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  1. I believe their strategy is do more in-house shows.
  2. Breaks my heart. Bought my first Walkman form RS waaaay back when. Still own it.
  3. I can see $750 maybe. $779 is just greedy.
  4. I had a HP computer that conked out... granted, it was a cheapie. HP was forced to replace them with Compaq machines per class action. Guess what, that one conked out two, RIGHT past the 12 month mark, like the first. It was like they had countdown timers that went of within days of the warranty expiring. I am still furious about that. To HP's credit, they did replace the hard drive, but only after some lively emails with the division president. Shouldn't have come to that. Oh, by the way, the computer fried again.
  5. WAIT DID NO ONE ELSE CATCH THIS RARE STRYKER SIGHTING? LOL. You guys make my blush with guilt... which is no small feat...
  6. She definitely mastered the art of being famous for being famous.
  7. After my last laptop, I swore off HP. They grudgingly replaced it while wondering why I expected it to last longer than two years (no, seriously; I was told to expect 24 months usage out of "modern" computers). When I asked them to go on the record, they replaced it. It fried too LOL. *sigh*
  8. How hard is rooting an Android? I hate to make a paperweight. I thought about trying it on an old phone just to see how it works. So if I let the smoke out of it. No biggie Every phone has a different process. It always carries the risk of bricking the phone. This is the ONLY site to go to for rooting instructions. They have the most thorough and up to date info. https://www.xda-developers.com/root/ Agreed. XDA is the best source. The only one I use.
  9. Nah, don't know that I ever entered one though. With all the TD rebates they have nowadays, don't know if those'll come back. Congrats!
  10. I would. Other things come into play, obviously, but all things being equal, I wouldn't think twice. Then again, it might be me simply missing my NC peeps...

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