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  1. I have to totally agree with you guys. I had some issues with over 100k more than 10 yrs go. No BK or Suit. Now that everything is off my credit report I have 100k in citi retail. I can't get back into Citi core ever again. I even have a couple of citi bus gas cards, but I can't get staples or HD or Office Depot.
  2. Funny I had to call into Discover to find out I had a 0% on purchases for 12 months. I will never get a Chase can't ever go under 5/24.
  3. yeah I hate FICO2. Between my FICO8 and FICO2 is about a 90 point difference.
  4. Approved BMO Harris Plat MC. Got it for the 0% for 15 month purchases and BT.
  5. My freezes are permanent only release them when I want something. I was part of the DOD hack and that was not a good feeling.
  6. I had a Amex before I turned 18 mom added me. Then I got a Sears, they gave it to me because I had an Amex for a year. Took that Amex to Australia. They were surprised down under seeing a young kid with an Amex.
  7. Synch has just been on a closing spree regardless of how good or bad you are as a customer. They have lost alot of good clients and are in a lot of trouble financially.
  8. It all depends on how a issuer decides to view you. I would start out with a macys or bloomingdales amex app and see if you can get back in on citi retail side. Give it six months then try for a citi core card. Chase might let you in with a 500 limit or you might be banned for life. Take the inq and test it.
  9. I also had an issue with Barclays. I paid it back in full a couple years ago. But I am hesitant to apply again. Does anyone have any idea which barclays card I should apply for, I have a 730 FICO8 TU. 16% Utilization overall but a copy BT card at 62-65%. LOL/24. 8 inqs in 6 months. 14 inqs in 12 months. I am looking for another BT and can't travel due to having cancer.
  10. I am interested in the card by TD Ameritrade. I have a brokerage account and a bank account. So I am in need of help.
  11. If Lowes pulls the ripcord Synch is dead and gone. I want a Lowes card again, but I am still pissed at Synch for the way they handled things last year.
  12. Only Citi card I really want now is the Costco card as I shop there monthly. But Citi doesn't like me for core cards. I had issues with them a decade ago.
  13. Best I ever got was 746 EQ 9 currently. But I still have 2 30 day lates. I also have a BT at 78% on a card. But FICO be damned I have better control over my finances.
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