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  1. I am looking to close a capital one account and combine with another Cap 1 account. is this an easy process? Is there a phone number to call? I don't feel like having a credit pull if that is how its done thank u
  2. I had a situation where a bad paycheck overdrew my account. It was with NASA and I have since repaid the error and closed this account.{Jan 2017} I tried last summer 2018 to open a new account at another bank and i became aware that I am in the system even though its reporting paid. What bank or Credit Union would be good to try and open ? Should I wait till the 5 years lapses and it wont report anymore is there a bank that is recommended that is forgiving and sees that it is paid
  3. I agree with Facebook or twitter method BUT sometimes if I have personal info I would like it to just get to the proper party not the whole world.Plus who needs family knowin your business
  4. Years ago I used Planet Feedback to help fill out letters and they would electronically send to the proper parties at the creditor or collection companies etc... Is their anything comparable to use nowadays since Planet Feedback shutdown last year. The reason I liked this method is that they actually sent the info to emails or real address that sometimes consumers don't have access to. thank you for your help.
  5. Thank you for helping as always
  6. Please don't rip me, I have read numerous pages and information in this group. I am very intrigued by trying the "Jack Attack " on a few items. I WANT TO CONFIRM the steps in the process. Do I send the letter just to EXP,EQ, OR TU? I see where it is recommended to send 3-4 Jack attacks per letter but do we ever send anything to an OC or JDB?Or just a well written JACK Attack to have the CRC handle it? and also send CMRRR? trying to clean up some stray ends on wife's reports. Thank You
  7. I appreciate the feedback. I am looking for a bank card that gives also MAX REWARDS, not a credit card a DEBIT card.
  8. I like to keep my options open. I dont like my money all in 1 bank. I asked about what CU have best reviews and rank highly so I can diversify my portfolio/ I am in PA.....do not qualify to get NFCU.......I have Penfed already and would like to add another CU ,,,Want one that is more national so if I move from PA to Florida I can keep thr same CU
  9. Is their a list by ranking or recommendation? I only see the same few names that most dont qualitfy for . USSA, NASA, PENTAGON, NFCU
  10. What CU are recommended ? I apologize if there a page with this info? I know NFCU gets rave reviews but I am not Navy nor millitary. Thanks in advance.
  11. Ok I will do that in my own words and do online.
  12. Thanks for the help. I will look for a form letter
  13. NO the variations DO NOT appear anywhere except the 2 phantom Portfolio ACCOUNTS

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