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  1. You can request it through email (type your request with a picture of your ID to the email address on the document) you'll receive an email back with your file and the password to access. You should call them to verify. I sent something like this to consumer.documents@L****N****.com "I'd like my full file disclosure sent to this email address. Attached is my picture ID. My phone number's **********"
  2. EQ removed mine yesterday. TU still remains. (I disputed on all 3 last week)
  3. I disputed an entry on the major 2 reports for auto insurance history (1 company deleted due to non response) and the other came back verified but the claim amounts are incorrect. I have documentation from the company that's shows a different amount. (It came back within 3 days. I think they just called the company) How do I proceed now? I was thinking a method of verification letter to "bureau" and mailing a "direct dispute" to the insurance company.
  4. When leasing a vehicle how good does the business credit have to be compared to financing. Are businesses under 6 months approved without a PG? If a PG is required how good does the credit have to be? Can the PG come from someone with bad credit or fresh out of BK7? (Who can and cannot PG a lease)
  5. You can pay on your deferred loans and they won't become active. Just know that if you claim "economic hardship" or something similar as your reason for deferment that it looks questionable.
  6. If your credit card has a chip, those things can't be duplicated (as far as I know). That leaves taking a knife, digging out the chip, and gluing it in the proper location on this "exclusive" card. As far as impressing someone with this Magnises card, that's childish. If you're trying to impress a cashier, they rarely look at your card, or can't look at all if you're swiping or using NFC yourself. My credit union Visa card, that I customized with a picture of cockroaches on front, works just as well at McDonald's as one of those snobby black cards. A person who flashes around some sort o
  7. I've been denied because my utilization on my student loan was over 100%. Not much you can do besides pay it down. It does keep mentioned on approval/denial letters when it shows my score.
  8. I had EX & EQ frozen, I apped for Cap 1 and they requested that EQ be unfrozen then they pulled EQ and TU. Cap 1 will pull NEW REPORTS for every request, other lenders are different. My report shows the multiple pulls and I'll just bump them off so it's not an big issue.
  9. I have the secured card, quicksilver one, platinum and venture one. You can have a maximum of 2 cards from the same "family" if I remember correctly +1. Since I just got the Venture today for 10K, I'm thinking of app'g for the Venture One using he same credit pull to get another (high?) CC limit reporting. Any risk in doing this? I have a QS1. Number of cards limitation? It'll be a new hard
  10. rel

    Citi CLI !!!!

    I've been denied for too much available credit, new app with a new creditor. I'm about to hit 100k
  11. Didn't read the full thread so I'll keep quiet now.
  12. I don't sign my cards, majority of cc fraud occurs with a COPY of the data on the magnetic stripe. I've never been asked to sign my cards or been denied because it wasn't signed. If I lose my wallet I'll know immediately and call my issuers so that's not an issue either.
  13. I'm at about $97k available since I *restarted* in February and I don't even have all the cards I want! Most limits are low because of my student loan late still reporting until next year then I should hit 200k with no problems. About $1k on 2 different Cap 1 secureds to this!! Don't give up!
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