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  1. I need to order a report from 2009 that I recieved from them but cant find anymore. Do I just call up, tell them the date I orginially ordered it and ask for a copy? thanks
  2. I was wondering if people are having any success getting the OC to respond to a 623 after the new rules went into effect this year. Or is there already a posting with success stories for this on the board? thanks
  3. great info. any other stories with the new law in place?
  4. correct.. no account and I'm doing footwork on the id theft side of things.
  5. see thats the crazy thing.. I havent applied for credit/car/mortgage anything with anybody for years. It seems that the response "you applied for credit" should be backed up with some form of evidence from the creditor showing where I supposedly filled out a request for credit.
  6. I'm not always right.. but rights of a full assignee has been long established - like a hundred years or more. restatement (1st) & ( 2nd ) of contracts, Williston on contracts Corbin on contracts to be honest, a few years ago, I thought the same as OP - that there wasn't accrued interest after a charge off. found out ( through research ) it's bad defense in court. changed my defenses accordingly. I was wondering if you could elaborate a bit on what you did when you changed your defenses? thanks!
  7. I've got an issue where a bank hit my credit report 4 times last year with Hard Inquires. I responded with a WTF permissible purpose letter and a please remove them or send 4g's. They sent back you applied for credit that is our permissible purpose. I never applied for credit with this bank.. (or anyone else for a couple of years now) Does anyone know what sort of evidence they have to show when I take them to court over this? Can they just come in with a computer print out and say our records show you applied for credit? thanks.
  8. The key portion of that section being "unless such amount is expressly authorized by the agreement creating the debt." So for most debts (credit card, utilities, cell phones, car loans, etc) the accrual of interest is allowed up to the default interest rate in the loan agreement. so a CA can just say you owe X and then 10 days later say you owe now owe Y without detailing why the amount has increased?
  9. Yeah I did that.. there were 37 hits with asset and none of them from MI where Asset is based. I think I'll just have to call em all and see if any of them are asset acceptance.
  10. Heres the Oregon site for searching companies.. http://www4.cbs.state.or.us/ex/all/mylicsearch/index.cfm?fuseaction=search.show_search_name&group_id=20&profession_id=22&profession_sub_id=22000 I dont see asset acceptance when I search for them. I'm hoping that means they're really not licensed in oregon. Anybody know of where else to check to see if they're legally allowed to operate in Oregon? thanks

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