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  1. This is where I saw it. Account Services> Payment & Credit Options > "Allow Access to Financial Accounts"
  2. Was just looking over my AMEX account and came across this option "Allow Access to Financial Information" what are your general thoughts on this? Overall I don't think it really has any benefit.
  3. PenFed approval letter to open. Is an account at PenFed something I should do ?
  4. I did get a CLI on the wrong card after the hard pull.
  5. So I clicked the CLI button For eons , most likely to low use on the card I always get a "you have the highest credit we can give you without a credit report" In any case I have virtually 0 inquiries. So I opt'd for the hard pull. Then I realized that I asked for a CLI on the wrong card, and inadvertently forgot to change the drop down menu for the correct account before doing so. My question is, d o I need to wait another 180 days to ask for CLI on the other account? or is the 180 days between CLI's account specific?
  6. Just an update from my experience, I called two days after I recieved the letter, and I also sent a secure message requesting if they could stop the CLD from occurring. Both the service rep and the email said that since I contacted them within the 30 days they would not decrease the limit. I'll be keeping an eye on the account now to see if they actual honor the request.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I'll give them a call soon. Also to note I find it funny that after logging into my account I see pre-approved offers for a CF, CSP etc..
  8. Just received the same letter. $20K cut to $10k. Does anyone think a call to recon would help keep the existing limits ?
  9. Yes, They always want a HP. I also don't use my Citi Card as much as I use others
  10. So, I currently have a Citi Diamond Preferred card. I have recieved a targeted offer to PC to a Rewards+ card. On the surface it looks like a no brainier. So I thought I would see what the consensus is from this community to help me with my decision. Current Citi exposure Diamond Preferred, $13.6K DC, $25.2K , Citi has been stingy with increasing limits for me where I have CL's w/ AMEX and Chase > $50K So it got me wondering w/ Citi. Does the Card type you have bear any weight to max credit limits or the potential for CLI's?
  11. So, I was gearing up to see if I could get Discover to combine these limits. I know for that to be possible you need to be eligible on one of the accounts for CLI. I checked the other day hoping to see an instant approval offer from the luv button so I would know the account is eligible. Long story shortened, instead I got a 2-3 day message resulting in $39.8K -> $ 46.8K a nice bump but not exactly the result I was looking for, Back to square one to try and combine these limits. Ultimately I'm going to have to do this with a phone call in 61+ days now.
  12. Here are my results and actions for all account for myself and/or my SO to date. American Express Me- Amex HH Surpass, $55K, Last CLI 7/19 SO- Amex Blue, $50K, Last CLI 6/19 no plans, most likely another 4056T, or Hard Pull Chase Me Closed a 2yr old unused Disney card, xfer’d $10k via Lending services to: Freedom Unlimited, $29K to $33.5K Amazon Prime, $9.5K to $15K CSR, $50K to $52K. via HP (probably should have just opened a new account and xfer the new limit)
  13. I do recall seeing a comment on my report during the hurricane time period referencing something like Affected by natural disaster. So that's probably why this took so long to update.
  14. I received an email alert from Experian for a decrease in credit line, I logged into Experian's site and see it is related to a Citi account ($9900 down t o$500). Looking back at my records about 3-4mos ago I contacted Citi to move CL from one card to another and at the same time asked for a CL increase on another account. Why was there such a long delay for this change to report, when the increase to the other accounts was almost instantaneous?
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