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  1. My son received a dunning letter from MRS Associates last month. We sent off a debt validation letter immediately with no response. Today I received a voice message from "Chase Fraud Department" regarding my son's charged off (3 years ago) Amazon Chase account. #1 why are they calling my phone? #2 why the heck did they give me ALL of his account information? #3 How did he go from owing a charged off balance of $645 to now owing $1900? He owes them, that's isn't the issue. The issue is the dollar amount they are claiming he owes. (Btw, these are all rhetorical questions) The real question is... MRS Associates is the collection agency for the Chase account. I am confused why Chase is calling and why they would violate the FDCPA so blatantly. Should he contact Chase and request validation directly? The delinquent account is not the issue. The dollar amount is the problem. Is he going to eventually have to bite the bullet and pay the $1900 even though that isn't what he owes?
  2. Thanks everyone for your responses. I called, yes they did a hard and was told that I would receive notice in 7-10 days. That to me means an automatic no but we shall see.
  3. I closed a credit card account in December because I didn't want to pay the annual fee. Now I am thinking about reopening it to help my utilization. The card I closed out was the HSBC Mastercard. Has anyone had any experience reopening accounts with Household bank?
  4. I have had the card officially a year, logged into my account today and what do I find but a whopping $200 CLI. I am shocked, stunned. These folks rarely, and I mean rarely give CLIs. There is hope for you guys out there with this card. They are granting CLIs.
  5. Phira

    Care Credit ?

    I just applied for Care Credit and was approved for $1,000. The dental work I need will cost me (after insurance) around $2500.00. How easy is it to get a CLI? Is it better for my dentist to request the increase?
  6. It has happened to me and I closed out the card in December because of it.
  7. My annual fee for the HSBC Plat card is coming due in January and I don't feel it's worth $79.00 to have a crappy $300.00 CL. I called them this morning and closed out my account. The guy made me laugh. He tried so hard to get me to keep the account open. He first offered to cut the fee by 50% and I said.. "but that's still $39.00 to much, I am not interested in paying an annual fee on a $300 cl". He says: Well ma'am with repeated on time payments in the future you will qualify for a lower APR and a CLI" and I said.. "In the future huh? Well I have had this account for a year, never been late, never went over my credit limit, never carried a balance over 50%.. why not right now". Silence. Then I said.. "Well, I can see I stumped you there so would you please just close out the account." Followed by the typical thank you for being a customer etc etc. I just had to chuckle cuz the dude was trying really hard to convince me that IN THE FUTURE I would receive a lower APR and a CLI but he just couldn't tell me when that would be. LoL I still have my bbrz mc and don't intend on closing that one out. Granted it has a $59.00 AF but I know now that I can call and say I want to close that account and I am sure dude will be more than happy to cut that in half. I don't mind a $29 AF and the rewards I have earned on that card make it kinda worth it.
  8. Phira


    Checked my Macy's account this morning that's been at a $200 cl for 2 years and they gave me some love. $1000 cl!! For those looking for Macy's love, check your accounts. They might have obliged. :-)
  9. FYI, it's not college's job to teach him financial management. That is a parent's job and if you are going to hand him another credit card expect him to screw up again because a person who spends $25,000 in one month does not understand the value of money.
  10. It's pink with little stars all over it.
  11. If they say 14.. they will hold it for 14. They did it to me the first few months. Now they don't hold my payments and I have had the card since February.
  12. Tell that to Wiley Coyote! LoL
  13. Cap One gave me an increase at the end of April from $500 to $750.
  14. My son got the card in August 2008. It was his first one when he turned 18. His CL was $800.00. It took a year and a half to get a CLI. He always carries a balance on this card because he uses it for everything.
  15. Checked my son's Chase account (I'm at AU) a few minutes ago to see if his statement cut and he got a whooping $300 CLI. He went from $800 to $1100. :-) Now if only Macys would show some luv.

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