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  1. Thanks y'all sorrry I'm late but I was out of town and away from everything! it was sooooooo nice and relaxing *S*
  2. Someone passed it on through the keyboard as I have it now.
  3. I'm sure you must be very proud of yourself. Don't expect me to applaud you for doing what you do though. There was a reason why nobody replied after your first few posts in this thread.
  4. That is why I had not responded to this thread. I couldn't (or wouldn't have) said it as diplomatically.
  5. Women are great at math its the men who cant get it right. My ex was always at least 3" off our entire marriage.
  6. I sincerely hope it stays that way for you. Please be careful.
  7. It could drag on for years depending on the appeal process.
  8. Congrats! On a side note I've switched to drinking anything else than the water.
  9. Almost 9 I have tons of candy left........ We only had 6 kids come by *pout*
  10. I have tons of candy left, poor little guy he's welcome to it all.
  11. Sandpoint, Idaho Ketchikan, Alaska Sheridan, Wyoming Seward, Alaska Metaline Falls, Washington Helena, Montana Livingston, Montana Mount Airy, North Carolina Wenatchee, Washington Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Palmer, Alaska Abingdon, Virginia Boone, North Carolina Kalispell, Montana Dillon, Montana Leavenworth, Washington Bremerton, Washington Leadville, Colorado Homer-Kenai Peninsula, Alaska Springville, Utah Waynesville, North Carolina Moscow, Idaho Divide, Colorado Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  12. She makes an adorable pirate!
  13. I do not believe in cloning people or animals.
  14. I wanted to go see it last night, guess I'll save my money till more people comment on it.

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