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  1. Went to dealer and did application, the question wasn’t highlighted. Just the Name, address, work etc. Surprised how fast it took compared to 2007, we bought an Accord and it took close to 3.5 hrs. Today only two hours, thanks to Ipads instead of the carbon copies. Got a 2019 CRV.
  2. On the application it asks if we had ever had a vehicle repossessed. We did 19 years ago before we started cleaning up our credit. Since then we had two auto loans both paid off. Should I answer yes, or since it’s been so long ago it won’t matter? Thank You
  3. Took our kid to Phx Childrens urgent Care on July 2016, we never received the bill but received a CMRE collection letter instead. I called the billing department for the hospital and explained we never received the original bill but we did receive a collection letter for the amount due. i called the hospital billing three times to explain the situation, each time they made notes on the account and said they contacted CMRE and told them it shouldn't be in collections since we never received the original bill. i paid the hospital directly for the amount due. We received a third collection letter today for the amount due. What should my next step be?
  4. I told DH the same thing. Either which way, they are sending a new card...with a new number. The lady in the fraud department kept asking him if he was absolutely sure that I (the spouse) hadn't used the cc..... for parking.... in New York.... While I am sitting here in Georgia. I too was charged for parking in NY, also two charges for Dunkin Donuts. Hard to do while in AZ.
  5. I was wondering if a 18 yr old with no credit score could get approved for a lease? She says there are programs for first time student buyers all I need is some money down. Is that possible? Seems like it isn't. She has no revolving credit, hence the no credit score. Only way would be a cosigner I guess.
  6. "Blueskies, can you give us your cheesecake recipe."
  7. Fico 770, two previous inqs. TU pull 50k instant!
  8. Apped online for Capone Venture card for the utilization, approved for $50k. Experian frozen. Took a hard on TU. Fico 770 and two previous inqs.
  9. Just got the refund back, glad to be done with the landlord.
  10. Landlord sent a text message saying he has finished his cleaning of the property and is pleased to mail us the security deposit on Monday Feb 9th. We got this text on Feb 7th. Didn't receive it this week yet then he sends another text message today asking if we received it yet. I said no not yet. Now he said he sent it off yesterday. If he wants to hand deliver it, i will say no thank you have it sent certified instead. He is keeping $20 for small items he bought. He has until the 17th to send it per AZ law. Seems like he is stalling, mail came today and we didn't receive it.
  11. He told us at final walkthrough he gave the vet her entire deposit back, he then said he asked for some of it back and she returned some money. That to me is hogwash, he kept all of it and didnt fix the problem.
  12. One thing I would advise any renters or homebuyers to do would be to use a blacklight to check the carpets out before singing anything. Unfortunately for us the day we signed the landlord cleaned the carpets and the ac was off and it smelled musty. We signed the lease then got a blacklight out and showed him the carpets, there were stains everywhere along the baseboards on the walls on the carpet. I said that is pet urine he denied and said how do you know. I said it is pretty obvious, you mentioned the former tenant was a veterinarian and had pets. So he got Stanley Steamer to come out and "professionally" clean the carpets in all the rooms. I told him that is just a bandaid to the underlying problem, told him all the carpets need to be changed in the house. he said he doesn't have the money to do that because it would cost at least 5k. Stanley came the next day and he told them that he spent 9 hours cleaning the carpet using the rug dr machine. He didn't want change the carpet in the kids rooms at first, he peeled back the carpet and wanted stanley to clean the fricking pad as well. he asked me if that was ok instead of putting in laminate flooring i said no. So he replaced both rooms with laminate flooring, yet left the other rooms with carpet. Then in the master I showed him more stains with the blacklight, he said I need proof that is urine and not something else it could be "chicken broth" he said. I said what in the world are you talking about. He said I need you to go on google and do research then show me the research. My wife and I looked at each other and said wtf. When I said there are urine stains he said whats that? When there was something needed to be fixed he would come over and fix it, he was rekeying the locks and i asked him to get a professional to do the job, he said I am an engineer,landlord, and realtor and know what I am doing so I disagree with you on hiring a locksmith. Two days later i went to lock the front door and when I pulled the key out the whole lock came out with it, I was ticked but kinda laughed it off here I am holding the cylinder with the key in it thinking what a cheap landlord. Finally he called a locksmith out to rekey the lock and it was fine after that. Landlord went to Home depot and bought a cheap rekeying kit, the pins fell out. Today he is going to email us and let us know if he found major damage and if not how much we are getting back.
  13. We weren't going to over clean because we got the place it was very dirty, so we left it the way we found it. The blinds had dust as well as the baseboards. We did clean sweep,mop, toilets etc.

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