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  1. Dear Valued Client,Today it was announced that pending regulatory approval, BBVA USA will be acquired by PNC, a top 10 financial services company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.What this means for BBVA USA customersThis is exciting news for our many stakeholders, but especially so for our customers as it means you can expect even more opportunities as part of an even larger U.S. financial institution. This includes the introduction of market-leading products, services and more.What BBVA USA customers need to doThe period between today’s announcement and the close of the acquisition is expected to be anywhere from six to nine months or more. During that time, BBVA USA customers will continue to interact with the bank as they always have. In short, it's business as usual for our customers which means that the retail branch, private banker or relationship manager you work with, will continue to be your primary point of contact.How BBVA USA will communicateWe understand changes like this can cause anxiety. We want to assure you that BBVA USA and PNC are committed to working together throughout this process, and that we will provide ongoing, transparent and open communication so you know what to expect each step of the way. Thank you for your support and trust in BBVA USA. We value and appreciate your business and you have our commitment that we will walk through this process with you.Sincerely,Javier Rodríguez SolerPresident and CEO of BBVA USA
  2. Yeah but they are really tough and fickle.
  3. Hey he can use the apple cash for 1 month of apple care.
  4. One of these days I will get into that credit union. When I have no debt and no inqs.
  5. Some shoes for my sister for xmas. They were on sale.
  6. Got 12k in comenity CLI. I owe them nothing. But spend a little every 6 months.
  7. I don't like to say this, but sometimes its good to have dual citizenship.
  8. Good luck, I suspect they will take offense to you having so much credit.
  9. I am down to 2 AF's Amex Gold which I have had for 30 years, so can't let go. Then the Avianca. But 49.00 for an AF I will keep this.
  10. Got a 2.5k LOC from my local cu. Had to provide POI. They don't care about accounts or inqs. I will slowly work with them, add savings and also every year I will ask for a credit limit increase. I honestly do like them.
  11. We can now expect this card to be closed.
  12. That Dillards Amex is a strange card nowadays. Its through Wells Fargo.
  13. althes

    Capital One

    Yeah its going to get worse.

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