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  1. Its out of SOL for NJ. (Where I live). But didnt realize threshold was sooo low. Defaulted in late 2011.
  2. So just a copy of 1 statement is ok? My argument is that the balance reported by the collection is inaccurate as well as them listing a monthly term. Midlands response is 1 billing statement that doesnt display correct balance, let alone no explanation for them listing 1 month as a legit monthly term on each of my reports. Its my understanding that a collection is not a revolving account. Shouldnt there be no monthly terms? Just looking for suggestions on any other modes of attack.
  3. Like many here, Midland is a pain in the butt. I send disputes to credit bureaus about 2 weeks ago. One dispute was re: Midland collection and they sent me a letter indicating they received notice of my dispute and here's proof of my balance and charge off date, etc. Thing is, Midland ONLY sent me 1 copy of a statement a month before original account was closed. That's it. Any suggestions on my next steps? TIA.
  4. Wow, really? Didn't know this tidbit. Good info to know.
  5. Opened the secured in 5/16. They unsecured 1/17 without me asking. Returned $500 deposit. Made small purchases, either PIF or let small balance report then immediately paid off. Tried to use card in June of 2017. No dice. Called up and asked what's up. They closed card with no notification, etc. I asked and they said "Due to my current score, they reserve the right to close account at any time." I was very confused since my scores were way worse when I initially applied for the secured. Discover graduated me and NOTHING changed for the worse on my reports concerning my score. If anything, they steadily improved. I'm not a fan of Discover after that.
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  9. Wondering if the Amex business prequalifying tool works like personal? Went in and input business info and Gold rewards card came up. Was wondering about anyone's personal experiences. I'm looking for a card to purchase some inventory which would be paid off by end of every month and the Gold would be perfect. Yet, I wasn't sure if the Business Prequalifying tool gave out generic responses like Discover does, on the personal side. Thanks!
  10. Hmmm...I Charged Off a Blue and a SPG back in 2011 but paid off in settlement in 2012. I'm still working on repairing scores but was recently put on as AU on sister's Amex Gold charge to test waters and see if I was blacklisted. Any thoughts on if I have a chance once I get rid of some more baddies?
  11. This is such a great, great, great, post. Very inspiring. Congrats!
  12. Thought Grainger is typical for starter Net 30 accounts. Not sure if things changed but waited until received account number. Reached out for process for getting Net 30 option and was told they don't offer until they see activity for a few months. Is this typical?
  13. LOLOLOL! I didn't even realize that when I wrote headline.

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