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  1. I purchase the vehicle on Saturday, 6/23 and first transaction was complete about an hour later around noon on Saturday 6/23 -- the second transaction was done around 2 pm on Saturday 6/23. It was handled by actually returning the car -- signing all of the 'I am returning this car and canceling the loan' paperwork -- and then going completely back through the process of applying for and signing for the car and loan all over. The only thing they did not do was re-issue the temporary tag. I asked them why they needed to go through the entire process and they said something about 'we are
  2. I just bought a car at CarMax... Financed through them. I caught a problem after I got home (they had the same car on their web-site for $1,000 less than the sticker on the car) and went back to CarMax. It resulted in them canceling the transaction just as if I had returned the car (they give you 5 days to return the car if you do not like it) and then going through the purchase process again for the same car (for $1,000 less - YAY!) -- including the part where I apply for financing. I just checked my credit reports and the first car loan shows up as current, opened and closed on t
  3. I am not asking the question from an ethical issue, or a should be happy/sad issue. I have other items that show charged off and they do not show a 'currently past due' amount. As a result, they show as derogatory, but not delinquent. The Amex line, is however, showing delinquent and when I use the 'what if' score simulator it indicates a 60 +/- point score increase if I remove the AMEX delinquency. Technically, everyone on CB with an un-paid charge-off owes the debt, including myself. That is not the question. I AM NOT QUESTIONING THE BALANCE DUE. My question is a purely
  4. Reporting period starts from the date of first delinquency that led to the chargeoff. That could be several months prior to the actual chargeoff date. As for whether a chargeoff should report a zero balance, the answer is no. A chargeoff is an accounting procedure only. The only time it should read zero is if it's paid or if it's been transferred to a CA who is also reporting it. Then, the OC must report it as "charged off, sold or transferred, zero balance". The CA can then report the balance owed. DOFD was Sept 2000 -- actual charge off was in Feb 2001. I am not questioning
  5. I have a trade line from AMEX. Charged off in 2001 and the seven year reporting period ends in Sept. 2007. It is showing as a currently past due acccount on my Equifax report. The balance and past due amounts show the same. I called AMEX and asked them to remove the past due number so it would not show as currently delinquent. They said no, because this is how 'they' list the accounts and charged-off only means they have sent this to collection. It seems that I have read that when charged-off, it is no longer currently past due and the past due should read zero? Right... w
  6. I disputed several trade lines in Feb. 2007 and disputed their inaccurate (very old) address that they had listed as my current address. My current address was clearly shown on my letter to them. I did not receive a reply. I wrote them again in March and April asking them for information -- as the trade lines were shown as 'reinvestigation in progress'. Tired of being ignored, I called them yesterday and they said that the 'reinvestigation' tag line was an error. They said that they had completed their investigation within the 30 days but sent the results to the old address shown
  7. I received the exact letter from Providian yesterday. B.S. Not validation. I am seriously thinking about typing up a nice little one page affidavit, stating they are in violation of the law and owe me some money -- having the letter notorized and sending it back to them. If they consider their notorized B.S. validation letter as legal -- then they should consider my notorized statement that they owe me some money legal as well. Two can play the game -- but in this case, they are SOL and I am not.
  8. Is the 'in dispute' comment supposed to stay with the trade line for a specific period of time? Several of these said in dispute -- but now, no longer have anything. Some of them say something to the effect 'was in dispute, resolved, meets FCRA guidelines.'
  9. I am not familiar with the specific database technology in place by the three CRA's. However, I am in the I.T. field and have a general background with Database technology-- and it is possible that TU and Equifax handle their files in such a way that, for a time, all data is stored for a particular individuals credit file even if it exceeds a set limit, and at some point -- daily, weekly, or triggered by another event, they rebuild the credit file and make it conform to the data lengths they have set for various fields. In other words, the CRA's have a set number of bytes (characters) al
  10. YUP... same here. How they arrived at exactly 9 days would be interesting to know. Wonder if it took took 9 people 9 meetings to decide on 9 days. I am going to do little with this 'share account' -- let it age -- let my credit improve -- and then wait 9 more days after that to try my luck at a CC or a loan. From what I have read, 9 chances out of 10, I will be "de-nine-d".
  11. When I asked EX about my DOFD on about 10 accounts -- half of the dates they gave me were exactly 1 month LATE.... meaning my old statements clearly show my DOFD to be a month earlier. I figured it was a reporting issue -- with the OC reporting the following month for the previous month and EX taking it as the current month. So if you can find your original statements -- that would be a better indicator of when your actual DOFD occured.
  12. I sent Equifax a letter disputing several items on my CR. All but one of the items I disputed are noted "Consumer disputes - reinvestigation in progress " with the exception of ONE. The one item is clearly listed in the letter I sent. Can they just say they missed it -- or if I point this out to them, do they have to delete after 30 days?
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