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  1. hhmmm... I wonder if I'm mistaken on my terminology of "backdoor". The way you described, going to the CRA and entering a NEW dispute but not going all the way through the process, I thought WAS the backdoor method. I do opt out again after every time In doing this you can really give a CRA more time to respond? I didn't realize that, I thought 30 days to respond was it unless you added a new dispute to which it could be combined.
  2. We're on day 23 since they received the disputes... EQ still says "investigating", no movement at all on TU, I'm locked out of EX so can't see any progress. Super frustrating they're going to wait until the last minute to delete or verify when it seems others have deletions or verifications within a couple weeks. Gggrrrr I need to get this show on the road!
  3. Right now we're dealing with a medical collection (WhyChat method) that popped up on all three reports last month. We moved states after the date of service and even with a forwarding address we never received a bill, this was 3 years ago, we figured insurance had paid it. Based on our credit reports it says it was "opened" in Nov of 2016, and of course recording as "late" every month, obviously dropping my score quite a bit. Even if the collection sticks (we're on day 23 of dispute, nothing happening so far via backdoor info) shouldn't the collection be listed as an older account? I mean
  4. I have a Wells Fargo account on my report that I'd like to have completely removed. It has a couple lates (two, 30 day lates from 2014) and the account isn't old enough for me to NEED to keep, just going for a clean file. So I sent a version of a nutcase letter on 3/29 requesting validation on a host of things, it was received 4/1. I received a letter dated 4/6 from WF stating they were "researching" the items brought to their attention and would respond within 10 business days with their findings. On 4/21, 12 business days later (I hadn't heard anything from them), I sent off a
  5. Update- one of two sticky lates gone as of today Front of the card said "I'm Sorry" Inside was a puppy holding a heart that said "I pretty much suck" and then I arrowed a comment and wrote below saying "@ making payments"
  6. I have two sticky 30 day lates from about 3 years ago on my report. I know they're not THAT big of deal now but we're applying for a HELOC within the next couple of weeks and I'd love a clean report to do so. I've tried letters, emails, phone calls... no luck (Barclay and Citi). Thinking about trying my luck at sending them an obnoxious "I'm So Sorry" greeting card and hopefully snagging someone with a sense of humor. I figure all it takes is ONE winning shot and with all the disputes they read all day long maybe getting someone to smile might get me lucky?! Thoughts? I'm going to try
  7. Checked backdoor and both TU and EQ are deleted so I'm sending the initial HIPAAs off today. Will wait on EX. Really hoping this is a one hit wonder!
  8. Address disputes were sent out last Wednesday, delivered Friday. It might serve us that we literally only lives in Colorado for 9 months so all addresses are associated with WA and we will have no connection to Colorado whatsoever besides the one collection account. I am opted out as well. Now my question... how long do I have to wait to send out the initial HIPAA dispute letter? We're applying for a HELOC as soon as this bugger is off so I'm trying to go as quick as I can without messing things up.
  9. The HIPAA letter program was designed specifically for medical accounts. Here is the legal basis: https://whychat.me/hipaaleg.html Using any other method or "1-2 punch" will negate your ability to use the HIPAA letter program as those other methods are based on completely different rules and law. Perfect! The legal basis is what I wanted to read Now, I wonder if they confirm with the CRA within the first 30 days that is another violation, separate from HIPAA? Verifying without validating? So if they verify with the CRA without providing proper validation, its just another violat
  10. the Hospital Sued for " money owed" Lego argued that it was for unjust enrichment with recovery in quantum meruit in a motion to dismiss, the trial court denied the motion, and the case proceeded to trial - the jury found for Implied contract - & 6 year SOL on liquidated debt, Lego Appealed, The court of appeals then reversed the judgment of the trial court as a matter of law because Porter initiated its action more than three years after its implied in fact contract claim accrued in November 2001. ( stating it was not a liquidated debt ) Porter care appealed, to the Su
  11. So I've been looking over the guides and am curious, this report is on my credit report and we have not received any communication about it. In the guide it states to first dispute with the CRA and not the CA. Since it is within the first 30 days of reporting wouldn't a 1-2 punch be a good way to go about this so I can snag the magical 30 day period? Dispute officially with the CA then immediately upon receipt of that dispute dispute with the CRAs?
  12. Interesting, WhyChat, thoughts on the previous case? It looks like that case was directly collected from the original creditor, the bill we have right now is with a JBD.
  13. Current state is Washington. I guess what I'm asking is what type of account is a medical collection? Is it considered an "open account", "written contract", or is it a "promissory note"? Written contract in WA is 6 years while 3 years in CO. Open accounts are both 3 years in each state.
  14. I'm hoping someone can confirm the SOL of Colorado for medical collections is 3 years? We had a medical ER bill in Colorado from when we lived there in 2013-2014 (bill from 2013). When we moved states we completely forgot about the bill (about 1.5k) and no bills were forwarded to our new address. I received a credit alert that Wakefield and Associates had been added to our credit report as of 3/6, we have not received any contact from them either (I'm guessing no one can find a forwarding address for us?). I've done this song and dance before (though this is the first time for a medical collec
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