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  1. Full update; basically almost everything goes out the window here because there was a MAJOR revamp to benefits and an increase in annual fees two days after I posted this. There's also MAJOR backlash to how the increased benefits awarded with many complaining and hoping it'll change. For myself, applied and was instantly approved mid morning Monday 2/27 and enrolled into every benefit I could that morning. 2/28: Received an email that am SPG Gold and HHonors Gold (both said to allow 72 hours) 3/3: Called priority pass, they gave me my number (said to allow up to 14 business days) 3/4: Card received
  2. Thought I'd share my experience, I'll note I had a AMEX before and did not include it in the BK7. I applied about 2.5 years ago and the month after the seven year mark, for both I tried for the Blue Cash which I was told I was preapproved for on AMEX but denied. Tempted to try the Citi Costco Card (Did not include Citi in the BK7) and USAA again (I DID included them in the BK7). When I went BK7, I continued to make the minimum payments, never had anything in collections and peaked at a very high 700 FICO average when I had favorable utilization, my FICOs dropped less than a 100 points and I immediately got approved after discharge for a Crap1 secured, Military Star Card and a secured Credit One. This card has some of the best travel perks such as the priority pass membership, gold status to the Hilton , Starwood/SPG (gives you Gold status at Marriott) which can give you better rooms, free made to order breakfasts and access to their exec lounges which may offer free food and drinks, free TSA pre-check or Global and a free Boingo wifi account. It has a HUGE AF, $450, you do get a $200 travel credit, though, so it's closer to a $250 AF. However, if you were going to buy most of that anyways, $250 is a great deal. There are some other minor perks/discounts. Some other things I'll share with getting the benefits as fast as you can: Called AMEX after approval to see if they could expedite the card, they could not. Can immediately go to benefits and enroll into everything but Boingo. HHonors and SPG/Starwood (and therefore Marriott) Gold say up to 72 hours. Priority Pass membership says up to 14 days, I'm going to give it a week and call both AMEX and PP to see if they can expedite the membership Boingo you need the credit card number to enroll, oddly I cannot find it online, I called and the rep said they could not give out the number until the card is first activated and there's no way to find the whole number online. Sounds like if you have any interest in utilizing the benefits, allow yourself two weeks. I'll update this to report once all my memberships are approved.
  3. Well thanks, I'm pretty confident since Citi rejected me 18 months ago I have zero chance of getting approved unless it was a "CitiFinancial" card, which it isn't. I should note I was an AU on my parents Citi card since the late 90s and while had Citi cards during the BK, never had any debt with them and did not include them in the BK but they closed my accounts on their own anyways; same with AMEX. My ONLY choice may be BOA Alaska Card but upon more research it appears they may not be BK7 friendly and come to think of it I included a huge BOA debt as part of the BK.
  4. Yes; Alaska Airlines allows access to most regular Admiral Clubs as well. They have reciprocal lounge access (AA and Alaska Air), but an Alaska Airlines CC doesn't get you lounge access anywhere. Only the 2 CCs CV listed. That answers 2 & 3 That answers 1 Thanks all!
  5. Yes; Alaska Airlines allows access to most regular Admiral Clubs as well.
  6. Discharged BK7 this month exactly 7 years ago. 3 years ago I tried for a Citi something and was declined even after recon, 18 months ago I tried for a Citi double cash back and AMEX and both denied the recon cited the BK7. I have read on many credit forums that Citi cards are different than co-branded cards back the "CitiFinancial" dept. I will be doing a ton of traveling over the next 12 months and will be buying a membership so I wanted to see if I had a certain credit card if I could save some money on the membership. FICOs are 740-750, no baddies post BK7, I have 6 credit cards, one with a $15K CL, one with $10K and about 10% utilization. 1. Does anyone know if any of the AAdvantage Citi cards are backed by the "CitiFinancial" arm? I can't seem to find the answer online. 2. There's the Alaskan airlines cards, which allows access to most of American lounges, its by BOA, anyone know if they're BK7 friendly after 7 years? 3. Any other cards I'm missing?
  7. Yes; it's the same card number as the Orchard. I just received something in the mail that said in mid July I will need to enroll at cap1. Honestly, never looked into the rewards since it's a sock drawer card and would guess that it would only be 1% at best if anything at all. CL was the same at $500. The Orchard exec claimed the fee was waived forever on the Orchard (which no longer exists) and the Cap1 exec claimed the fee was waived on my existing Cap1 plat but who knows with the new Cap1 black card. After the conversion I'm going to try and convert it to the new Quick silver card; if I'm not able to I will inquire about the AF and will request to split my CL equally between the two Cap1 cards.
  8. So checking Mint, my cap1 CL doubled and is now $3000. Go figure. So now I have a $3000 cap1 plat card and a $500 cap1 black card; what's bizarre with this new black card is that I still need to log into orchard pay it. On my CR, it reports as Cap1 (not orchard) but maintains the orchard history.
  9. Grrrrr...Got my Orchard replacement card, all black Cap1 plat card...Really irks me because had I known, I would of waited and not had an Orchard hardpull for nothing.
  10. Thank for all the advice. I'm share my experience. I emailed an executive and got a call from both Cap1 and Orchard which is still a separate company. Both employees are extremely friendly and explained the process. Both will send it to an underwriter for a manual review, both removed my annual fee forever and both wouldn't raise my limits. Cap1 did a soft pull and Orchard had to do a hard pull. They both said the bankruptcy was why they declined, I countered with the fact that they approved me nearly immediately after the BK, that I've never been late ever and my recent approvals. Both said the UW's decision is final. I will be keeping both cards as at least now the fees are gone and because I did suffer a hard from Orchard.
  11. BK7 in 2009; never late on anything before, during or after the BK, score before these new CU were all 3 just above 700. Got approved for two local CU's CL cards: CU $10000 3/13 CU $5000 3/13 AU for parent's Chase $10000 since 1/2000 Military Star $8250 9/2009 Barclays Priceline $2500 12/2011 Cap1 $1500 9/2009 Orchard $500 9/2009 Chase co-brand military star $500 (I had 3 chases that were included in the BK7...Initial and recon denied; thanks to a CB member I called an executive who could got me approved at $500) 12/2011 Mortgage through Wells Fargo 12/2012 My Cap1 and Orchard are my oldest TLs (along with M*), they also have very low CLs and the only cards that have an annual fee. What strategy would you guys recommend? Keep on with the status quo? Call Cap1 & Orchard to demand they remove the fee and raise the limit or I cancel? I also thought about if Orchard and the Cap1 are closed, I could call Chase and request they raise the CL due to me now getting approved for high CLs.
  12. To be clear, you did not actually make any purchases during this time? I found a solution...AAFES.com sells giftcards for various stores and restaurants...Even AAFES GC's themselves, so if you have fear like me that if you don't use the card every so often they'll close that big TL, buy a card gift as gifts for others for the holidays. The other solution which I don't want to do is to buy something online then return online.
  13. I recently relocated, there isn't a base within a two hour drive, I haven't used my card in six months...I know can buy something online but just curious if you can go a year without them closing it?

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