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  1. Again, what about the Citi card is special.... Just that its a pre-selected offer.
  2. Thanks - It was $10K. I have completely clean credit reports - high on utilization tho. Why do I want a Citi card? I need another card for business travel and thought it would be simpler to go for a preselected offer. Daniel.
  3. Hi There. I had a Citibank card that was included in bankruptcy 12 years ago. Lately I've been receiving lots of pre-selected card offers from Citi. Any experience on whether the earlier card BK will disqualify me? Thanks.
  4. HI There, I'm looking for a consolidation loan(s) to pay down some high credit card balances. I have offers in the mail from Prosper, Sofi, and Upstart. Looking for any positive or negative guidance on these lenders and also if there are others I should consider. My utilization is currently >90% but I do have high income and completely clean credit reports so it would be helpful to know which lenders would take that into account in their decisions. Thanks, Blueman.
  5. Hi There I just applied online for Apple Barclaycard financing and would like to call in to request a higher limit. Does anyone have a number? I don't see one to call. Any help much appreciated! Thanks Daniel
  6. Hi there, I applied online for a U.S. Bank Visa with my wife as joint applicant. It was approved online but I'm curious because there is a credit pull on my TU but nothing showing on any of my wife's reports - TU or otherwise. Anyone seen that before - joint applicant credit not pulled? Thanks, Blueman
  7. Hi There, I contacted U.S. Bank today regarding applying for a joint credit card with my wife. They told me: 1. If I applied by myself and added my wife as an authorized user the card activity would not appear on her credit reports 2. If I applied jointly with my wife as a co-applicant listing both incomes, it would appear on her credit reports 3. If I applied jointly with my wife as co applicant they would base any income on combined family income Just checking if all of the above sound correct? I want the activity to be reported to both of our credit reports but my wife earns less than me and I don't want that to potentially lower the amount of credit that gets offered. If it really is based on joing income that would be fine. Thanks for any insights. Blueman
  8. HI There, I'm trying to buy my equifax credit report - just want the report - no scores, monitoring, etc. I can't find that option anywhere on their website. Any idea where I can find this?? Thanks, Blueman
  9. Thanks for the advice! I will keep you posted on progress. Blue
  10. Hi There, I am currently 11 months behind on my Wells fargo mortgage with a foreclosure sale date set for early April. The reason I ended up in this predicament was 2 years of unemployment. I have just regained employment on a salary of $10,000 per month. While this sounds OK I have significant debts to repay (I maxed out all my credit and borrowed significantly from family to survive, and my wife has student loans which become repayable starting in March. I also have a 2nd mortgage and auto loans). My monthly mortgage payment is $1,500 at 6.5% and I am planning to apply for a modification or repayment plan in the next 2 weeks - as soon as I have proof of income. However I am concerned that when they receive my application they will simply apply the 31% of gross income rule and put me on a repayment plan of $3,100 per month until I am current again. That would not be affordable for me because of my other repayments and living costs - what I could actually afford is the regular mortgage payment of $1,500. Are there any suggestions about how to deal with this? I spoke with a local county HUD counsellor and she told me that the above scenario is exactly what to expect. When I said that it seemed a bit silly because it was unaffordable she basically told me that it was just tough luck and to deal with it. Ideally what I would like to have is a modification rather than a repayment plan and to keep the payment similar to what it is now. Any thoughts on how to deal with this are appreciated. I am continuing to get regular collection calls from WF asking me if I want to update my info and apply for a modification. Thanks, Blueman
  11. But what constitutes foreclosure technically for reporting purposes? Is it the sherif sale of the property??
  12. Hi There, When does a foreclosure first show on credit reports? I don't mean late payment notes on the mortgage - I mean a formal foreclosure reference. Does it start with the sherif sale date or is it sooner than that?? Thanks .... Blueman
  13. I'm interested in this topic too as I have a property that was in a BK7 5 years ago that is now in the beginning of the foreclosure stage. In this case, does the 3/7 year period start from the previous BK or the later foreclosure? Also, is a foreclosure reported to (a) credit bureaus, and ( Public records if the property was previously discharged in BK?? Appreciate help. Thanks Blueman

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