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  1. Citi, like Chase, has a looooooong memory.
  2. None too soon. I get at least ten most days, usually from the same scammers using different spoofed numbers.
  3. And the overbilling. When I was with Verizon 20 years ago, they overcharged me every single month.
  4. At the risk of sounding paranoid, they also seem to listen in. A couple of years ago, I was on the phone with my doctor's office getting them to send a refill authorization over to my pharmacy, while sitting at my computer. Up pops an ad with the headline "Medication Is Not The Answer!" Never saw that ad before, and have never seen it since.
  5. They could be referring to the JDB they are working the paper for. Besides, CA phone drones lie like rugs.
  6. Wilmington Saving Fund Society? Are they still around???
  7. I remember they had me listed as having a hunting license, ca. 1973. I've never had a hunting license in my life.

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