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  1. What credit unions are good after bk-7.
  2. Can i get a securd card with navy if i bk them.
  3. wayne24


    can anyone tell me what the lowest credit score you can have to get a auto loan with usaa.which report they pull.
  4. i purchesed a 08 dodge ram and the finance man told me they where only going to pull my report one time and get alerts from my bank saying equifax -5 trans-4 experian-4 so can i do something about this i did not autherize but one pull on my report.thanks.
  5. i called them and was going to close my account and they lowered my rate to 3.9 from 19.95 interest rate.
  6. wayne24


    i applied on line for there visa platuim said i was approved called and they told me i would recieve a letter saying i was approved last wednesday still not seen letter.open a checking and savings two weeks ago.
  7. can anyone become a member or apply thaks.
  8. do you have to be a member to apply for there card thanks.
  9. can anyone become a member and are they bk friendly.thanks.
  10. wayne24

    Wamu Card

    i strated with a 2000.00 credit line after six months they uped it to 4000.00.fixing to be 12 months i will let you know if i get another increase.

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