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  1. Thanks guys and I asked its fico 9.
  2. I only ask because they gave me a score of 715 but that's totally different from my FICO 08. Also any place to get a free FICO 9 score.
  3. Sunoco, Lord and Taylor, B&H Photo approved CLI Carecredit and Saks. Had a goodnight.
  4. That would be life changing to me also. Having kids any amount of money is life changing.
  5. That's good to know Carcare is on the discover network.
  6. Crate and Barrel card and Ebay mastercard and macys. Was a good weekend.
  7. Auto deletion from EQ also for me, so I am leaving it alone. I have one on TU being a real bear, Got 5 on EX that I will dispute in Jan 2019.
  8. but your score hasn't dipped. The wonders of a strong file.
  9. TU dispute complete, 1 out of 2 dropped. But not the one I wanted. Will call back on MOnday see if I can get that one dropped. If not will wait 30 days and dispute again. Have 2 to dispute on Nov 1st that should drop same day. Then I will work on the one I need gone. Yeah.
  10. WOW but i wish they change them to mastercards.
  11. Called EX last night got 9 dropped. That was fun. TU dispute still not complete but at this stage I will let it run its course and close on Nov 1st. Then I will call and dispute what remains.

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