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  1. Everytime I have requested an increase I get a letter saying they checked Experian. Does anyone know if they do a soft or hard pull? Thanks
  2. Most bank credit cards require PG. Bump
  3. How did things go with Union Bank? I hope they treated you better than CB&T. Congrats on all your new credit.
  4. You are totally right. Sometimes you don't see problems until you have to face them. We wanted to buy a wholesale food business to add to our existing business. After we did our homework we found that it wasn't worth the trouble. We are in the process of scaling down our original business plan so that we can keep our overhead low. Thanks for the advice.
  5. We received this offer: "You'll receive 7.75% for 6 months on the first check in this checkbook. But hurry, this offer expires December 15, 2004." They must be upset that we stopped using the LOC checks. The APR is 12%. :roll:
  6. They gave us no love for a while. I decided to pay off the balance. I still charged every month but I paid it in full. The 0% offers started coming in. We have always requested CLs no automatic. They have been approved everytime. It has been a year since our last increase. I am waiting to see what happens.
  7. You are correct they only report if you default. I don't think other banks know what limits you have on your business credit cards. Capital One is very stingy with CL and the APR is very high. The issuer checks your credit report and base their denial or approval based on your personal credit. I hope this helps. Business credit is somewhat of a mystery.
  8. Is it best to buy an existing business and or start a new business? Every existing business we have looked in the past two years had something wrong. The businesses were either in trouble financially and or the owners didn't want us to change any part of the business. I couldn't agree to that. I feel like we are spending the money to buy it and we should be able to do what we want with it. A couple of owners didn't want to sell to us because we didn't have enough experience in their opinion. I thought that was a lame excuse because they were being paid in cash. I could see their concern if we had them carrying a loan for us. Any opinions? Thanks in advance.
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