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  1. I can't remember the last time I visited the site, years, but when did the look change? I know it's a moot point but what was the initial reactions, did most like or dislike it?
  2. Does the CLI option show up even if you requested one less than 6 month ago? I did a soft and still shows a soft but I know it was less than 6 month ago, should I not try and wait for the 6 month mark?
  3. Chase INK Business card. 5% off upto $50,000. That is if you value chase ultimate points at .01cents each. If used for travel it could be worth as much as .07c per point which would make your effectvie cash back 35%, but that's whoooooole different story and the wrong board to talk about.
  4. Yes it works, but like anything else you have to do alot of research, reading, learning and coming up with a game plan. Credit rebuilding needs a game plan. You have to have game a plan for this month, 6 month, 1 yr, 2 yr , 5yr, 10 yrs down the line. If you can't invision this, then you're not ready to start rebuilding. With that said, freezing reports is just one trick in the book. Timing is the name of the game and make sure you have a good grasp of that before you go applying for new credit, CLI's or anything else. Good Luck and my the force be with you!
  5. Also don't forget to rotate your previously unused CC's, for the following reasons. 1. FICO will eventually ding you for non-use and your score will drop (1 yr of non-use is the last known data point that I am aware of. This could have changed) 2. The CC issuer can very well close down your account for non-use. This varies from creditor to creditor. Some will close your account after 6 month, 1 year or eventually for non-use. If you use all your CC's regulary and you just pay them off prior to statement closing date, then #2 won't apply to you however be cognizant of #1 if you're looking to maximize your FICO score at one point or another.
  6. This^ Now that I have achieved all my credit repair goals, I do two things... 1. Do not repeat old habits that got me into credit repair in the first place and maintain what I have worked so hard for. 2. Reap the fruits of my labor and use my credit to my advantage. What does this look like for me? Low interest rate loans, free trips around the world including free flights, hotel stays, rounds of golf and much more.
  7. Sounds like that's not the only thing you busted Congrats!!
  8. I have NEVER questioned the sanity of any of the mods on these boards, however if none of you make this a sticky or place it in some sort of newbie thread, then I will shake my head in disbelief. Or have Aahz create a single post of Q&A's, with no replies, for the sole purpose of making it a sticky. It would take the average person years of reading and asking questions in order to learn what was just summarized in one post, and in such detail. Either way Thanks Aahz for the compilation and a bigger thanks to cia24 for sharing your thoughts and knowledge.
  9. If however you're a baller, shot caller and you wish you had a phone so you could call her...then you would go with the Citi Prestige and get 100k TY points. How you ask? 1. Open a Citi Gold Checking and get 40k TY points 2. Apply for a citi prestige (AF $350 instead of $450 for Gold members) 3. Downgreade citi gold to regular checking, you still keep your gold status in the system. With the Prestige you get an annual credit of $250 for travel, even ticket purchases count, so your net cost each year is $100 for a $450/yr card and you just got 100k TY points not to mention the ton of additional perks which you will have to research if this remotely sounds interesting.
  10. If you're concerned about APR don't bother getting a major bank credit card such as chase, BOA, Citi, WF etc... Look at credit union credit cards. You can find plenty of CC's with rates of 9.99% and lower. I have plenty that are around the 7-8% mark. It's always good to have one in case of an emergency. But don't waste your time or Fico score trying to get lower APR from a big bank, they won't be able touch credit union rates.

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