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  1. Do most mortgage lenders still use the same FICO scores we get from MyFICO?
  2. FedEx costs too much. Post your email address so people can scan some money and send it to you by email.
  3. I posted on their blog. Be thoughtful and polite, not ranting. The more reasonable comments they get, the more likely they will respond strongly to those comments.
  4. I want to apply for a Walmart card to get this score monthly. Help me decide whether to apply for the store card or Discover. Here are the factors to take into account: -- I already have a non-Walmart Discover, which gives me 5% cash back in different categories each quarter. -- Is the Walmart store card or Walmart Discover least likely to get AA for infrequent usage? -- I use a PNC (formerly National City) Visa card that gives me 2% cash back at Walmart. -- I have an Orchard card that gives me 2% cash back everywhere, but with a low limit. -- I have a Penfed card that stopped giving 2% cash back at Walmart. I might upgrade it to the new one that gives 3 points. -- I had a Walmart store card years ago, before they started giving this score, but I closed it because of low limit and non-usage. -- My scores are usually in the mid to upper 700's. And what other factors should I consider?
  5. Do the paperless statements have to be for a Walmart store card or a Walmart Discover card and/or what?
  6. Did you use a mortgage broker? Advantus doesn't sound like a credit report company. More likely a mortgage company, or the kind of company a mortgage gets sold to.
  7. Have you ever used it before? I tried using a different browser, but it made no difference. Not eligible for this order. I'm just curious to know why it works for some people but not others. The only reason I can think of is that they might keep track of whether you ever used it before, in their database, not in your cookies.
  8. My Orchard 2% card has a CLI link on the left side of the messages page. I haven't clicked it yet.
  9. I'm wondering how long the right of offset lasts. What if you have a dispute and close all your accounts and don't pay? Then, years later, the bank merges with your new bank? Does the merged bank then have a right of offset between your old disputed debt and your newer accounts?
  10. That was polonium tea. You need to read up on your different kinds of teas.
  11. I tested letting a bunch of small balances report. Up to at least 7 small balances, no difference in score vs 1 balance. At 11 small balances, the score was down 10 points. But the test was ruined when Kroger cards got acquired by USBank, which reported them as new accounts, causing a bigger score drop, and invalidating the test results. In any case, I no longer worry about the number of small balances, as long as I have at least one. A 10 point drop at 11 is not a problem, especially since it's temporary for one month. One way to make sure you always have balances is to use autopay, whereby the card issuer withdraws the statement balance from your checking account each month. It saves work and reduces the risk of forgetting to pay by the due date.
  12. Is it possible that it depends on whether you ever used CPPSAVINGS in the past?
  13. Now that they've reduced most of their rewards, I only use mine for gas. I guess it's nice to know if gas skyrockets to five figures, I can fill up a five figure gas tank.
  14. What's special about Charlotte, NC, that makes it the biggest banking city, 5 times as big as New York, NY?

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