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  1. Good morning all! Hope you are all staying healthy. I"m a heavy Synchrony user... largest line was granted about a year ago on a CareCredit account with a line of 7k. Back in May, I started to see some lines disappear. Very little to no balances on all my accounts. First account to go was a PepBoys credit card. Zero balance, but recently used. 2K line gone. Also closed a MyHome account with a $3500 line to zero. Not used within the past 4 months, but also with a zero balance. Score has since gone up about 30 points as things age, and baddies start to disappea
  2. I got one too... wasn't expecting it, but glad to have it.
  3. Is this stuck? It should have charged off a while ago... is PSECU different? Trying to do cleanup but not sure what approach to take.
  4. My experience has been that they are true pre-approval offers.
  5. Careful... they're not the hardest to get, but they can be tough to keep.... Barclays is VERY UTI sensitive, INQ sensitive, and they'll chop you in a heartbeat... of course, YMMV. I'd take applying for the big-boy cards slowly....
  6. Very strange but I can no longer see the "pre-approval" info on my account. I wonder if it's a new feature they're testing. I'd really want the StarwoodAmex, but don't know much about about scoring. Database is all over the place.
  7. It says I'm pre-approved for a Gold and Platinum - any reason to not pull the trigger? I'm not biting on the $450 A/F for the Platinum (though I thought about it)... I want to gold, but I don't see any 25 or 50k point offers with this... Should I wait for a targeted mailing? Any experiences?
  8. Nice Approval - just be careful, I'm not trying to be a downer however, Barclays was very INQ and UTI sensitive... they reviewed my reports monthly and started balance chasing right after my UTI increased (due to vacation, etc). Despite paying it off within 60 days, the damage was done... of course, YMMV. Congrats either way! I shut down all my Barclay's accounts out of spite and moved on to my next white whale.
  9. I just got approved for a Navy Signature Loan (no collateral) with scores in the high-ish 600's... Not the greatest rate, but very easy approval - if your in with Navy - I'd give them a shot first.
  10. try here http://license.dob.state.ma.us/licenseelist.asp Midland Credit Management, Inc. Debt Collector DC0608 5230 Washington Street West Roxbury, MA 02132 6178802900 12/31/2010
  11. I also got the invitation to apply.... I'm waiting for some payments to post before trying...
  12. I was just turned down with low 700's due to excessive new accounts and UTI... ya know the ones we're all grabbing up from WFFNB... Even with 5 years AAOA, so... YMMV.
  13. Got my welcome email last night... then got an alert that a new INQ was pulled on Experian! I'm in!
  14. Will do - thanks for the advice... let's see what happens!
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