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  1. Hi can someone please point me to TU's backdoor link? I know it used to be up here somewhere. I tried via their website and it is defaulting to trying to charge me $11 bucks. I've been searching but can't find it here. Thanks!!
  2. Great, thanks for all of the advice! I got a quote from Geico and it was about 2/3 what we were paying for esurance. I'm going to check out the others as well... Seems like from the experiences on here that everyone has had better luck with different carriers so I had better shop for a few Thanks again!
  3. My husband and I are in the market for new car insurance. We recently got married, and need to compile our insurance together. We have two cars, a beater (94 accord) and a 2003 chrysler sebring. We want full coverage on the newer car, and just collision on the older car. Currently, we have esurance but I don't think they are the most competitive rates in town. We live in Florida, are both over 25, both have bachelor's degrees and have had our licenses since 16 (these seem to be the major questions they ask for an online quote?)... I have a clean driving record, my husband has one ticket.
  4. I tried this and got a lot of "help with credigy!" posts, but not really any success stories that I saw!
  5. Credigy is my main problem... I have had a lot of luck cleaning up my reports but they won't go away. They always come back and validate in some BS way... I had a charged off Discover (DOLA early 2001) that has fallen off my reports. However, Credigy is still showing up for 5k... so if anyone has had actual success in getting them off I would love some words of encouragement.
  6. Okay... so I think I will try the BOA secured card... how many tradelines do I need to open and in what time frame? I kind of feel like I'm screwed until I can either a.) get credigy off my reports or b.) it falls off on it's own. That's a whole other problem in itself.
  7. No they are FAKOs from when I pulled my reports today. I have two baddies... one is a CA for $51 paid (did that before I found CB). The other one is the one that is killing me... Credigy for 5,000 on a Discover charge off (the discover card has since fallen off my record.)
  8. I've been working on repairing my credit for some time (in college I decided to completely destroy my credit). The things left on my credit are not budging. My scores range from 693 on TU to 640 on EX and I'm not sure my number for EQ at this time. I have ZERO tradelines reporting. I have a student loan which is paid on time. I have two pulls, one from the cap1 and one from tmobile when I opened a new cellphone account in June. I did apply for a cap1 today and was approved. I'm sure it will be a very low limit. My question is where to go next? I think I should open at least one more account (p
  9. I know there isn't probably a "magic number"... but I've been working on improving my credit and I'm just now starting to apply for new credit. I don't want to "over due" it by any means. I applied for and was approved for a Cap 1 card (not sure the limit yet). I was wanting to apply for one or two more things in the near future but wasn't sure how slow I should be taking it? I have two hard pulls on my reports now, one for the Cap 1 and one for Tmobile when I opened a new cell phone account about six months ago.
  10. I'm in the process of reparing my credit and have begun to get some new credit... my question is, which ends up being better for your credit? Paying off the whole balance every month or paying off, say half, and then letting the rest ride for the next month? We aren't charging more than we can afford to pay off every month. Thank you!
  11. Okay. so the collection agency would have to stop reporting as well, right? Not just the original creditor? So... all accounts linked to the Original Account have to stop reporting after that charge off time... not 7 years from when they purchased the account, correct?
  12. Okay I've been reading and I'm still a little confused so I was hoping for some help. I had a Discover card that was charged off and is now in the hands of Credigy. DOLA was early 2001 and it has fallen off all of my reports (the Discover portion). However, Credigy still reports it and seems to check in every once in awhile on my reports. Are they allowed to keep reporting it 7 years from when they bought it? Or 7 years from the DOLA with the OC? Thank you!!
  13. There are a total of 6 listings- 3 on one report, 2 on another, and 1 on one. I disputed them all CMRR as not mine and they all came back verified... they have a copy of the check that I wrote them back in 2003.
  14. I did dispute all of them with the CRA's and they all came back verified... now what?? I guess I'm just confused as to why they can have three entries on my report for one collection account? Doesnt seem fair to me!! But I know alot of things I find unfair are legal so thought I'd check
  15. I have a collection listing on my reports that's multiplying. Basically in college back in 2003 I had written a check to a local grocery store that ended up bouncing. I paid it as soon as it went to collections (before i knew about creditboards) as it was a small amount. For years it showed up as just one entry as follows: CREDIT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Balance: $0 Date Updated: 12/2003 Original Balance: $51 Original Creditor: HY VEE FOODS SOUTH Past Due: $0 Pay Status: >Payment After Charge Off/Collection< Account Type: Open Account Responsibility: Individual Account
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