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  1. curious44

    Juniper Bank

    I found them totally unhelpful. They jacked me up to 29% rate. Why? Twice in the previous year I had paid late. It was due on a weekend and my payment didn't post until Monday. I was struggling with medical bills that year and yet still always managed to pay them, just didn't get it paid on the Friday before the Saturday due date a couple of months when it fell on the weekend. When I called to ask for some help, they said they couldn't do anything. That it was a computer-generated thing. Huh???? It wasn't until I told them I had to file bankruptcy that they suddenly offerred to help by settling with them before I filed.
  2. What's your question? I don't understand what you want by "fill me in." I have their card and really like it. Get free stuff every now and then, and a $10 off card the month of my birth.
  3. I'd had them for over a year when I started to notice that what they said was an update really wasn't. And I got an alert about a derog entry on TU on my TC account that when I called TU about, they had no clue. Doesn't one own the other? I think they suck so ditched them last summer. Still, if they advertise "unlimited" it better be unlimited or they are doing false advertising. Sounds like they got wise to the whole "bumpage" thing. Ha!
  4. I've been meaning to come back here and say thanks to Marv, and this thread is as good as any. Back in March/April, I just wanted to buy a new Toyota or Honda without being scammed for once. Thanks to creditforums I got the best interest rate ever, even better than before my bankruptcy!!! 6.99. I learned so much from this particular forum for car buying, aside from my new credit card, my new home as of 12/2006. Not just Marv, but all the posters going through same stuff as me. I learned to walk away and not let my emotions get in it. I learned the games the ol' financing guys put us through. I walked into my final dealership with a blank check from my credit union, said I wanted to buy a car NOW; it was pouring rain outside during a Tuesday afternoon. I drove out with my new Rav-4 at way less than invoice. I think I have the BEST dealership in Dallas if you want to know. After 4 other Honda and Toyota dealerships who swore they couldn't get me any better, creditforums taught me how they could! Plus, my dealership did it in record-breaking time, and I have a card that gives me 10% off any parts or service for the life of the car, AND free car washing for the life of the car. I have already used the free car wash twice! They even do windows! This place is NO BULL! Particular thanks to Marv. A sweet "care bear"! Sorry Marv, don't shoot me. LOL!
  5. Car buyer experts, please help me. Marv, a counter offer sounds so simple. So, do women have the word "sucker" stamped on their forehead? Is financing that big a gravy train for dealers? A trade in? I am trying to figure it out. I have my financing, I don't have to mess with a trade in. One Toyota dealer tries to sell me a 2006 with 22,000 miles, base model for the price of a NEW MSRP 2007 without the extras. That's not right! Besides, I don't want boring silver. I'm convinced auto dealers are like apartment managers. Paint walls a blah color so nothing clashes. Sell white, black, silver and keep those on the lot. I ask to get a new, soon to be delivered, before dealer addons auto. I offer MSRP and dealer destination as my price, for my color choice. NO deal! Why not? WTF???? I call around and talk to Honda dealers. One place was such bait and switch and false advertising that I only then checked them out on BBB and found out they have unsatisfactory record. I added to their complaint count. The other Honda dealer will order color but refuses to not add the paint and fabric extras. I just don't get it. When I discussed counter-offer after your suggestion yesterday Marv, the salesperson told me on the phone, that I don't understand. That it's not that simple. But he couldn't exactly explain why the MSRP is not really the MSRP.....???? Where can I get a car I WANT!!!? Anyone else have this problem? How did you deal, or not deal?
  6. Okay, this is not about financing actually, but what do I do? I got pre-approval for a new car. I want either Honda CR-V or Toyota Rav-4. I freaked that 1 1/2 years after BK 7, got 6% thru my CU. I'm still at that stage where I expect humiliation on a regular basis. I even BK'd my Toy, but didn't re-affirm and based on advice from you guys, will just contact Toyota and return after I buy new. Okay, I understand the MSRP. Even though I got Consumer Report's New Car service, and I know what their invoice is, I guess most won't go below MSRP. ??? BUT, what the heck is this stubborness about the paint and fabric sealant?? Both Honda and Toy won't sell a 2007 straight from shipping, without it. And they charge $495 for each extra. It's hooey! I just want the color I want and NO extras. Period. Can't I get that? I told them if I want fabric protection, I will pay $5 for a can of Scotchguard. Do I need to hire a bar bouncer to pose as my hubby? Is this a deal breaker? All I want is my green Toyota or Honda SUV. Any suggestions, advice, thoughts, experience to share?
  7. Mrs, let me tell you what I think from my experience. I'm no expert, though this place has made me so much smarter in buying ANYTHING on credit, and leery too, sometimes. I was BK'd 7 in Sep 05. I have monitored my CR's since then. Have you? You say you have zero credit right now. Contrary to what you might think, that is not a good thing. You must reestablish credit and show you have (in the eyes of creditors) learned your lesson by paying on time. I'm like you, thought no cc's is good until I learned from this place. I started with Orchard and two pre BK store CC's that were dormant and I started to charge just small amounts on them and paying them. Then, in October, started house hunting and got a mortgage at a great rate. Same time as closing, got a new credit union CC with $10,000 cl. That's scary, I know, but it sure is easy to keep your util down with that much if you are smart! Last week, went looking for new car to replace my 4 year old IIB Toyota. Still looking, but got pre-approved through my CU for 6% for 60 months for $24000. BK hurts, but re-establishing credit is the only way you can improve your credit scores and prove to the world you are worth the risk. And my mortgage is still not reporting 3 months later, so it must just be on those cc's. Start slow and get your free annual CR from each if you haven't done that yet. Then, come back here and Marv seems to know his stuff about credit approval.
  8. I got mine, but it cost me an inquiry. Went to car dealer and after they pulled my credit told me what mine were. I haven't pulled my FICOs since before I bought my house and got new CC with big credit line, so have no clue whether auto enhanced is lower or higher.
  9. Okay. Thanks ya'll for your input. Thanks MB. I'm going to try to get loan through my CU since they were great to give me a CC with large credit line. They've got pretty good rates. Meanwhile, will hang on to my car and keep making payments until I get the new one.
  10. Yes Marv. My BK was back under the old rules. In fact, at the time, was upset because Toyota was listing me as IIB and not reflecting my on time payments and history. Now, I understand why they don't. I was a 13 converted to a 7, and here in Texas was paying the car "outside" the 13 plan. So, car is listed on my CR's as IIB and 0 balance.
  11. After researching this topic, still confused. Car is 4 years old and actually worth about what I owe. Never late before, during or after BK. Looking to buy and don't know if I just find new car and then use my current car as trade-in, or contact Toyota Finance to come get my car after I find a new one? Can I even use my car as a trade-in? I'm drooling over the RAV-4 or Honda CR-V but scared to go hunting for new car until I know where I stand. Please help me do this right. Thanks.
  12. That's a wonderful feeling!
  13. Nan, I disagree. I get alerts when a new account has been added, for example, even though I have not updated my report in days or weeks. Some of the alerts make no sense though. I got an alert of a new public record added that day, but it was on my BK that had already been reporting since I filed. I updated and still, nothing new.
  14. I used two different lenders. Quit the first. Although both had copies of my W-2's, they wanted me to sign this paper that gave them permission to request my income tax returns. I asked why and was told they only have to keep it in their files, but rarely have to use it. Both lenders told me the same thing because I told them that since I had copies of my returns that I could provide them if necessary, I sure better not be charged for the lender requesting copies from IRS. I was assured it was just a record keeping thing. I signed it and had no problems.

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