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  1. Wow I just got my first BOA card after 10 years. Business cash rewards. I am going to run it into the ground. Will actually apply for a personal in 6 months. Then I will only use that for all expenses until I meet that SUB. Will see how close I can get to 100k over the next few years.
  2. Imessage APPLE from within the wallet app. Just ask for a cli give them income.
  3. Hahaha my CK scores dropped 116 points.
  4. Interesting. Thank for that comment Hege. Well some files are different. Oldest account is 28yrs and AAOA is 4yrs.
  5. In reply to CV yes EQ and TU clean. EX still dirty. In reply to hdporter not really worried about fico scores, no plans for anything until late next year and they should of recovered. I am going to get an installment or heloc see how that goes. Also that card thats at 75% was paid down yesterday so should see a score improvement on FICO 4. Can't get overall under 5% for at least a year got medical bills to pay this week. When Shellpoint reports it will be 0. Showing as paid.
  6. I suspect they have done away with maximum exposure and split into retail and visa/mc. Lets just say I am over 150k All SP CLI. I owe them around 6500. But its really revolving as I make big payments, and purchases.
  7. So my mortgage was with Ditech and they folded, and now Shellpoint owes it. This one was in 350k range. It about 10 years old. I also have a 2nd mortgage in the 60k range. So it just reported closed. The following occurred. My TU FICO 8 fell from 722-708. FICO 9 fell off a cliff 764-709. FICO 8 bankcard 771-718. FICO 4 took a nosedive. EX dropped 2 points. I have a baddie that will drop in FEb/March so I think that had something to do with not a great loss. Just goes to show that having a conventional mortgage which we all know helps, can also really hurt when paid off. Utilization is 9%. I have 1 account showing as 75% but that will drop to 50-60% shortly.
  8. Balance on the card is 0.00. Will check chex now.
  9. Neiman Marcus 3000-5000 Bergdorf 1000-5000 Saks still won't budge from 2k. Haven't used it in 6 months. Will give it a knock tonight. I think Synch has split their card portfolio. Store cards and Mc/visa. Then they can lump good credit rating customers into good portfolios and sell them in the market. I just got a fence waiting for it to get installed, so my Lowes at 35k can handle the 6k. Got 0% for 6 months.
  10. I wish Discover would give me a BT offer.
  11. Ok I will check. No activity on credit reports, but I am a member of a few class actions. STill not activating it until I hear from them.
  12. Received some akimbo prepaid card. Never heard of them. Identity theft I suspect. Funny it came to me in c/o of me. Filed a complaint with CFBP and will call these people on Monday and tell them to remove my name and address from their database. Has anyone dealt with them. I am holding onto the card just incase I have to get a lawyer involved.

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