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  1. Hi, I’ve been a member for over 13 years snice April 2006 Suppose I have a chase Sapphire reserve with a $ 26,000 credit line. I then apply for and am approved for a chase slate card 0% intro APR for 15 months on purchases. However, the new credit line is $6000. So, my total on the two cards would be $32K. With what ease and certainty can I "reallocate" $20K from the Sapphire high interest card ( I don't carry a balance) to the new credit card and have a $25K credit line ( i.e. the initial $5K plus the newly re-allocated $20K ) I have not yet applied for the Slate and want to do this properly. Is this a RedFlag? Is there a NEW card other than Slate from Chase that others would recommend.? my motivation is ease and certainty being able to reallocate my large line of credit. . I am not so concerned with 18 months Vs. 15 months or rewards, or what the “non intro” or “non teaser” interest rate will be at the end of the “teaser rate” I would pay off the card in its entirety. Before the end interest free period, How should I do I transaction with the best likelihood of success? I want free use of the money for 15 months and do not want to screw up the process. Thanks to all. I note the most recent info on this “master thread” is about a year old, so I bumped it rather than start a new thread on a master thread topic. Thanks again so much! If you are more comfortable sending a PM I am very receptive and appreciate.
  2. I am like the best at researching contact info. the customer service here is non exsistent. has ANYONE been able to open an account without visiting the branch??? if so how? does anyone have any contact info for this bank?
  3. conceptionaly I have a "business", I have an EIN # and state licenes. But I am an unincorporated sole proprietor and am fine doing a personal line of credit as well. I do schedule E and do not have any taxes withheld I have a friend /relative who is willing to place 15,000 to 25,000 dollars in a CD to be untouchable and used as collateral for a SECURED line of credit. I recall some years ago , that I saw a credit union that was only 150 basis points or 200 basis points ( 1.5% to 2% ) above the puny rate that the CD earned. For example if the CD paid 1% interest, then the rate on the line of credit was only 2 and a half or 3%. Obviously, this was a very fair deal. It was some years ago (I filed BK 7 over 4 years ago and maybe my numbers ( hence memory )are off. I have a very strong preference for a line of credit that I can pay down and then draw on again. If it had to be a lump sum loan, I could live with that , but I seem to be seeing 7% spreads. i.e. CD pays 1% and secured loan required to be disbursed all at once is 8% If anyone knows a good source for this, I would be very grateful. I thought that at $25K maybe a credit union of "community Bank" might be interested and I would even pay an origination fee. Thank you to all for your time and gracious help I remember like 6 years ago Chase Slate considered direct deposit into the cardholder checking account as a "purchase" with zero interest for like 21 months. I see this is no longer an option. Any cards that will still allow this?
  4. I know that Amex actually asks for SS # and DOB and says A.U,. can't have had a derogotory experience with AX. I know several years ago Citi , just wanted a name to emboss on the extra card. no SS DOB or address. what are the current policies of Citi , Chase, B of A , and other high end travel rewards rich credit /charge cards? Thanks to all for their contributions and time.
  5. "Several times since then, they would always decline my apps" what's your present credit situation? 11 years seems like you should be able to get an AX product? Is there one you want in particular?
  6. Apply for a CHARGE card, not a credit card. Do an offer without any bonus membership reward points and no waived annual fee. if denied , go for reconsideration, I mean you did pay them something. Charge card is a lot easier to get than credit card. After a year, you can try full portfolio
  7. Is this a Static moment in time , current day assessment or a dynamic holistic historic assessment? Do they based the very large percentage of your utilization on THAT particular month/date utilization rate or is it based on your utilization tend over a period of time? I.e. Say I have a $10,000 line of credit and owe $9500 for 11 months and in the 12 month pay one lump sum of $9000 reducing my current Balance to $500. This would be the utilization of 5% . $500 balance on $10,000 card. Assuming all other variable /factors are identical would my FICO score be identical as if I had a consistently carried a balance of $500 each month for 12 consecutive months? what about Vantage? although less important as it not used as much. I suppose that the best barometer would be credit board members who had really high utilization and then paid it all down in one month ( perhaps new found money to pay sale of home, year end bonus, big commission, inheritance etc. ) I put little credence in the "what if" simulators Esp for members with a BK 7 on report , but also for other subscribers. The best assessment of how FICO/VANTAGE assess the utilization issue is real anecdotal reports from real consumers.
  8. Thank you for taking my call this afternoon Mr. Please accept my apology for the incorrect information I provided regarding the USAA Secured Credit card. I did phone Experian and ask about the reporting of the Secured Card. I was informed, the Secured Credit card reports on your credit profile as a Revolving Credit Account and the name of the card will show as a USAA Secured Master, Visa or American Express card. WTF ???? bolded emphasis mine not ussa My American airlines citi card did not say American airlines on the report? My Hilton Amex did not say Hilton Amex?? For question number 1. I cannot answer because I am not privy to member credit reports. You may need to phone one of the Consumer Reporting Agencies or view a n actual report for more information about how the actual report reads. Question 2. The $35.00 fee is an automatic and non refundable fee charge charged every year on the date your card was issued. Question 3. As of July 13th, we are no longer accepting new enrollments for CreditCheck™ Monitoring or ProtectMyID™..As of August 8-We' will begin transitioning to the enhanced CreditCheck™ & ID Monitor program. Your credit information is not available during this time. On August 10th Enrollment and access to the enhanced product features is open to all members. Prices and services will be available at usaa.com. any time a big company "enhances" -- we get less than before and pay more than before Question 4. Regarding the type of score you will be receiving: USAA has teamed with ConsumerInfo.com®, Inc., an Experian company, to enhance the credit monitoring and identity monitoring products for USAA members. More information will be forthcoming. I am sorry we were not able to complete our conversation. I returned my call and left my contact information on your voice mail. I can be reached at . It has been my pleasure to assist you today. Please know, USAA is committed to protecting and securing your and your family's financial future with our products and services. Should you have further questions, pl......... I appreciate your USAA membership and wish you a good remainder oif the week. so basically I got a bait a switch on the FICO and the unsecured. personally I think it will report unsecured. All the blogs say so AND YEAH , I know it should not be my biggest deal in the world, but if I have a choice between different products why not pick the one that I like best???? Discover is a prime trade line and the Discover IT secured reports as unsecured. Given the option, why shouldn't a consumer go with the unsecured? I know that FICO does not change, but its my pet peeve.
  9. appreciate the opportunity to address your questions this morning in an email. I would first like to address your eligibility for USAA products and services. I reviewed your membership and see your ......................... served in the U.S. Military. This does make you, his son, elegib le for USAA products and services. The USAA Secured credit card is a great card for building credit. This card does not report or show in any way when being used as a "Secured Credit card". This is just one of the many ways this card gives you the opportunity to recover from such events as a bankruptcy. Also, when you establish a Secured Credit card, you will qualify for six months of free credit check monitoring. You can accept the offer on the Credit Card: Application confirmation page. This credit monitoring will help you watch your credit improve.
  10. It's the CC company that decides whether to report as secured - not the CRA. Navy Federal's secured card graduates, allows you to increase your CL at any time ( by adding to your deposit), and DOES NOT report as secured! If you're in at USAA, I think you should qualify for NFCU membership too First thanks for trying to be helpful in suggesting Navy Credit union. -- They are really hard to get into. They don't even accept direct actual NAVY VETS who were honorably discharged! You have to be in the armed forces now or collecting a pension. There are "backdoor ways" but I would never do that. Disrespectful to those who have served our country ( I have not) . USAA is pretty open and liberal, if you have a family member ( need not currently be in your household) who did a brief stint at anytime and was honorably discharged then you are legitimately eligible. And you don't need to be sponsored by that person and your relative does not have to be a current member . I think its pretty unfair that Navy Federal won't take Navy vets with honorable discharges, They actually just opened up to all the armed forces, before navy only. finally I can't figure how to edit my post. I have the following email from USAA in my in box
  11. Whoa! All for the same AF! I need to update my secured card list in the morning. looked really good until I saw this: Please visit any Banco do Brasil Americas branch to apply for our Secured Cards, you may find the list of our branches
  12. This will come across as bitchier than intended. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=533446 were your other 20,040 posts equally as helpful and responsive? what about a simple yes /no answer? oh wait that would have been gracious and helpful what was i thinking?
  13. Well it does say ZERO balance, my issue is with the 120 days and the CO acct notation ( which to my knowledge is not accurate, The 12 days is. Interesting this is not on my EQUIFAX report. should I make an aspirational application that pull EXPERIAN so that I have "damages" MY only two pulls have been on Equifax and chase is not saying CO acct there
  14. It is what it is man. There's nothing anyone can do. Are you surprised that it reports as secured? YES I am surprised If it does indeed report as secured. 1- This board says unsecured. 2- SEVERAL Blogs have said Unsecured on the secured Vs. Unsecured question. consistency in the consensus 3- Discover It , and others report as UNSECURED , so why not thos one. I was perhaps talking to a moron at USAA does your Citi bank American Airlines card as American Airlines on your credit bureau report?? so yeah man I am surprised and there is something I can do. If it reports as secured, the trade line is going off my report , ad the $5000 I ave them for a 2 year CD is going back in my pocket
  15. Is USAA a FICO score ?? That's my impression and have seen them listed no where
  16. BK OF AMER Account # 5XXX Account Type Bank Credit Cards Balance $0.00 Past Due $0.00 Date Opened 9/1/2011 Account Status Closed Mo. Payment $0.00 Payment Status Debt included in or discharged through Bankruptcy Chapter 7, 11, or 12 High Balance $29,180.00 Limit $27,900.00 Terms Revolving Comments 2013 2014 2015 Month MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR Experian OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK 30 60 90 120 120 120 CO ND ND ND ND CO Can accounts be listed as 120 days past due or CO accts if they are IIB?? What remedy do I have? Ideally I would like to get the bank to DELETE the account entirely. How would you go about this? Thanks to all. BTW there is nothing in the "comments" section Account Name CHASE CARD Account # XXXXXXXXX Account Type Bank Credit Cards Balance $0.00 Past Due $0.00 Date Opened 9/1/2012 Account Status Closed Mo. Payment $0.00 Payment Status Debt included in or discharged through Bankruptcy Chapter 7, 11, or 12 High Balance $37,918.00 Limit $39,000.00 Terms Revolving Comment The only notation is in the 24 month payment history. the comment section of the heading is blank. Do creditors or potential creditors or anyone who does hard pulls SEE the 24 month payment history? Moreover My experian report ( this came direct from Experian Purchase ) shows ZERO Collection accounts and I was never contacted by an outside collection agency. Thank you to all in advance. This is a great supportive community.
  17. meanwhile USAA wrote to me that it was reported as unsecured and now an salamander there called experian to ask how it is reported. Its a USAA policy not EXPERIAN. They told me it shows as USAA Secured Card Platinum MasterCard® in the title.I never heard of duch a thing. Ny Amex products simply said AMEX not , amex platmium, amexstarwood, Amex surpass hilton HHOnors. Citi , never said Citi chairman, Citi Thank you points. What gives here?
  18. uh yeah. Its free , so that need affiliate referral income to make a profit. They don't offer a free service to consumers out of goodness of their hearts, personally, I am finding these service to be of very little value. Credit Karma said my chances of approval for capital one VENTURE card with massive sign up bonus yeah right. I stick to the free FiCo transunion from discover free fico experian from USaa and look for a free equifax fico card, bank acct and periodically order direct from my fico
  19. interesting, I find that the FAKO's are almost always higher. but you have the opposite. Is the fico your MORTGAGE score by any chance. I think anyone with a BK 1 year old and especially 2 years old or more or more typically has a better mortgage score as the premise is that you have no or very little debt while the bank cards can be punative
  20. The "benefits" seem really , really weak for $195. would you have considered applying outright for this card with the hypothetical guarantee of no HP--if it was not shown to you when you logged in? I think with AA Barlays is the "poor orphan cousin" to Cit. In the merger Barclays was allowed to keep their existing customers but can't take new AA affinity apps. Eventually , Citi may buy Barclays AA portfolio If you want a premium AA card, citi has much better offerings . If you don't have credit issues with Citi and will take a hard pull Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® MasterCard benefits reasonably mirrors barclays silver 30,000 bonus miles and fee waived first year thereafter $95
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