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  1. can a collection agency call my job and leave a message for me or my attorney to return their call?
  2. thank you dragonflyer. I just found information showing the owner of the motorcycle shop that we visited used to be the manager at fenton ford (the car lot that inquired on my credit and has no record of it).
  3. One of the banks that inquired on my credit the same day as the car dealership called today and stated they had a credit app signed by me from the motorcycle dealership that I had visited. I never signed a credit app there and told them that. The bank faxed over the app and it is signed but not by me. It is obviously not my handwriting. Do I continue to go after the bank? It seems to me I would need to go after motorcycle dealership, but how? Also the credit app he faxed over from the bank originated at the motorcycle dealership. It has my mortgage amt and my place of emp listed correctly. It has my mmn incorrectly spelled and my job position incorrect. Now, I am really wondering if the motorcycle dealership used the Fenton Ford account to pull my credit and get this info, then sent the fraudulently signed credit app to these other banks.
  4. That makes sense, I had never come close to thinking of that. Thanks!
  5. yes I sent all 3 letters cmrrr, I got a follow up letter set to send out tomorrow to the 2 banks
  6. Actually, I did hear back from of of the banks just today. I received a letter in the mail denying my request for credit?
  7. I am looking for removal. I did have 2 other non authorized inquiries the same day as this inquiry from out of state banks that I have never dealt with. I sent the same letter to them but have not heard back as of yet.
  8. Thats how I felt. This letter admits they made an inquiry which they have denied to me all along. It has been 11 days since they first contacted me on my letter and they are just now trying to correct this.
  9. [/img] Now I get this email from company that they sent to CSC admitting the credit pull was in error. THis inquiry is still on all 3 of my CBRS.
  10. No luck working with this car lot. Can I file lawsuit myself in small claims? How do you find an atty who deal with this?
  11. I will stick to the $1000 and letters. He called again today and wanted copies of the inquiries on my CBR. He is insisting he never inquired. As for the motorcycle shop I had gone to, it is not related at all to the car lot that inquired on my credit. Thank you
  12. I did not mention this at all to the gentleman I talked with.
  13. I sent a non-pp letter to them and that is why they called. They must have gotten my ph number from information. I have never shopped at their car lot and the gentleman I talked with yesterday agreed. He said he was in charge of credit inquiries and going back thru his computer nothing has been pulled for me. He said he will contact ADP this morning and would be willing to send me a letter stating they had never inquired into my credit. I did look at a motorcycle in a different town on the inquiry date in a fairly newly opened shop. I seem to remember the owner telling me he used to live in ElDorado (where this hit originated). Would it be possible that a former employee could still use the acct to pull CBR's?
  14. I had a hit on my cbr from a company I had never heard of in another town. I sent them a letter and they called and said they never inquired on my credit. In fact, their business closed March 16 and the inquiry was March 20th. The entry is from a car lot. On my TU report the entry shows Fenton Ford, on my Equifax report the inquiry shows Friendly Ford, and on my Experian the entry shows ADP/Friendly Ford. All 3 reports give the same address and phone number for the car lot. The gentleman that called told me Friendly Ford sold out to Fenton Motors in 2001 and they have went by name Fenton Motors at that point until they closed March 16. I verified that the business has closed, however Fenton Motors still operates 15 other stores in different cities and states. Where do I go from here?
  15. I have looked at the statute of limitations for my state, however I am unsure if any even apply to this situation. Any ideas?

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