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  1. I can't complain about my $40 gold earrings. They haven't turned anything green yet. Then again, I'm not much of a jewelry person anyway, so I'm sure my opinion is discounted. As stated above, CJ doesn't pull credit, & most are approved. Ordering before approval wouldn't work because you have to be approved first. If you take the plunge, do not pay with a credit/debit card. Quite a few reports of known security issues/ID theft, so only mailed payments or via Paypal. CJ helped DH start his rebuilding after BK. We owe them thanks for that. Now that we're past rebuilding, we booted CJ. Sad that they're only reporting to TU now. Makes it tougher for those rebuilding nowadays.
  2. From their FAQs: "Will I receive a statement? Yes, you will be mailed a statements every month, however not receiving a statement does not exempt you from making your payments. It is important that you always pay on time." And I'm sure it's worded that way because their mailed statements seem to be hit or miss. DH has never received a statement through the mail, but he has received them via email without fail. Somewhere I have the original acceptance email & IIRC it states that payments are due on the last day of the month, or maybe the 30th...something like that anyway. I'd definitely log in & check to see if a payment is due.
  3. My WAMU card was set to expire in July. I received Chase replacement cards last week.
  4. Just my 2 cents, but I wouldn't mention this at all.
  5. A U.S. District Court in California has held that Experian isn't required to process a fraud alert issued by an identity theft prevention service on behalf of its customer.
  6. Creditors use loophole to seize Social Security, veterans benefits
  7. I fought with EX over 2 GMAC accts that were IIB & reporting all kinds of wrong. I got their previously disputed letters after 2 separate disputes, & was almost ready to just throw in the towel. I took a stab at filing an FTC complaint & also filed with the Texas BBB (in which I stated that I had filed an FTC complaint). EX actually responded to the BBB, stating that they could not investigate because I hadn't provided the ID documents they requested. In my rebuttal, I asked if that was the case, then why did they send me a letter stating "previously investigated" & why could they not verify ID when DL & SS card were copied in color, directly on the bottom of the letter. Within a week, EX deleted both TLs. YMMV of course, but it worked for me. Great job on the rebuilding. Hang in there!
  8. HSBC's reporting habits suck. They've reported every month for 2+ years, like clockwork. In Feb, they notified me I would be receiving a new card due to "a security breach" & my old card would be cancelled the end of the month. Sure enough, I received my new card within days of the notice. They reported my old card as closed, lost or stolen. Unfortunately, they have yet to report the new card. $5200 TL that's MIA. I only hope when they finally do report, I'll keep my history. It's only a little over 2 years, but I need every day of it.
  9. IIRC, DH's reports as an installment acct. Texas AG does verify.
  10. For me it's been every 6 months. Also, the CLIs are bigger when I've carried a balance & recently paid off before hitting the button. I bought new windows on a 0% deal last fall. Paid it off last month, waited a week or so, & received a $1950 increase--double my CL.
  11. Bet they're trying to sell you something. They've been using an auto-dialer that doesn't realize it's reached an answering machine at our house. I'm nearing payoff (2 yrs early) so figured they wanted to talk me into another loan with them. Not happening.
  12. And since you didn't include the info with your disputes, if you send it now they'll probably tack an additional 15 days onto your dispute...since you'll be "providing additional info".
  13. I filed a complaint with them a couple of years ago as part of a 3-pronged attack against an OC who was reporting all sorts of inaccuracies on a IIB account. They responded to my complaint with a letter advising me they had received my complaint & were investigating. A few weeks later, I received a letter from the OC stating they were deleting the TL.
  14. True, but since I'm very sure OP is keeping copies of all correspondence through the BBB, it will make a very good addition to OP's paper trail & show that OP exhausted all available remedies before bringing it to the court...should that be necessary. I've had very good luck with BBB complaints, including getting EX to delete inaccurate TLs. ETA: Nice job on the letter. Except for the typo noted above, I wouldn't change a thing.
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