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  1. Hi, I'm in Michigan and the SOL is 6 years. When is the SOL for this loan?
  2. I guess I'm leaning more towards deed in lieu of foreclosure, I may as well call the bank and ask them if I can do that. They're just so rude everytime I call them. I doin't want to get scammed on trying to sale this house, plus they're already several home on my street that's for sale, that haven't sold. I feel like we got scammed when we bought the house because we were so young and knew nothing about buying a house, at closing our interest rate changed, a pre-payment penaly was added, then the realtor/mortgage guy magically said we need more money to show the bank and that we had to borrow it from him for a fee of 150, just to show the cashiers check. It was a mess. Do I just call the loss mitigation department and ask them can I do a deed in lieu of foreclosure. How fast do you typically have to move when you do the deed in lieu? We can move back with my parents but I need to finishing selling the stuff in the home.
  3. Sorry all who asked for pics. For some reason I can't send PM's, but here is a picture of the house. My House I don't know if we're allowed to post our email.
  4. Someone sent me an email from http://www.consolidatedsg.com/. Are places like this legit?
  5. The note is like at 64,900, I don't know the exact payoff yet beacsue I requested one last week. Its like at Toepher and Groesbeck.
  6. I tried to work out something with my lender, I spoke with them all of 20 times with no lcuk. Also, they "we buy houses" people pay you way less that whats its worth rihgt, will the bank go for that. Or is that a short sale.
  7. Well, my husband and I are in a terrible situation. We haven't paid our December mortgage or January mortgage and won't be able to pay our February mortgage either because the note will be double in February because we will now have an escrow that includes 2005, and 2006 taxes. My mortgage company has been doing incorrect calculation on the taxes owed also because city and county taxes are only 1300 a year combined for city and county. But that's besides the point, even before that we couldn't afford the 540. In Feb. the mortgage company wants to raise our monthly payment from 540 to 1300 a month, because of out new incorrect escrow account. We can't afford the 540 and we sure as heck can't afford that. Refinancing isn't an option because neither one of us are working and my husband in disabled in the process fight for his disability. We found a place that we'd only have to pay like $30 a month, so we need to move ASAP. We want out of the house as soon as possible, but we want to avoid foreclosure, as I've been reading the board _ I've heard the term deed in lieu and also short sale. Would those be possible in our situation? Also, if we did go into foreclosure how long does that take to get off his credit report, we fairly young 24 and buying this house was the worse decision we ever made, but we didn't expect my husband to be diagnosed with MS and lose our financial stability. We live in Warren, MI and our mortgage is about 65,000 with a 3% prepayment penalty I believe. The lender is EMC. What are our options?
  8. I live in MI, I already applied for assistance. Also, I talked to my parents today and they said they'd put the credit cards on their no interest til 2008 card. That really helps. That for all the post that were helpful.
  9. Thanks all for all of your replies. By the way the only luxury I have right now is cable Internet, which I need for work and school. I know this is only temporary. I'm getting a new engine in the car now, 1700 dollars. Also, we have a ton of things and electronics we can sell on ebay. So thats what next for me also. Jen
  10. That a good idea, our mortgage is paid up until the end of this years. So right now thats not on my shoulders. The utilites are also. It just these credit card bills. I got a job today workign from home doing customer service. So I'm going to see how that works out until I get something outside the home again. Thanks for all of the replies so far.
  11. I've been looking but my husband still needs help at home for his basic necessities. We no longer have insurance either so we can't afford a live in nurse and the MS medicine alone is very very expensive. I'm just discourgaed. I need a job ASAP for money and insurance. Are there any places that you could work near you, within walking distance? Can you ride a bike to a job? I wouldn't think that waiting until Nov. to get some money coming in would be beneficial to you. Even if you have to work in fast food/retail/etc until you have enough to fix your car and catch up on your bills, that would be a better option than waiting until Nov to do anything. There are options out there....not trying to lecture, just trying to help. November is a long time away, and having any income would be better than none.
  12. Well I guess I just have bad luck. My husband was diagnosed with MS and was gettting SSD/SSi. But they recenlty cut him off and we're going through an appeal now. I was self employed doing apartment cleaning but recently our car broke down and I can't make it to all of my appointments. We're only 24. I'll have some extra money in November from the grant money that I get from school.
  13. Hello all I have been a lurker for a while, read all the newbie information and have been scared to post because I don't know if I'm repeating something already asked. Where to start? I am in a terrible financial situation. My husband and I currentlt have no income coming in and we're relying on our small saving to live and make ends meat and the credit card bills are piling up. I don't know what to do about the credit card bills that are now months behind and out of control. I simply don't have any money to pay them right now and I'm currently seeking employment. Once I get on my feet I can but not right now. The credit card bills are: Citfinancial - Around 3000 Citifinancial Retail Service - Around 3000 Dell - About 1500 Capital One and HSBC - Both about 350 I've never been in this situation before so I have no idea what to do until I can pay them. So far I've just been avoiding there calls and praying for a job to hurry and call us.

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