the Sams store card. If I have an EIN for my business and no other TL reporting, I can get an approval from the EIN only. PG means they will not require my SSN? Also, what other business qualifications are needed outside of SOS, EIN, and Business Address. I have no website or business cards, does that matter? I would like to start a side catering gig and Sams store card would be perfect.
  10. Hi Guys, I got ahead only to go backwards! MY BK was discharged in 2011, and after applying for an unsecured CC at NFCU to add to my $1,000 NFCU secured CC, I was approved for $1,600 in 7/2015. he CC addition boosted my Scores to a low 700 on both EX and TU, but EQ was still in 600s w/still having a $389 CO from Scana who refused to delete if I paid following my DV in 7/2015, an AFNI CA of $303 from ATT, and 2 paid medical collections following BK. Upon review of my recent report, the HOA from my house lost in 2011 BK filed a judgement for $6,800 in HOA fees and fines. Ive made sev
  11. Hi Cber's I just paid my secured $1000 CC w/NFCU down to $2. NFCU reports on the 22nd on my account, which was Saturday. Can I immediately request conversion to unsecured along with a CLI. I have equifax monitoring, and I see my low account balance has not been reflected yet. Do i wait for the reflection on my report, or does it matter since its their account anyway. Im antsy because out of the blue, it looks like my HOA got a judgement against me that I received saturday and I'm afraid it will post to my CR before I have the opportunity to request my increase from NFCU. Should I w
  12. I filed BK in 2010 and it was discharged in 2/2011. In clearing up my CR to start to apply for CCs soon w/my institution NFCU, I am debating if paying the Scana Charge-off for $389 will be beneficial or unnecessary. The account was opened 6/2011 and closed on 9/2012. Charge-off still shows $389 balance in my negative accounts. Please advise should this be paid off. I already confirmed with Scana this week that they will only report as paid in full, but will not delete from my CR. Please advise- Thanks!
  13. Hello CBers, I need guidance to build up my accessible credit following BK discharged 2/2011. I opened a secured 1K CC w/ NFCU 4/2014. After all other accounts were included in BK, and Chase deleted the mortgage I had with them as a result of the BK, my CR now shows a Charge off w/ Scana in 2012 and another $95 collection that's going to be paid next week. Once I pay these and request deletions. How do I proceed with NFCU to increase my credit. Utilization at limit, but will pay it down before it reports on 22nd of this month. Since it been over 1 yr, Can I ask NFCU to convert to Uns
  14. Thanks for the honest and informed opinions, I kinda figured that would be the answer. I am ahead somewhat since I bank w/ NFCU and have a 15 month 1k Secured CC with them. I need to pay down and possbly apply for an unsecure card with them now. i suppose. For the last 3 months, I see that NFCU shows the balance of the secured card in my savings account, but the money is unavailable. It has never shown that way prior to the last 3 months. I wonder if that means they are about to transition it from secured to unsecured possibly, once I pay balance down to 0 in a few weeks. Since the rec
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