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  1. I kind of figured as much. I've never seen a denial that had anything to do with my mortgage account though. I'm not too worried, the dealership got me a 60 month term for 11%. Not great, but better than I've seen some people get with Cap 1 anyway.
  2. I got denied for a Cap 1 blank check. The letter showed my auto-enhanced EQ score as 669. I applied for a used loan, $17,000. The denial reason said "payment due amount on mortgage account" and "the year your mortgage loan was originated". I did have a BK7 discharged in 2009, and my mortgage was reporting as IIB even though I reaffirmed. Any ideas what that denial means? Any way to have them reconsider?
  3. You recently applied for Kay's and Jared's. Why? Your portfolio looked pretty well diversified. I don't understand why you added Kay's. After we get past that question, we'll chat some more. and of course I thought I'd have a good shot of being approved for a nice introductory CL with a jeweler. I expected at least twice what I got. I only got $1500 per store. Most people grab Kay's and Jared's when they are just starting out. They get those tradelines so that they have something on the credit report. They're typically not the kind of tradelines that get to the credit report after someone has already established themself with the likes of Amex and Chase. Also, I thought that everyone got $1500 with Kay's. You were expecting something different? Because everyone is basically guaranteed an approval from Kay's, I doubt that other creditors give the tradeline much credit (pun intended). I maybe wrong since I am a newbie But I have seen Kay's with larger limits and I figure wouldn't some want it for utilization(even if they don't really need it) please let me know if I am wrong..... Has anyone ever seen a Kay's approval for more than $1500? Mine was $4500 when I was just starting out. I believe my TU score was only around 650 or so at the time.
  4. This sounds a lot like what happened to SO. She had one Dividend cash card and applied for a Diamond Preferred from a mailed offer. When the DP was approved, a CSR called and offered her a $1k Citi Professional. She accepted, and received both new cards in the mail. Soon after she got a letter saying her accounts were closed because of suspicion of fraud. She called the number, answered some questions and everything was restored. I don't know if the new Professional card was what did it, or the fact that she had 3 new accounts with them in about a 4 month period.
  5. Kate

    Amex BT Check?

    I got some BT checks in the mail for my Blue Cash card for 6.99% for the life of the balance. It specifically states that if you make them out to yourself or cash, a brokerage, insurance company, or mortgage company it will be processed as a cash advance. Anyone tried to make one out to another individual to get the cash before? I'd really like to transfer my balance from my Platinum Delta card to this one, since the promo APR on that runs out in a month. I don't want to mess with running it through two other cards though, just to get it done. Thanks!
  6. Don't get discouraged! You are making definite progress! Unfortunately you can't always predict with certainty what your FICO scores will do with any given action. Earlier in my repair process I finally got rid of my public records and an old Cap1 CO. This was obviously a huge positive for my overall credit reports, but resulted in a drop in my FICO scores, most likely due to loss of age. As my baddies went away, my scores went steadily up, but it was usually in a rocky, dipping pattern. I had to keep telling myself that a clean report was better than high FICO scores. If I continue to keep it clean over time, then I will get those great scores I'm working so hard for. Keep pushing ahead with your repairs, keep your nose clean with your current accounts, and you will see the benefits sooner or later. (Sometimes later ) Oh, and as hard as it is, try to limit yourself from pulling scores so much right now. I know curiosity is hard to overcome, but you'll feel better in the end if you wait a while to pull.
  7. by not taking the car away... thats exactly what she's doing... and by asking for ways to "just make the calling stop" instead of assisting in securing the vehicle...you are supporting the bailout... Okay, then. In light of the new information I received that her name is not on the title of the car, how do you suggest she proceed? By bailing him out, I mean she's not going to make payments for him so that he can drive around in his pretty car and not have any consequences for his irresponsibility. And of course I support my mother. It's a load of crap what he's doing to her when she just wanted to help him out. I definitely don't agree with the "let it get repoed" philosophy, but I can't make either of them do something they don't want to do. So I'm just trying to help buy her a little peace from the phone calls. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
  8. I know, guys, really I do. I wish there was something else she could do, but she just can't handle that kind of confrontation with him. Not to mention, I just found out that apparently her name isn't even listed on the title, so she has no right to try to sell the car herself. And he's not about to hand the keys over anytime soon! I really just need to know if we have any way of getting the phone calls to her house to stop.
  9. Believe me, I agree that she shouldn't have to trash her credit over this! I wish she would sell the car herself. But she does not want to take the car away from him, and can't force him to sell it. Her decision is just to let it go, for better or worse, so I'm just trying to help make it less painful for her in the process. So under these circumstances, is it possible to use a limited c&d on an OC, just to get the phone calls to stop? Or is she just going to have to wait until it's been repoed and use the c&d on whatever CA it gets assigned to?
  10. I'm sure you've all heard this one before.... Mom co-signed on a used car loan for my little brother earlier this year with Chase Bank. Around March or April, I think, for $12,000 or so. Against her better judgement, but oh well.... Brother, being a usual irresponsible 20 year-old, started getting behind in payments after 4-5 months. Mom did some major kicking of herself, and decided that, even though her name is on the loan with him, she is not going to bail him out for this one. (A decision I wholeheartedly support!) The current issue is the phone calls. She is receiving 5 and more phone calls a day from them. He is currently pushing 90 days behind. He's been running at 60 days behind for a couple of months. She has told them on a number of occasions that she is not going to pay for him, and would rather they come and repossess the car. She has given them his personal cell number, and other information, yet they keep calling her home. She is more than aware of the damage that this is going to do to her personal credit, but at this point, she just doesn't care. My question is, does a limited c&d letter work with an OC? The loan hasn't been assigned to a collection agency, but is in Chase's collections department. Is there a way for her to get the phone calls to stop or does she just have to ride it out? Thanks!
  11. Nah, those docs get recorded at your county offices. A certified copy is as good as the original for legal purposes. Burn away, baby! but arn't BK papers ok to burn then? since the court has the official ones? Not sure how that works. I used to work in the Register's office, not the court. But I would think that BK papers are something you might reference more often, and would at least need a copy to hang on to just in case. Once your mortgage is paid, it's not like you'll want to go back and read through those 10 pages of legalese for nostalgia's sake.
  12. SO just received a brand new Banana Republic store card in the mail. She has had the account since last Christmas and has received one CLI to $800. The new card wasn't a VISA, and it has the same account number as the old one, but came with the "new card coupons" and the letter congratulating her on her new account. Weird.
  13. Nah, those docs get recorded at your county offices. A certified copy is as good as the original for legal purposes. Burn away, baby!
  14. Kate

    WaMu AA

    Thanks, Pryan, for the advice and for sticking up for me. In hindsight, I suppose I probably should have kept it open, but I'm kind of sick of keeping track of all these small $1k and $2k limit cards that I opened left and right in the beginning of my credit repair journey. I've been trying to slowly downsize, and they gave me a good reason to do it! I think that's part of the reason why I missed the payment...I was on top of things for a long time, but once you start to go on autopilot, you can easily miss details like that.

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