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  1. Opps, sorry. I didn't realised it had already changed. Thanks!
  2. I haven't posted a whole lot, but I've read untill my eyes bled...does that count?
  3. http://www.stateofflorida.com/Portal/Deskt...t.aspx?tabid=20 There are some news links there, I know that there were some laws passed recently about this very subject. Hopefully if you call them you can get some answers that will help you and Grandma! Thank you!
  4. Thank you....I know you weren't trying to be rude....I guess this has just all caught me by surprise. I mean the homeowners insurance for that EXACT house just last year was $800! I realise it's going to go up, I just wasn't prepared for it to jump so high in such a short amount of time. Thanks again to everyone on here for your advice. I am definatly going to make sure we can afford this before we jump into it....although it's a little hard when I've already given my landlord notice. We will manage....it would just make things ALOT harder on us untill I can go back to work. Thanks again everyone!
  5. I realise I am lucky to have insurance on the house....but at the same time, how lucky am I if I have to leave my hometown because I can't afford it? I mean, I know that Fl has had some nasty hurricanes and that costs money, but I didn't ask for them to hit. It's hard enough dealing with that, let alone all the expense. I think alot of the problem here is that there was so much fraud after Ivan.....and we won't even go there about Katrina. I remember after Ivan, standing in line for HOURS with my two babies (1 and 2yrs old at the time) and getting stung by bees and everything else under the sun, waiting for water and ice and then right as we were about to get our water, a bunch of people jumped out of the back of a van, ran up, and took everything! The cops there didn't even attempt to stop them. I understand that honest people like my grandmother have to pay for others mistakes, but it doesn't make it any easier. She's lived in that house for 50 years and said that if it weren't for us buying it, she'd have to leave because she couldn't afford her payment going up almost 300 a month. It's sad really. Anyways, sorry about my rant. We looked closely at the policy and realised that we could drop half the covereage we had, as we don't really need it, and that should help alot. Thanks to everyone for your advice!
  6. I think your landlord is a jewels wrinkle. Aside from that, I feel for you....I had to go through the same thing once. Well, the cat I had was already declawed when I got her, but when we moved, we couldn't have pets at all. I HATED giving her up, but she got the best home possible. I don't understand why, if the landlord could see that she wasn't messing up anything in the apartment other than what was yours, he just couldn't let you keep her. I stick to my statement about the jewels wrinkle!
  7. Ok, I put this on another one of my posts, but I feel like it need it's own. This may not be the right section, as this is a homeowners insurance question, but here goes. Alright, me and my husband are buying my grandmothers house. She was going to add him to the title and let him try to re finance in his name. (His credit needs improving). Anyways, she was telling me that the homeowners insurance is coming up due next month. "No biggie...how much is it?" so she said "Well, it's $800 a year." Well, that had me a little worried cause we will be moving and have my daughters birthday all in the month of August, but I figured we'd pull it off somehow. Well, yesterday she gets a renewal notice, saying that if she wants to re new, it will now be 3K a year!!! We can't pay that all at once, and if we put it in our payments, they would go up by more than 200 a month not including taxes!! My question is...can they do that legally? That's almost triple the amount! And does it sound right? The house is valued somewhere in the 130k value range. We live in Fl. Help!!!
  8. Thank you! We are having second thoughts about home buying all together right now though. We live in Fl, and after Ivan, the insurance was 600 a year....well it went up to 800 a year last year...no biggie...well today I was at my grandmothers house and she gets a renewal notice from the insurance company stating that it will be 3k a year if she renews!!!! That would make our payments over 200 a month higher...what do you do when you can't afford homeowners insurance, but you HAVE to have it??? I understand going up...but almost tripled???? Is that even legal? I have no idea what's going on here....
  9. Thanks so much for the advice! I would have never known we could do that! I spoke with my grandmother and she has no problem at all putting my husband on the title. (It would be in his name cause he works) We are supposed to be seeing a real estate attorney sometime this week hopefully. I'm anxious for this to get done!
  10. Well, I have had a few, but the worst was from a CA for my Target account. My grandparents took me in and raised me after my father commited suicide when I was 9. My grandfather especially, was one of the best people I'll ever know. Anyways, I was about 18 with a few charge cards and a car payment. I worked two jobs....one for the credit cards, and one for the car payment. My grandfather came down with Alzhiemers and his health deteriorated quickly, so I quit my day job to help my grandmother take care of him. Well, a woman from some CA...I can't remember who....called and I explained my situation and was very apologetic. She told me that it sounded to her that my priorities were out of order!!!!! How dare she??? My priorities were very much IN order, especially at that age! I was so furious I don't even remember what I said, but I was in the front yard at the time and my friend 3 houses down heard me. Some people have balls so big, that I'm surprised they don't trip on them when they walk!
  11. Hahaha yeah, if it was only that easy, just to ask them to let us start over again! I wonder if they will let me take care of this....my husband works 70+ hours a week and never has time to call anyone. Maybe a letter with a police report, like you suggested, would be best. Thanks!
  12. Ok, I applied online for a Target card for my husband, and I got a letter stating that they denied him because Equifax is reporting him as deceased! How do I go about proving that he is not deceased, and how would this effect his credit? He has no open accounts and a few hospital collections and a couple charge off's. I'm just not sure how to go about handling this.

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