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  1. Heard this on the radio this morning. Sounds like she needs to join Creditboards!
  2. Our mortgage banker(Broker) is the one who is advising us. Thanks for the input.
  3. DOFD - 1/11 It's listed as an open account for $736. The CA is Portfolio Recovery flowers and there is a note that the Subscriber Reports Dispute Resolved - Consumer Disagrees, Factoring Company: Creditor: HSBC Bank Nevada N.A. ** In 2013, my hubby began to use Lexington Law to clear his credit. I believe that they sent out generic dispute letters on his behalf. He used them for about 3 months. I think that the notation on the report is from their efforts. I'm thinking that we should just pay it. Here's the kicker, HSBC sent a letter stating that he had unclaimed funds that was about to be turned over to the state unless he sent a notarized statement that he is the owner of the account. This was a secured account.
  4. Thanks guys! We are going to dispute with the CRAs. We hate where we are living but we want to do this process right.
  5. I do believe that it is JDB. But, from what I have read, we can't have any disputes in the application process. Right? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. We say 2009 but we are not sure. We know that he definitely defaulted before we moved to our current place in 2011. Back then, he didn't keep a lot of records and we handled many of our financial affairs separately. I'm sure that he doesn't have a credit report from that time. We're looking for anything that can support that. I don't want to wake the sleeping bear but I know that we must clear it up. Thanks for your input. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Hey Y'all, My eyes are about to bleed ... I've been reading for HOURS trying to find out how to approach this Collection Agency on behalf of my DH. He had an HSBC Secured Card that went to collections. We are not sure of the DOFD. (Somewhere around 2009, we think) On his reports, only the collection agency appears. We need to have this collection account removed because we are starting the paperwork for a mortgage pre-approval. So, my questions are... Do we contact HSBC to find out if they have a record of the account? My thinking is that the original debt is outside of the SOL for our state so we could request that the collection account to be removed form the report. Or.. Do we have to deal with the collection agency and only the collection agency? Thanks in advance. LUV
  8. I don't mean to be a party pooper but... The publish date on this article is August 22, 2012. Is the info still viable?
  9. Howdy Y'all!!! I'm a loooonnnngggggg time lurker who hasn't gotten it right yet. However, I'm in the best position I've ever been in regards to credit (which isn't great). I'm in the process of rereading the beginners post but I haven't pulled my latest reports because I'm working with a home owners program that might need us to pull them for the process. So I'm a perpetual lurker. Just wanted to say "Hi". Luv
  10. Fantastic DAR!!!! :yahoo: Congrats to you. I'm trying to be like you when I grow up.. Wishing you continued success.
  11. LUV

    Bummed. Setback

    They are advancing me 1/2 of my salary without taking out taxes this week and next pay, they will pay me the rest and take the taxes. In any event, in the next 3 weeks or so, I will have enough to pay off the loan, and have a significant down payment for something that I wouldn't have to worry so much about as far as maintinance. When I brought the car I had to pay an additional $600 to fix the rear differential. I was looking to trade it in anyway. I've been on the fence for weeks. But this is indeed a wake up call. I don't want this to ever happen again. My kids are well aware of the situation, I'm trying to teach them responsibility and the consequences of not handling their affairs properly. I guess this isn't a good time to send that "Good Will" letter. Gotta remain positive. Thank you all for the sound advice.
  12. LUV

    Bummed. Setback

    I know that I owe $2,800. But now, I have to add the repo fees and the storage. I guess that I'm gonna have to suck it up. Thanks for letting me vent.

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