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  1. One of credit unions upped my atm limit to 1000 a day. How nice of them.
  2. I am banned from travel for a year due to cancer. So I am ditching all my travel cards down to no fee cards. Going strictly cashback and looking for bt cards have alot of medical expenses.
  3. They use both 5 and 9. TU 9 for credit cards. EQ 5 for CLOC and car loans. EQ9 for cli.
  4. Heg that Lowes card will get shutdown. I just got my letters from my shutdown which I shared with everyone. It said the samething. Synch is scared and pulling in the reins.
  5. Was your card a secured before or did you apply. I have a secured that just unsecured in feb, and I have not been able to get a BT offer. Or a cli. I have a couple from over a yr ago. Also I got a new Discover and currently have a BT on it.
  6. Vantage is just stupid. Hardly a move on FICO. What is your overall utilization if I may ask.
  7. FICO 2/3/4/5 which is used for mortgages hates inquires, new accounts and debt. I despise it personally.
  8. I will look into that CV. Thanks.
  9. Got hit this morning for 138k. All personal account closed. They have not touched business accounts. Data Points. Had a balance on Lowes for a fence I got installed 6.5k. Balance on Amazon 1k. No other balances on any other cards. Had a mix of care credit and retail and gas cards and mastercards. Retail cards used every 3-4 months. Gas cards rotated. I used 1 mastercard on plastiq every month. The other one was used sparingly. I am LOL/24. I do have 82 open accounts. With these closures and some others(culling) down to 66 open accounts. No escalating debt. I think they are spooked with the market and this virus. So everyone be on the lookout. I will give them 3 months and then see if I can get back Lowes and a mastercard. Will see how this hits my credit TU 740, EX 734, EQ 734 FICO 8. My Vantage TU 696 and EQ 735. I currently have cancer and I am working from home for the foreseeable future. Other things of note, in Dec 2018/Jan 2019 I was diagnosed and those few months were hectic. I got 2 late payments on 2 other accounts. Missed a couple payments on some Synch accounts and they cut my limits. But after about 6 months they restored limts and the cli's came back.
  10. I don't see you getting a better Platinum offer.
  11. I am just like you. I use cards for utilities, mortgage, groceries etc. So about 8-10 different card, plus I am carrying a few BT's. I just make sure I keep them under 75%.
  12. Store card. I am going to try and spend 1200 this year to make platinum and then see if I get upgraded to Amex.

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