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  1. Somebody design a little logo for "banned by myfico" and people can put it in their profile. You're right that they copy CB. They did from the very beginning. The guy who started that board was a CBer who even asked for advice on how to do things while he was setting up that board. Nobody here cares, except that they know your exact ID, remember you have to go there to pull your FICO scores and then use your real ID to post. Sucking up the data.
  2. I used to have to read instructions to my husband while he was fixing stuff. He didn't like to read them either.
  3. I'm gonna fix you up, but I need to leave this for Pam to see, so she can figure out what happened to you. Thanks for being a GP for a while. GP=guinea pig
  4. http://www.tdtnews.com/news/article_3e2a89de-817d-11e8-88af-db9bf7770c6b.html
  5. Or, less personally: "Citi, PenFed, and NFCU accounts offer free Equifax scores"
  6. Thanks RGB. If it says TU and doesn't specify, I think it's a proprietary TU score, not FICO.
  7. You don't have the one I have that changed.
  8. RGB, you should update the old Master thread. I know people who are searching find that first. Bob said we could update his stuff.
  9. Thanks! I thought Disco had changed to the Vantage skore. Not hacked, I really don't pay that much attention any more, but I saw that a couple of my scores had changed to Vantage and started wondering.
  10. I don't do this very often. It was a moment of weakness. Shouldn't go to the store when I'm hungry.
  11. Seriously! Sugar high. I'll go back on my diet when they're gone.
  12. I have one card that gives me a free EFX FICO, the others that used to give free TU FICOs now are giving fakos. Anyone know where to get TU and EXP?
  13. I don't think I ever had a subscription there.
  14. Yep, it's the internet all right. That's why we have controls built in to make your visits more pleasant. Ignore people who rub you the wrong way, follow people who help you, and take a lot of things with a grain of salt. BTW, you can give likes. The little heart in the bottom corner.
  15. And it's algorithms they run that flag accounts. It isn't you. But when you get a card, break it in good and use it once in a while.
  16. Exactly. Don't take it personally, just send them the info or not. At least they're not asking for tax forms, and they let you know before you tried to use it to book your dream vacation or something. Seems like they learned from all the bad PR they got from the sudden suspensions and 4506-T requests in the past.
  17. Having said all of that and posted 3 times now, having run this site for 15 years and heard everything, I still say this is a scam call. Tell them to go pound sand.
  18. DOFD usually refers to the beginning of the 7 year reporting limit (some people erroneously refer to this as the "statute of limitations" which it is not). It is the reporting limit and it's actually 7 1/2 years, but the 1/2 seems to be kinda irrelevant these days. The actual statute of limitations is the time limit for suing the debtor in a court of law in hopes of winning a judgment so the debtor can be forced to pay. This SOL is governed by state law, and begins with the "cause of action" as defined by the state (well, most of them). There are a few states that seem to be ambiguous about the "cause of action" - it may or may not be DOFD. Like I said, in VA it is the date of last payment or charge while the account is in good standing. This, of course, assumes that the account is no longer in good standing or no one would be suing you.
  19. When it comes to SOL last activity can be the "Cause of action" however, most are like Virginia, where it is "last payment or charge" - but that is while the account is in good standing, which seriously changes "last activity" so that a CA cannot make a payment themselves, just so they can sue someone who resides in the commonwealth.

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