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  1. PeakGirl

    Daily Puller

    The 🤮 emojis are so helpful. Why even bother commenting?
  2. PeakGirl

    Daily Puller

    Yeah, I know the good ole "b" days are over. I more want a legit, solid report with true scores, that also shows what day things are reported on. I am looking at the MyFico website, sounds like the $40/month will pull all three reports? So ridiculous how expensive this stuff is. Thanks!
  3. PeakGirl

    Daily Puller

    Hello, I haven't been on here in quite a while. Is there still such a company where you can do daily pulls of your credit (trying to figure out what is reporting when). And also, is myfico still the only place to get a "true" FICO score? Thanks in advance. T
  4. PeakGirl

    CreditCheck Total is upgraded.

    Yes I just got off of the phone with USAA, Credit Check and ID Monitoring. No dice on a discount. Price is now $34.95/month for everyday pull. That's insane, IMHO. I went ahead and cancelled as well. From the sounds of the rep I spoke with, they are getting inundated with calls cancelling.
  5. PeakGirl


    I did the NavCheck and nRewards card on the same day. Both approved. Good luck if you decide to go that route! I asked for $2500 on the NavCheck and was approved; I kind of wished I had asked for more. Darn it!!! I have read in other topics that this reports as an installment loan and another said LOC. Does the total amount not used help with your CC utilization, or is that different? Sorry, OP, not trying to hi-jack your thread.
  6. PeakGirl


  7. PeakGirl


  8. PeakGirl

    Are FACO's still way off?

    I was able to do the Score Watch, free 10 day trial. My EQ FICO was off by one point, my husband's was off by 76 points!!!! Crazy!
  9. I believe once you sign up for the credit monitoring service through USAA, there will be a link to upgrade to the daily puller. It's not cheap, but wait a bit and call them and ask if they can lower the monthly fee or you'll have to cancel. I am sure there are others who have gotten it for cheaper, but I pay $16.46/month for the daily puller. Good luck!
  10. PeakGirl

    Are FACO's still way off?

    Do you get them once a month, for free? WOW! I did not know. Not sure if I can join DCU. I'll have to check.
  11. PeakGirl

    cap1 exec office update

    I agree...some of the people on this board are completely rude as of late.
  12. PeakGirl

    Are FACO's still way off?

    I am getting my FAKO's through USAA. We are disputing a couple of items, and once those are taken care of, we'll pull the true FICO's and I'll report back the difference.
  13. PeakGirl

    Are FACO's still way off?

    Thanks All! I can't believe they haven't gotten that science straightened out after all of these years.
  14. PeakGirl

    Are FACO's still way off?

    Just curious, as it's been several years since I've pulled a true FICO. Are the FACO scores still as way off as they used to be. I think the general rule about 7 years ago was it could be up to +/- 100 points. We are thinking of purchasing a new vehicle end of year, and I hate to spend the bucks on getting a true FICO. Advice?
  15. PeakGirl

    NMAC (Nissan) Post BK Friendly?

    This line "If I loaned you money, and you took me out with a bankruptcy proceeding, I would never again loan you money." is the one that bugged me. Don't feel like I'm being sensitive...but don't need to be talked to like a little kid. I had to ask because we have had different creditors who have already extended us credit again who we did IIB. I didn't know if that was a possibility with NMAC. No worries. We will get the best deal when the time is right. No big rush. Just initial questions.

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