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  1. Umm.. no. Realtors have no need for that. That is why they want you to be approved for the loan BEFORE they show you homes. Realtors dont care whats on your report so long as you qualify for the loan. Besides... there is no PP. If your realtor pulled your credit I would go demand $1,000.00 or file for it. Now lenders do pull and use several services to do so. And they dont need your SSN# to do it. I have seen some pull with name and address, without asking.
  2. LOL.. late night cartoons on Cartoon Network. (not kids cartoons, but not porn!)
  3. I had this happen once. It took several attempts to get the delete. But, I finally did get it.
  4. There seem to be many that target has givin surprise CLI to. Now if only they would surpise me with a Target Visa. I had mine about 6 months when I got the CLI. No such love from Wally though.
  5. Normally on new construction homes, the realtor has very little to do with the deal til closing. Most communication goes from the builder to the buyer. The builder will call the buyer, noto the agent. If the builder was in no rush to get back to you, Id bet they were in less of a rush to talk to your agent. As far as getting them to rush... Im not sure thats in your best interest. You do want your home built right. Now that you know its being delayed by 2 months, your realtor may be able to negotiate cash back for closing help, or free upgrages (like basement bathroom) due to the d
  6. If I was starting from the beginning... I would Opt Out. Get all old address' deleted. Then read to determine what actions were needed based on what the reports look like. Likely blanket disputes to CRA's to start or 1-2 punches.
  7. I have My Credit Keeper for under $10 a month. Its well worth it to me. If I dispute a TL that says it was opened in 10/99 as not mine, its because its not mine. The account I have was opened in 10/98. That is not dishonest. If you can budget to pay for you and your wife at the same time, perhaps you should consider working on your report first, then hers. I had to work on DHs first to get us ready to buy a home. Once his was in better shape and I was making money, I started on mine. I think that if PG is abused and it is posted here, it will hurt many in the end. That trial
  8. Wow... easy to see where this is going to go bad.
  9. I agree with Bobbi... If you start dealing with anyone via phone you lose your paper trail. I would keep it in writing. If your faxing, seet the machine to give you a receipt. Things like this are not easy to take care of. Stick with it and don't give up.
  10. I think with those scores Id be upset with that limit.
  11. Grats! But... with those scores was there any doubt Wally would give you a card?
  12. I think many, including myself, have had good results disputing thru the CRA's first. You can do this in writing CMRRR. Then start 1-2 punching anything that remains. But others have other opinions. Always keep a paper trail.
  13. That was a joke... I hope! Geez, can you imagine what that many hard would do to your score??
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