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  1. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare

    Amalgamated - ABOC Inquiry sensitive

    They sound amazingly like FNBO.
  2. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare

    Shift Card Closure

    No shift?
  3. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare

    Shift Card Closure

    Very shifty.
  4. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare

    What Is a VantageScore Used For?

  5. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare

    Portfolio Recovery field trip

    A dump by any other name...
  6. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare

    Thay be come'n to get me tomorrow

    It's a scammer working from home.
  7. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare

    Help with debt collector/IC Systems Inc.

  8. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare

    Here are the top three 'stupid' things millennials waste money on

    This man wears black jeans.
  9. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare

    Portfolio Recovery field trip

    I'll bet their offices (at least their boiler rooms) were a dump.
  10. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare


  11. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare

    When CA's Ignore FDCPA Rules; What to Do?

    They probably don't have that material, and may not even have access to it. In all likelihood, they just bought a spreadsheet from a debt broker. (Yes, there really are such people.) DV them, CMRRR.
  12. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare

    The only employer listed on my Transunion report I have never worked for

    You really do have to wonder how something like that got in there.
  13. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare

    Walmart Sues Synchrony Financial

  14. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare

    Dave Says

    Is this for real?
  15. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare

    Vantage 3.0 is simply BSC ("bat-shit crazy")


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