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  1. Um.......hi everyone. Long time no see, I see the patients still haven't been locked away. Lmao
  2. The sound you just heard is Snorkles putting a whole in the floor, thanks so much Tee. LOL
  3. Snorkles, You will be fine. Cute baby bump pic. Reminds me of when I was pregnant with my first. I was all baby. Some say I looked like I was gonna tip over, I even had a "C" cup for awhile......oh yeah back to you. You will be ok, unless Baby Shade is being trained to be an alcoholic in the womb, get the epidural,labor is not the time for heroics. Dr Pretty seems like he enjoys getting up close and personal with your va jah jah. I hope Rom doesnt have to pull a drive by on him. I loved my OB Dr. He was cute and getting taking care by him with both pregnancies was a dream and
  4. Hope everything gets better for you and the hubby Mason. Hugs and prayers being sent.
  5. I see. Now, this trickle. How mucha are we talking about. Like, panty liner, or, like, need to start putting tarp over my driver's seat Um I would go with the tarp, panti liners would weep and maxi pads will laugh their flowers off.
  6. Yikes. SV you have gotten some good advice here please use it. I have a friend whose ex husband came to her with the police forcing her to turn the kids over to him for his visitation. Like someone else said YMMV.
  7. Pain, Snorkie. Will feel like your worst cramps. Or maybe you will feel a trickle down your leg, which wont be vodka somebody spilled but you will need some because that means your water broke. I didnt do a birthing plan. I gave the EMT's directions both times I was transported. "Drugs please" and handed them my health insurance card. I am quick and to the point. I didnt write any documents. Good Luck Snorkles. This is an experience you will relive for the next 18 years.
  8. He looks like he's fresh from the cradle. LOL.
  9. I hope things get better for you SG. I know the employment thing is an issue. I would definetly stay on top of the appeal, if its not in writing, it didnt happen. I dont know what your profession is but I will tell you what I could possibly be facing,been at my job for 7 years, if we lose the state contract my flowers will be unemployed. I dont want to be on unemployment. I need healthcare for my oldest boy who is no longer carried on the ex husband's insurance. Stallion may be getting laid off in September, if s*it starts to go downhill we will be moving to a new state. Phoenix, AZ to be
  10. I got a whole lot of stuff I didnt post on FB. The biggest one is that Stallion and I seperated last year (Jun-Oct),right after I graduated from college. We have since reconciled but Summer 2010 was a damn doozy. Very long story. He is in therapy now but the next stunt he pull will be his last. He was barely out the door and I had attorneys on the line with divorce papers. We should have gotten therapy before we got married. We didnt, big mistake. I love him but I am prepared to set his flowers free if need be. I hate feeling like I am paying for s**t his crack head ex wife did to him but
  11. This story was funny. Hell its people acting crazier than him and they claim to be sober.
  12. I logged in just so I could respond to this. I am going to second what OC said, be careful of what you are putting on here. Second, I am sooooooo sorry to hear you are going through this. Something doesnt sound right to me. Spanking are for the front and not the back. I really hope your baby will be okay. As an abuse victim I can tell you, if this happened to him the ish will follow him for the rest of his days and yours. I am still going to therapy. I suffered for over 10 years and never uttered a word until last year. I wish someone would have spent more time and asked questions. I a
  13. Hope you have a safe surgery and a smooth recovery.
  14. ((((((((((((((((((Nem))))))))))))))))) sorry about your dog. I hope you are feeling better with each passing day.
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