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  1. Yes a cli of 2k on th usaa mc, no luv for the usaa amex yet, i think because i have not had it for 4 months
  2. thanks for the other thread and sorry for starting another thread i will make sure to double check next time
  3. Just FYI Friends.........the CLI button is now showing on the usaa page on the right hand side listed under account services......it will ask for the total household income twice then you hit submit....also it does state there will be no hard pull from your credit report........also just a update from my sig.........I now have the following cl which was obtain with some luv Amex plat delta sky- 6200.00 Usaa Plat MC- 5000.00 Usaa Amex- 4500.00 BOA 99/500- 500.00 man this board is great!!!
  4. hccliree


    Curious, I know you didn't ask me. But one of my cards is 6 months and the other one I got in January. And they upped both of them..I just combined them for a 55k card. Thanks SD, I need to let a couple of payments update before applying so I'm going to try and hold out though it's hard. [/quote it was hard for me to hold out to but i gave in, but i really admire you self control and when you aready you will get it.
  5. hccliree


    Congrats, it should show right away or within two days, again congrats
  6. hccliree


    Yeah...4 months old...you might well be mid/upper 600s now, which would be in line for an AMEX (Delta/HH). Congrats!!! I have the Delta Platinum already which has only a 4K limit ( further detailed in my sig) I dont want another one any I dont thank it is to wise for me to apply for another one after all I have read here on the boards.I listen to you advise very carefully
  7. hccliree


    I dont know yet I will let you know if and when I find out but in Jan 06 they pulled my EQ as shown in my sig How recent are your FICOs..? If you got a USAA AMEX with a 640ish FICO there's gonna be one heck of a lot of new USAA applications... my scores were from 01/06 this year but my other to score were higher which I beleive all 3 scores may have gone up but i dont want to buy them again until my Amex Delta and BOA 99/500 report.
  8. hccliree


    Hi Platinum, just wanted to inform you you may want to call back that rep didnt know what she was talking about or she meant you couldnt convert the card over yet becuase the Usaa Amex is to new because I was approved for the Usaa Amex this morning for $4500.00k which i just applied for yesterday and it is available and shows online under my accounts at the Usaa site. I am a military spouse but that shouldnt make a difference. Just wanted to share and passed the correct info along.
  9. hccliree


    I dont know yet I will let you know if and when I find out but in Jan 06 they pulled my EQ as shown in my sig
  10. hccliree


    Sorry for the late reply, I had to step away from my desk..........yes it is the black
  11. hccliree


    Hello everybody........I just check my USAA account and there it was my new USAA AMEX showing with a $4500k limit I am so happy right now...so anyone that applied yesterday like I did, go check your USAA account so you can happy dance too. Thanks Credit Board!!! for all your help.
  12. hccliree


    I just applied and got the message that my application was submitted and will be processed and they will respond by mail within 7 days. I am also a military spouse.
  13. hccliree


    I get the choice of the two but when i try to select to read to get more info or to apply the screen just locks ups. I will try again later has anyone tried to apply for the amex and been successful?
  14. thats great congrats..........i just want my scores to move up too which I know they will but keep up the good work this board is great!!!!!!!!

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