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  1. DO they actually use a vantage score. I have never heard of them.
  2. Never churned and I won't. Use them to for BTs and to pay mortgage using plastiq.
  3. I already have 3 NFCU cards all with BTs. My plan is tomorrow to ask for APR reduction on 1 card. Then in a couple days after the EQ SP ask for CLIs. Then do the Prequal for the 4th card.
  4. Looking into the Amex Schwab Platinum and the Credit card. I have a schwab brokerage account and since I am no longer travelling all my MR can now go to schwab.
  5. I was down to 7 cards. But it will ballon to 10. I just did 3 bt's. To move balances from a card that is expiring. Sign of times I guess.
  6. June will go negative as well.
  7. Got credit limit increases on all my USAA cards. Comenity gave me increases. Thinking about homedepot and shell mc.
  8. Citi core is holding a grudge against me, been over 7 yrs. I got back into Citi retail easily.
  9. One of credit unions upped my atm limit to 1000 a day. How nice of them.
  10. I am banned from travel for a year due to cancer. So I am ditching all my travel cards down to no fee cards. Going strictly cashback and looking for bt cards have alot of medical expenses.
  11. They use both 5 and 9. TU 9 for credit cards. EQ 5 for CLOC and car loans. EQ9 for cli.
  12. Heg that Lowes card will get shutdown. I just got my letters from my shutdown which I shared with everyone. It said the samething. Synch is scared and pulling in the reins.

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