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  1. The 'luv' button seems to be broken for me, I always get the "not sufficient experience with current credit line" denial of a CLI. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  2. Dennis007

    Does this exist?

    Are you looking for cash back or other rewards or not? Do you have any Exxon/Mobil stations around https://www.exxon.com/en/smart-card although it is primarily a gas card it does allow non-gas purchases at their locations. Valero would be another option, fuel only, https://www.valero.com/en-us/ProductsAndServices/Consumers/ConsumerCreditCards
  3. Update AMEX HH Ascend $52K Chase CSR $50K Chase Freedom Unlimited $29K My Wife AMEX $45K Disc $35.1K Disc $34.8k Still working on the combining of the Disc. accounts.
  4. So I heard back from AMEX today and was approved the full credit limit I requested of $52K
  5. Dennis007

    SUB terms, how to find them?

    I thought I kept the AMEX email about the SUB etc... Oh, I did get the points I was expecting, no issue there. At the time I signed up in June there was another bonus for keeping the account for one yr and receiving a free weekend night on the anniversary of the card opening. I'm slightly confused on this one, because outside of the SUB they have another tally they keep, spend $15,000 in a yr on the card and earn a free weekend night, which seems to be a feature of the card. So I'm wondering since I will hit the $15,000 mark in a few weeks am I going to be getting two free weekend night stays? Which is why I need to find my SUB info. I'm going to scour my inbox and also check the travel blogs
  6. Dennis007

    SUB terms, how to find them?

    So I signed up for the AMEX Hilton Ascend card back in June. I forgot to keep a copy of the SUB for that time period. Does anyone know how to find that info that would have applied to my account when I app'd?
  7. Dennis007

    My Early Mortgage Repayment Thread

    Do all mortgage lenders Recast? where can I learn more about this?
  8. Dennis007

    My Early Mortgage Repayment Thread

    Any chance you can share a generic version of your spreadsheet that graphs the accelerated principal payment vs the standard amortization? I think it could be a useful tool for us.
  9. So I've done this before with an account my SO has. If I request a $50K CL and complete the 4056-T. IS it either they approve or deny, or will they offer an alternative increase if not for the full $50k? Does having a $50K CL from Chase help at all?
  10. Dennis007

    Citi update to remarks, dispute or not?

    So it seems like kinda a non-issue to worry about
  11. So I received an alert from a credit report monitoring service that the remarks for a Citi Account have been updated on my Equifax report. The remarks are "Remarks, Affected by natural disaster" This is not true I'm in CT, so do I worry about it and dispute or not? Thanks Dennis
  12. Dennis007

    AMEX annoyances, what are yours

    ^ overlooked that option.
  13. Dennis007

    AMEX annoyances, what are yours

    The one thing that annoys me about AMEX is that, at least for my account, they don't let me pay more than the balance owed. Which means I can't submit a payment to cover pending charges. /end rant
  14. Dennis007

    Anyone use Personal Capital?

    Thanks for the info and sharing your experience with PC. Comparing it to Mint that won't sync with Paychex which has more data that I don't want to manually input and Sofi being the one account that won't sync with PC I think for me it's the best it's going to be.
  15. Dennis007

    Anyone use Personal Capital?

    I came across Personal Capital as a suggestion of an alternative to Mint. So far I like it. One issue I am having is I can not for the life of me get my Sofi account to import. Has anyone else that uses this tool had any luck ?

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