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  1. Most CCC's don't look at "scores" anyway, they all have their own in-house scoring they go by. Buying a house is more FICO based but cc's are different
  2. I would move to Kauai in a heartbeat... But SoCal is about tied with Hawaii - I do like to snowboard, so there is something CA has that HI does not. okay....I thought we were talking about ME SoCal might be a better fit for you, it seems the state is going BK but that might work to your advantage as far as good $$$ deals.
  3. You should apply for a few credit cards to get some TL's going, keep your balances low or Non Existant as possible.....by doing this it will raise your scores. Orchard is (IMHO) one of the better sub-prime cards to get, they report to all 3 CRA's Monthly
  4. Moving is not a problem...job & housing can be. If I were you...I swear I'd move to Maui, Hawaii. PERFECT weather, no bugs, No humidity!!! If I were 30 again I would go there and never look back, open a little restaurant/bar flirt with good looking women all day and ONLY really work on my tan. but instead fate has me jailed in friggin OHIO where it's 14 degrees with snow on the ground
  5. Your scores may have gone down because you lost history during the dispute. You need more trade lines to raise your scores. Orchard bank etc...build it up
  6. Faking realationships<--------------Cinci is gulity of that 1,0000000000000 times between 17-35years of age Boy just wanted to have fun
  7. 1. Band of Brothers 2. The Patriot 3. Saving Private Ryan 4. Forest Gump
  8. Here's me last Month standing on the foundation of our soon-to-be get-away 2nd home
  9. +1 apply in store I've had mine about 3 years, they were the first ones to approve me ever... i've never had any issues with them, and most purchases come with some kind of x days same as cash/0 interest offer, and i've gotten regular (small) CLI's pretty much every 6 months...just have to click the button... always a soft pull They (HSBC) must love you, they hate me for some reason! I have high scores and several of their products with perfect pay history and very little love. When I hit the love button I just get a standard BS letter from them .....but your right on the zero% deals if you wanted a new washer or dryer, TV etc...it's good deal
  10. I applied in-store over 3 years ago...got approved for $2500 IIRC or near....called CS and got it bumped to 4K. I have used this card like crazy, between DW and I we have spent some where between 6k-9k on this card and never a cli ....I think I've in the top of the program with them or something. But...Congrats, nice TL
  11. For sure apply In-Store. I've had them some 3 plus years now, I use to use their "card" but I can't stand HSBC so I buy everything at BB with regular bank cards....I do however buy a bottle water every once in a while with the BB card just to keep the account open...3 perfect years at stuck at $3600
  12. I know what I would have done

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