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  1. At the very least, I'd reverse the order for the two contacts you have (CEO last). I'd suggest being specific, and seeing if you can hunt down a middle manager... like a VP if possible.
  2. Consider though... of the head guy says no, it might be the end of the road. Could your perhaps start lower down the chain? Then you can escalate if necessary.
  3. This... if they wanted to, they would have. I've been out of the game for a while, but I do recall CapOne being difficult with regards to goodwill efforts. Interested in knowing exactly who you (OP) emailed; I think picking first contact is exceptionally important.
  4. I've been around a long time, and didn't even know that, but it makes so much sense.
  5. Hege is right. Additionally: YMMV, but whenever possible with regards to a PFD, I'd suggest working with the OC and seeing if they can recall the debt (OC almost always can, regardless of what they might say).
  6. I'd agree with the general gist. Specific employee, not the CEO, and do not send CMRRR. I'd also suggest as good dose of honesty, and regardless of initial result, make sue to thank the contract for his/her time.
  7. Would have lost a lot of money that. Thought it was a career rite of passage for him.
  8. Pammy! [emoji3] Can't believe you -- of all people -- have no tattoos!
  9. Some of the old USA stuff... Monk, Psych and also restarted Leverage.

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