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  1. I haven't been around in a while. I got most of my credit repair taken care of thanks to so many helpful people on this board so I haven't been checking in like I used to. I have many new cards and have utilized them more than I should have but I don't think that is the issue here(maybe it is). I have 3 Amex cards, One(which I only use for the Credit Secure), Clear($6000 balance with $10000 credit limit), Blue ($5000 balance with $10000 credit limit). I received a letter from Amex today saying that they have decreased my limit on the Blue to $5500 due to "number of accounts with delinquency". Since repairing my credit last year I have never had one payment past due with any of my accounts. The only negative thing on my reports is an old collection that was on there even when they granted me credit last year. They have reviewed my reports at least 5 times in the last 9 months and there was never a problem. The funny thing is, they haven't decreased the limit on the other Amex account. I called Amex and they told me I need to contact Experian, get the credit report fixed and fax it to them. I called Experian and they show no delinquent accounts(other than the collection that was always on there). I even purchased a new Experian report to make sure there was nothing delinquent, even though I knew there wasn't. I talked with another Amex rep and she told me to fax a copy of either my Vantage score summary or Fico summary and ask them to review the account. I don't know if I should even bother at this point. I don't want them to review everything and close the account out completely(can they do that?). The only negative thing on the report is the old collection account which will fall off within a year. I can only assume that during this review they must have noticed the old collection and made the determination based on that. Sorry this is so long. I just wanted some advice as to whether I should just leave it alone and hope that they don't do anything to the other card or fax them info and see if I can get it adjusted. I am thinking it will be almost impossible to get this fixed even with all the research I am doing. Thanks for any advice.
  2. I am currently enrolled at half time status at my college. My college considers half time 6-12 credit hours. I originally was enrolled in one science class for 5 credits, Problem solving lab for 1 credit, and another science class for 4 credits for a total of 10 credits. The lab instructor(same instructor for 5 credit class) said the 1 credit class wasn't necessary so I dropped that. Now I am thinking about dropping the 4 credit science course because it's just not what I need, which would bring me down to 5 credit hours. Sorry that was so confusing. I have a private student loan that I took out and I am wondering how they will know that I am below half time. Does the college let them know? I am thinking about adding back in the 1 credit lab to bring me back up to the 6 credits mostly to cover myself. I don't want to have to start repaying this back right now. Any thoughts? I also wanted to say that I will be back up to half time status in January when the Winter quarter starts so I'm not sure if that makes a difference or not.
  3. angelcross2


    Congrats! I have been pulling since May and just now started seeing *b*. It's a great feeling.
  4. I had a charged off Cap1 acct on my Experian report that I finally got removed. It finally came off about 2 months ago. The SOL for reporting and collecting both expired in July(DOLA was 7/99). I just today received a collection letter for the Cap1 acct from Associated Recovery Systems. They are not reporting on my credit reports, yet. I am wondering if I should just ignore it and hope it doesn't pop up or DV them right now. I am hoping it won't come up on my reports, I have really cleaned them up, completely clean Equifax even. I am even starting to get some *b* so I will really be PO'd if this ends up on there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I logged into my Target account this morning to pay my $50 balance and saw that I had a $500 credit line!! I had the typical $200 credit line to start, which I can easily spend in one trip to Target. I was so excited because I hadn't even asked for it. I've only had the account for about 4 months. I put $50, $100 or $200 and PIF each month. Very exciting stuff,lol.
  6. I logged into my Target account this morning to pay my $50 balance and saw that I had a $500 credit line!! I had the typical $200 credit line to start, which I can easily spend in one trip to Target. I was so excited because I hadn't even asked for it. I've only had the account for about 4 months. I put $50, $100 or $200 and PIF each month. Very exciting stuff,lol.
  7. In my case it's a law firm out of New York, Solomon and Solomon. I read that thread a while back. It states in one part that attorneys are exempt. Before CB I actually called the attorney's office and they told me they are collecting on behalf of the utility company and they don't own the debt.
  8. Don't mean to threadjack but have a question relating to this. I have a CA that has 3 old accts on my report. I have DV'd them, everthing, they won't remove. They refuse to PFD also. I just moved to Washington state about 1 1/2 months ago. I haven't received anything from them yet, not sure if it's because they know they can't send me anything or if they just haven't updated my new address yet. This company is not licensed in the state of Washington and they haven't actually tried to collect from me but is it a violation for them to even have the item on my credit report?? By law do they have to remove it from my report? I'm not really clear on this. I figured they couldn't try to collect from me but I figured they could still leave it on my report.
  9. I have been taking a break as well. I started in May and worked very hard on it for about 3 months. I got my EQ clean and only one baddie on EX. I still have 4 on TU(one of which is a duplicate) and they are not coming off easily. I moved from the east coast to the west coast over the summer and just got settled in to a new home. I start college again in another few weeks so I probably won't have a chance to work on it a lot right now. My scores are between 650-690. I have been approved for a bunch of new cards with some decent credit lines so I plan on just letting those age for a bit and try to send some PFD letters to the collections and that's about it. I definitely think it's nice to take a break on occasion otherwise you'd go nuts.
  10. Congratulations!!! That is a start. I started down there with CJ, Hooters, and such and I am now getting approvals for some cards with $10,000 so it will happen for you. I got the 7-10 Hooters message and from what I read that is normal, no instant approval. I called the next day and they told me I was approved. If I were you I would give them a call.
  11. Something strange is going on over at Nordy's. I applied online, pulled EQ, score about 695 and a TON of inquires(about 20 from app spree). I got denied, received the infamous letter, called and was approved. Received my card with a $10,000 limit. I don't understand how I can get a card with that kind of a limit and then there are others with much higher scores that get denied.
  12. I was approved for the Nordstrom Platinum card a few weeks ago after receiving their "letter". When I called the number on the letter the CSR was very nice and told me I was approved and I asked what my limit was, she said $2500. I was excited because that is a decent limit for me. I just received the card todayand my limit is actually $10,000!!! I am even more excited now. Nordy's here I come!!!
  13. I applied for the Barnes and Noble card through Juniper, denied for "sufficient credit with Juniper". I have a Carnival card with a $400 limit and a US Air card with a $500 limit, lol.
  14. Congratulations! I got that same letter a few weeks ago. Called thinking it would be "sorry, still denied". Approved and with a $2500 credit line!!

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