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  1. Hi Katrina, sorry I haven't been around...Johnny's right, we can PM you whatever you want to know. CU of Texas isn't the one I'm a member of but a friend of mine is and he likes them.
  2. Also check pipl.com. It lists data on anyone from several website sources. Just found out about it last week...it even lists some email addys.
  3. I work for 2 hotels that are different chains but are under the same big-name-you'll-know umbrella. The interface with the main computer that handles reservations and CC authorizations goes down around midnight central time and it's a pain if you try to check someone in, make a reservation, or check a valid CC during that next hour. The server goes down for file maintenance. The CU I use for checking likes to have downtime for part of the overnight hours also.
  4. http://www.cnbc.com/id/28368799
  5. Well, I guess they finally found a way to live up to their name... So sorry OP that you were chased.
  6. I cheered BIG TIME when I saw this in the paper this week...I was f'ed over by them in the early-1990s, and don't care if I ever go in there ever again!!
  7. This is a biggie bank that we would recognize, or no? I guess between the current/upcoming lending and credit climate, and my fall-from-the-wagon of late CC-wise, it looks like I won't be getting anything new in the plastic department for ** QUITE ** a while.
  8. Wow, I nominate this for 'priceless post of the week' !!! , Cinci!!
  9. I've had 2 CLIs on my Carnival and 1 on my US Airways...but with my current sad state (no, the siggy hasn't been updated to reflect), something tells me I won't be getting much auto-luv anytime soon
  10. Just "fed the monster" on myfico for updated scores: TU - 733 EQ - 710 EX - 704 Only balances I carry are 2 car loans, a MTG, HELOC (Refi in May), and a 9 month old $22K 5.9% BT with a national CU. Everything else is PIF. Live in the midwest and income is over 500k a year. Amazing!!! Income like that and AmEx still wants to kick you to the curb.... Well, Julia Roberts said it best (FF to 3:30): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGPbvOirz8I (one of the best lines in that movie)
  11. OUCH, kevkev, that's *gotta* hurt.... You probably don't want to see your reconfigured util now, I guess I still can't believe how bad AmEx is now with the baby-and-bathwater routine, on even good customers/good demographics. I guess it's good that I didn't have spotless extraordinary credit with AmEx all this time, or I'd probably be due for a deflated balloon myself. If I'm ever out of their doghouse, I'll probably only end up with their charge card(s), even though I wouldn't be too happy about those fees. I'd make sure to have diversified CC selection by then, though.
  12. Oops. I posted too... http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=363461 (includes story link)
  13. http://www.cnbc.com/id/27005847 Just came out....don't know what happened with the Citi deal. Wachovia's website still lists the linkie to the Citi press release. Bidding war popcorn, anyone???
  14. Can I be an employee??? B) Congrats OP....wish it were that easy for me to get out of AmEx's doghouse, but oh well....
  15. At least most of us CBers didn't have WaMu stock, right?? Just heard this week that Dallas' current mayor has been a board member at WaMu, for some reason. Unless he kisses up to JPM/Chase, I guess he won't be saying 'whoo-hoo' anymore....

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