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  1. I woke up this morning preparing to fight it out with them and I was planning on returning the car. I love the car so I prefer to keep it hence I'll cool my jets and try to talk it out with them. The difference in my payment at 1% is only $6 more. The first months payment they were going to take care of is $550. If you do the math, that's a $982 ($6 X 72 months $432 + $550) increase in the deal which is the part that pisses me off. The guy said he'd call me back today, I'll try to hammer it out then. Thanks for the advice guys.
  2. I just bought a car on Sunday. The dealer ended up paying me more for my trade in than Carmax, they lowered the asking price of the vehicle I wanted and Mercedes Benz Financial would pay my first months payment plus give me a rate of 4.49%...the deal made sense so I did the deal. So today (Wednesday) the dealership calls me and said that they could NOT get me the approval through Mercedes Benz Financial and provided me 2 options. Option 1. If I added another $3.5K to my down payment, they could get me approved at the 4.49% rate through MB Financial. Option 2. They offered me another len
  3. thanks guys, i'll call them tomorrow and see if they can help. I mean it sucks, I have all of my products with Citi.... I'll report back my findings.
  4. Hi George, what opt-out rights? Should have I gotten something in the mail? Breeze - I think my scores are somewhere in the the mid 600's due to high util. I don't have any derogatory accounts. Mortgage never late, car payments never late. Score is shot due to high util...I think I'm at 70% util. I can't get a card for the life of me. Originally my util was at 40% but CLD's happened one after another and it jacked my util....
  5. Dear Fellow CB'ers - It's been a while since I've checked in. Between keeping my job and making ends meet it's been a rough year. So today I logged into my citi online and noticed 2 out of my 3 citi cards were rate jacked to 30.99%!!! The two cards are my Diamond Preferred MC & my Professional MC. Both cards util are pretty maxed since they were my 2 cards with lowest apr at 7%. I've never missed a payment and all of a sudden I"m getting default rates??? Am I the only one experiencing this? Should I call them and ask them wtf? Any advice is appreciated. Than
  6. Got approved also for $1500 limit. Not bad, do they report to DnB?
  7. I applied with them last week, got a code 25. Did you get an instant approval?
  8. Amazon payment processing is offering free payment processing until September 2009. Here's the link https://payments.amazon.com/sdui/sdui/offer I haven't tried it since my website already has merchant processing & Google Check out & Paypal. Thought it was a good offer and I'd let you guys know. Hopefully this helps someone. Mods - if this doesn't belong here, please remove it.
  9. If that's the case, that maybe good news. I don't think they'd go through a lot of trouble to outright deny me but I've seen worst. He did say "Unfortunately, we cannot extend you credit because we can't verify your identity." So I don't know if that's the denial. Juniper has denied me for random weird reasons in the past.
  10. Nope, no FA's or any of my CR's. It was weird, you'd think they'd want to sell their products and do a phone ID verification. I asked him what the letter would state for me to do and he wouldn't even tell me that. Has anyone gone through any type of ID verifcation with Dell?
  11. So I tried making a purchase today on Dell and I applied for their Dell Preferred Account during check out. I entered my personal information and received the "We cannot complete processing your account at this time" message. Says I will be contacted by a rep or I should contact them. I called them, spoke with someone in credit and the rep said he couldn't verify my identity and I will receive a letter from them in a few days. I was like, "Well I'm right here, can't you verify my identity on the phone?" The rep said no, they don't do that and will send me a letter. So crypti
  12. Thanks guys... Generally, I'm looking for promotional items like keychains or letter openers, or pens I can include in my direct mailers. @zisz - I didn't know Quill made promo items. I'll check out their website again. I do have a Net 30 account with them @noob2009 - I'll check out lwbarrett and if they approve my account, I'll let you know if they approve. @greywolf - Pens.com, aren't they National Pen? I did a search on here and it seems like the last few posters have said they don't report. Maybe I should just open an account and roll the dice. I'll let you guys kno
  13. Does anyone know where I can get promotional items made? I would prefer a company that offers Net 30 and reports to DnB. I looked up Nebs but seems like they no longer report? Thanks!
  14. Yep, they're legit. I used them to incorporate my business. Please note the price they advertise does NOT include state filing fees (varies from state to state). I think it cost me around $500 (total) to incorporate in California.
  15. You should go to the credit boards yahoo finance forums to network... Your topic has been discussed before, I'd suggest you search for it and see what the pros have said.
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