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  1. Discount Tire Company, if they have them in your area, have instant approvals in their stores.
  2. Congratulations! After about 5 months of not getting *B* on Equifax, I began getting it again in large quantities....my last 5 in one week!
  3. Yes, I would say they are indeed in violation. They managed to validate with the credit bureaus, but can't with you? Make sure you document this and other violations in case you want to take it to court. Good luck!
  4. Goodness! For me to have such a high limit on my Macy's card would definitely put me in big trouble yet again. It's bad enough that my Foley's CL was added on to my Macy's CL to make a total of $1000. And I only live about 1/2 mile from Macy's. Not a good thing. LOL! That's wonderful that you are getting such great increases, every 3 months no less!
  5. I tend to pass these dummies and cut them off to scare them and basically say "HEY! Speed the f up!".
  6. It's bad enough I have to be stuck behind grandma going the speed limit or below it now. You just got to keep with the flow of traffic ya know? Rush hour traffic wouldn't exist if the slow a** in front would just speed up.
  7. File a police report maybe? Definitely cancel that ATM card and checking account and reopen new ones. I'm sorry this happened to you. If WF is anything like BOA, you will get your money back quickly.
  8. I do that every once in blue moon! Love it especially with long swept bangs covering a little bit of my eye. It takes me a while to do it though.
  9. lilone


    The OC has possessed you!
  10. lilone


    Dear God answered my prayer. Show the picture hlburi!
  11. OMG! You and OC are just hilarious!!! Like Laverne & Shirley. you both!

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