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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to Marv and everyone in this thread. Was able to refinance my ford 2013 with Navy. Went from 10.25 to 4.29% for 48 months. Will be making extra payments to pay off in 36 months.
  2. I still write checks, my town only takes checks or you have to go to town hall and pay in cash. I actually don't mind it at all. Being an accountant it feels like the good old days.
  3. Found out I got a 50.00 statement credit on my ebay mc. So my bill is only 24.00. Hey may seem like a little bit but to me that is alot of money.
  4. Glad you guys talked about this so in July I will ask HSBC for SP CLI.
  5. Wait until the dispute is complete.
  6. I had issues with NASAFCU about a decade ago. I am weary of walking into them again.
  7. Amex business green. Went to start spending on the SUB asap.
  8. Bank of America Business cards are now just pulling TU. PSECU is also pulling TU.
  9. They hate me also, I recently ripped them in a survey.
  10. Just to add to CV, anyway you can hold off until 2022 before buying, so reports are clean. Keep in mind TU does EE 6 months, EX is 3 months. EQ is just a fight. So set the calendars.
  11. USAA Cash Rewards 4k Amex ED 1k Amex Hilton 6.3k
  12. I am considering joining them. But may have to hold off until get this baddie of my EX in 3-4 months.

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