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  1. thanks you guys! i think i've averted the nervous breakdown i was on the verge of this morning. right now i'm just hoping for the best and starting on a plan
  2. thanks so much! i just need a little moral support. this place has been so great for that and here you guys are again!! thanks! i already feel a smidge better. I'm not behind on anything at this point. Whew! I could get there quickly if things happen to get worse but I'm OK with that part right now. alright...make a plan. I keep trying and not really getting it done. Do I try and put some money into savings or throw it at credit cards? my scores are going to be in a free fall with this jump in utility. uggggh!!!
  3. I had my finances back on track and was looking at the future with some hope and positive vibes 3 months ago. Now between some family and house crisises, I've quickly racked up some significant bills and I feel like all that hard work to clean up credit is almost pointless. I've run up my cards and tapped out my meager savings to pay for some home repairs and travel for a family emergency. It really just hit badly in the last couple of weeks and I feel overwhelmed and crushed by this. Heck I was even looking at paying off the old debt that I did have. I was going to be debt free except my mortgage. Now I feel I'm back to square one. Doesn't seem to help that the holidays are upon us and i just can't get up for christmas shopping with a bunch of new debt hanging on me. I know folks have set backs and financial crisises. I just feel trapped and can't seem to figure out what to do next. How do you get yourself kick started? I've got to get this stuff paid off. I just don't seem to be able to get motivated and take action or make a plan.
  4. they aren't reporting anything yet. and probably won't this CA doesn't seem to report they just seem to sue.
  5. this is their first contact on this particular item. they sued me a couple years ago regarding some different items. not sure i can afford an attorney right now. i'm definitely filing a response just sorting out how i'm going to respond.
  6. I'm getting ready to DV this CA of course but I'm curious. I was served last night and I'm getting ready to file a response. I've never received anything from this CA regarding this particular debt. Just some info for reference. These guys have sued me before...and lost. I was easily able to show the judge that the debts were the result of ID theft. I can't imagine why they're doing it again. I notice that they filed in a different court this time. We bought some property last summer and it seems to have brought the CAs out of the woodwork.
  7. i so respect your desire to pay this debt. however, yours is a very extreme case. right now i would focus on your health, your kids and trying to start over credit wise. if you send them money each month, it will probably drag out the 7 year clock. like someone else said. better to start the clock sooner rather than later. send them a C&D, accept the 1099-C and move on with your life. quit worrying about this. you don't need any more stress in your life. health and 2 kids is a lot to worry about. you were paying on a car that you don't even have anymore. that's more than most would do. you're behaving in an honorable way but sometimes there is just nothing more that you can do. don't beat yourself up. move on an take care of yourself!
  8. i'm working on the scan. having a little probably opening the file. my computer's functionality seems to have a notice to disappear today. i love these ideas it was one of the funniest things i've seen. any suggestions for what i could sue them for. i'd be pleased to do it. the lady on the phone was raging B**CH. nothing infuriates me more than when they interrupt and won't let me explain that there was ID theft complete with MULTIPLE police reports as well as other documentation. that makes me fight meaner. they're definitely getting a notice to disappear and some dead flowers. its really cute they have fill in the blank lines on the letter "cancel my appointment, payment enclosed"....yea right or "please reschedule for another date and time" ... i'm supposed to fill in the date and time. i'm thinking October 31, 200X at midnight?
  9. ooooooooo! i like the suggestions. maybe i'll send some dead flowers with santa's elves delivering their notice to appear in nicaragua. i'll scan it in tomorrow and post it. it looks just "unlegal" enough that I doubt that they're breaking any laws but it sure was funny. the back story to the notice: CA sends letter last February regarding 3 checks from 2002. I DV them. Get copies of 3 different accounts. 3 different signatures. I send a letter that says "hey this is due to some ID theft, not mine". Completely forget about the whole thing. Get a call a few days ago and accidentally answer. I forgot they had even responded. Woman on phone says that the only way to take care of it and get validation is to appear in her office. I told her that there wasn't a law or rule anywhere stating that I had to appear in her office and that I'd check my records and get back to her. Two days later I get the "Notice to Appear". I wrote one of the checks. It got caught up in the ID theft debacle when I closed my accounts. I'll figure out how to deal with this via written correspondance but you can bet that the only thing that will be appearing on my behalf is a green card. They can go ahead and sue and I'll show up in court with police reports, green cards, case law, and letters. I'll say "your honor do those three signatures even look the same?"
  10. I received a notice to appear....hahahaha....they made the top portion of the letter look very similar to a court's notice appear. you know the type of thing you get if you dispute a speeding ticket. it has a date and time and says my appearance at their office is mandatory. they have GOT to be kidding. i just thought this was a funny approach. thought i'd share.
  11. FAs have pros and cons. Not everyone has them or wants them. I do have them on all my reports. This as back in the days before CB. You'd be surprised who doesn't check your report or bother to verify ID if someone applies for credit in your name.
  12. just an FYI for everyone. check your health insurance cards. many still have you SSN on the card. fortunately my new one doesn't but a few years back someone stole my car with my brief case in it. My wallet had my health inurance card with my SSN on it. its been 4 years since that happened. i still occasionally have to deal with the reprecussions of ID theft. now that i'm getting my credit back on track from my own personal bad choices, i find these little ID theft episodes add insult to injury. GRRRRRR!!!
  13. i'm changing jobs. i have the chance to roll over my 401K or cash it out (yes, with penalties). My retirement savings aren't where I'd like them to be so I'm reluctant to eat the penalty and cash out. However, I've got a couple cards with lousy interest rates and high util. Is it better to enjoy the compound interest for my retirement or get off the brink of maxed out cards?
  14. I love that story. Thanks! I need some credit inspiration right now. You really gave it to me. What has CB done for me? It has taught me not to hide. It only makes things worse. I'm not out of the credit woods yet, although mine is MUCH improved. Now I deal with issues that come my way. In another year or so, things should be on really solid footing. OP--that's as wonderful a story as any on here. Your health is nothing to take lightly! (pun intended). i'll be wishing a succesful surgery and a speedy recovery!!!
  15. the day i found the site it helped. my reports obviously didn't improve that same day but i got things in motion by learning. i found this site in January '06 with scores in the low to mid 400s for both DH and me. We were able to close on our house in April of '06 with scores in the low 600s The first 6 weeks brought tons of results. There are still things to be dealth with and old stuff periodically comes out of the woodwork but our reports are mostly clean. DH is completely clean on 2/3 of the three. I won't be clean for a few years but my scores are functional. Our scores vary from low to high 600s now depending on util. Its not outstanding but at least its not as embarrassing. At least now when someone looks at our reports they see low scores due to some high util on our cards not charge offs and collections. Frankly, at least we have cards now. We didn't have one 18 months ago. We've been able to move some high interest unsecured debt to our cards at low interest rates. What a huge step!! Hang in there. Stick with it. Keep reading. This place is inspiring. You will see results. The timing may vary but it will happen.

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