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  1. Thanks folks... Not sure why the link timed out. It seems to be working now.
  2. Thanks Momof3. Also, I forgot to mention that it really only applies to married or living as married families. The questions aren't really relevant for single parent homes.
  3. I read the TOS and the rules for this forum and I don't THINK this is a violation, but if it is than please accept my apology in advance. I'm not selling anything, nothing political, religious, etc. I'm conducting a survey for school (MS in Family Financial Planning) regarding families choice to work as a single or dual income home. It's a very short survey and doesn't ask for any personally identifiable information. I know that it doesn't account for every possible scenario people may be in, but answer as close as you can and make whatever comments you like at the end. The link for the survey is: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=zG0J...vSt0SFbtg_3d_3d Thanks
  4. I've thought of that, but it would probably be considered fraud. You DID make the purchase. Two wrongs etc...etc...
  5. That would be covered under HIPAA. An actual law if anyone cares.
  6. I was putting my grocieries in the cart while the casheir was finishing the transation. I hear her say, I'm gonna need your card and ID. I play deaf and say "What?" She points to the screen and says she needs my card and ID to verify signature. The display plainly says "Check signature with slip." I say "Oh, you need to verify the signature. OK. I hand her my card only. I start to attempt to use the electronic sig pad, but she says, "No. I'll print out a slip for you to sign." OK. Signed, verified. "Have a nice day." I find that interesting 'cause I know they've argued the ID thing before despite the plain instruction on the display saying to verify sigs only. Did they get enough complaints and finally start telling cashiers, if they argue no ID, print the slip and do it the right way? It seems like it.
  7. This is what I'm asking about, not how to clip coupons. Who do we ask to speak to?
  8. I'm helping someone close to me with some credit issues and have a question. I've suggested she call her OC's, which are all part of a debt management plan and explain she is going to stop using them (and save the$25 they are keeping each month.) She'll also explain that she is on a fixed income which is a government pension and therefore judgement proof. She's going to ask to reduce her monthly payment because she can't continue to pay them at the current pace. She wants to do the right thing and pay her debts, but if they are going to report her as late while she is trying to make as much of a payment as she can, she will cut them off entirely. All that to ask this... does she go through her entire story with the first person that answers when she calls customer service, or ask for a manager, or who is the best person to speak to when negotiating like this. Thanks for any input. backinva
  9. Cuthatcard, Thanks for the reply and the statute. I'll look more into there. backinva
  10. ACTUALLY, in this case the husband isn't getting anything because he committed a crime and was dishonarably discharged. She sued and won the right to half his retirement since she had been married to him for so long and was an innocent victim. All the same, does anyone have any knowledge on how well this form of 'alimony' or more specifically, military pension would be protected from creditors? Thanks for any input.
  11. I've got a friend who is collecting half of her ex-husband's military retirment pay due to the divorce. This is her only source of income. She's wondering if this money is judgement proof or not? Can they get the government to garnish her payments if they sue her. Thanks
  12. Aside from Marv's credit application here, will a dealer be able to tell me if they expect to be able to make a deal without me picking out the exact car? I want to be able to know that before I tell DW she can go pick out a color. I'd hate to put her through the process of picking one only to find out the credit deal won't work. Ideally I'd like to have gone through the bulk of the approval process in my name only before I take her to the dealer to go shopping. BackinVA
  13. OH yeah, 1 more question... current car loan ia in DW's name, but she has no income. It's got a good payment history. Her credit is probably similar to mine (just a guess but high 500's to low 600's) would it be better or indifferent to include her on the new app? Thanks, bankinVA
  14. OK, I owe about $8K on a $4K Mitsu Lancer. DW has been bugging me to get a minivan (wants Chrysler T&C). I have about $2K I can use to reduce the balance or as a down payment. Either way I'll need to roll about $2K. Does it matter which way I do it? Thanks, backinVA
  15. OK, all you VISA/MC policy wonks.. Do I have to show my I.D. if I want to return items? Is there an actual rule that covers this, or do we assume the same principles apply. backinVA

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