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  1. Well I joined the ISheep. Applecard 2500 23.99% APR But I don't care its a pay in full card. Only to be used at apple store.
  2. Belk 1024 to 5000. I asked for 3500 shot me up to 5k. Also got a Helzberg Diamonds card 2500. Yes I need to get something and I can use the 0% for 6 months. Pay it off in 2 months.
  3. Yeah I can't see one account costing 100 points. Definitely not a fico score you are looking at.
  4. Glad that most folks were thinking like me. Thanks for the other views also. FICO be damned big payments to help me out. Couldn't PIF these are mostly medical debts.
  5. I have a BT card coming 15k to use. Cards with balances. 4000/20000 26.99% monthly interest 95.00 1980/2500 25.99% monthly interest 40 2200/3500 25.00% monthly interest 45.00 2857/4000 28.99% monthly interest 60.00 Ok so how do I break this out. I don't really want to go over 50% on the card, but I am thinking FICO be damned for a year. Move as much as possible over but not enough to affect FICO too drastically.
  6. I may try it out for my travel to the west indies.
  7. Can you even combine CAPONE cards anymore.
  8. Finally of USAA blacklist. Cash Rewards 1000 Rewards Visa 1000 Rewards Amex 500 Don't care about the limits I am back in. CLI's in the next 6 months. I will be using them for my daily spenders and for utilities. SO they will be getting much usage. Only used 2 inqs on EX. 615 Fico 3 score they used.
  9. Paypal credit not the MC is still giving you TU Fico 8.
  10. Damn it. Any cards left not succumbed.
  11. Macys 1500-2000 nice little increase. Bloomingdales 1100 to 1600. I use them call get CLI. All SP.

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