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  1. Got a 2.5k LOC from my local cu. Had to provide POI. They don't care about accounts or inqs. I will slowly work with them, add savings and also every year I will ask for a credit limit increase. I honestly do like them.
  2. We can now expect this card to be closed.
  3. That Dillards Amex is a strange card nowadays. Its through Wells Fargo.
  4. althes

    Capital One

    Yeah its going to get worse.
  5. What did you get herr colonel.
  6. DO you have a Biz checking. Did they pull EQ or EX. Also what was you credit score. Thanks
  7. I find when paying down a decent balance a lender is also more app to give credit limit increases.
  8. What is the deal with BB Americas. Who do they pull, what sort of credit report do they like.
  9. Approved for Macys Amex and Bloomies Amex.
  10. So far doing ok. In pain on most days but holding it together. Working from home permanently now, so that helps. Have something to take my mind off the pain. Thanks.
  11. Got some medicine for my cancer. It came overnight. Yeah.
  12. New PSU for my desktop. Will build it this week.
  13. DO they actually use a vantage score. I have never heard of them.

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