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  1. Acehawk74, did they HP your report in order to tell you that? If so, which CRA? TIA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk They Softpulled mine. Transunion
  2. Give it another month. Freeze EQ and TU and try again in a month. You are likely to see a nice soft-pull CLI. Will do! Stupid question... how do i freeze EQ/TU?
  3. Update: Applied for the credit limit increase on the cash rewards visa after my 3rd statement cut. Paid in full, statement reflects. Denied. Account too young.
  4. Quick question about the credit products. I stupidly tried the luv button hoping for an instant increase, and was declined. My 3rd CC statement cuts on the 17th of this month. Should I wait longer you think for the CLI request, or is that irrelevant to the 3 month "magic spot" for CLIs? Also do they issue multiple cards? They have been... shockingly good with credit for me. Ive never been approved for hardly anything it seems, and its always a sweat. Since getting them (Scores - 640 TU, 620 EX, 615 EQ from myFico, 2 baddies, no BK)... ive gotten: 3600 Cash Rewards CC 3000 CLOC 5000 P
  5. Congratulations!! Is it 90 days from approval before requesting the CLI? And is 24k a magic number? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  6. Just left my Credit Union at work (Big insurance company credit union), and applied for a CC. They were trying to give me credit tips. Keep in mind, these are tellers, but have been with the bank for over 20 years. Some highlights: Don't get too many cards, especially with high limits. The scores will look at the credit you have available, and consider it spent money, so it will hurt your debt ratio. If you have a limit over 2k, drop it to under 1,000, its less scary to lenders. If you want to improve your score, you should close all old cards, but one current card. Use that, and
  7. Again CONGRATS !!!!! Your in the door now so in 90 days or so i hear you can request a increase and there usually very generous with that, I was accepted 3 days ago myself. Congrats to you!!! That's the hope! in 3 months, ill request an increase! Thanl you ! I will also request a increase in 3 months . We can remind eachother lol Consider it done! I literally set a reminder on google calender haha!
  8. Again CONGRATS !!!!! Your in the door now so in 90 days or so i hear you can request a increase and there usually very generous with that, I was accepted 3 days ago myself. Congrats to you!!! That's the hope! in 3 months, ill request an increase!
  9. UPDATE: Limit is $3,600. APR 17.15%. Ill take that. After 3 months, its my understanding that I can easily seek to bump that up. Very very pleased right now!
  10. Congrats !!!!! Also what was your credit limit ? I actually don't know, as I wasn't approved yet... but being reviewed. However.... I just got a text 2 hours later. "(NFCU UPDATE) You're approved! Expect your credit card within 5-7 business days for regular mail delivery, etc." YES!!!! I'll report back when I find my limit out!
  11. Applied and approved for the account! Checking and Savings open. Did this through Navy League. Also applied for Credit Card (cash rewards) - Confirmed TU pull for card. Stated EQ pull for CLOC. I applied for the card only. My TU is 639 fako (Credit Karma), so im not sure how that's going to go. 2 Baddies, some harsh SL Lates from 6 months ago (120 day), but other than that, few good open accounts, and the 2 baddies are small med accounts. Here's hoping for the CC approval. CLOC not yet... my EQ report is crap. 550, same things on there, except an account that literally ive never he
  12. I hear you. It's my worst too. I have two minor medical collections that im "whychatting" away, started today..but other than that, I have a car loan fully paid off with a few 30 day lates showing from a year ago or so. My lates get fixed/removed, ill notice instant improvement, and when those baddies go off... sky's the limit. It'll be like a fresh start. If they don't come off... im talking 6 years more of having 150, 180's on the reports. Obviously the former is the better of two. Hopefully my CFPB + Letter I sent have success.
  13. Its funny you say that. I did that as well. Filed last night, got notification that it was sent to them today. I also sent my letter with dispute to their office of consumer advocate, as well as the CFPB. I'm really hoping that this is effective... thank you very much for the input.. I appreciate your time.
  14. Trying the approach noted above in the link provided. I believe they are incorrectly reporting some of the details, so Im trying the Advisory opinion letter worded to fit my situation.
  15. I was 120 days late. I initiated this part to seek goodwill, in the interest of trying to help remove derogs from the reports.
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